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I had a leaking toilet tank and suspected that it might just be a loose
nut, but was more concerned about quickly stopping the leak and preventing
water intrusion, through the baseboard of the bathroom tile floor, into the
wall and ceiling below. So, I quickly turned off the.water and scooped out
what was left in the tank and called the Len the Plumber 703-number for
Alexandria, VA. Robert came out the next day, June 3, 2016, first sat in his
van for about 5-10 minutes before ringing the door bell, then, after
confirming my diagnosis of the loose nut on the protruding exterior bottom
of the fill valve, had to go back to his van again to get his cellphone for
illumination. He then tightened the nut, charged me $110.00 for 30 seconds
of actual work, had difficulty using his cellphone to charge my credit card
until finally, to get him out of the house, I wrote him a check. His total
presence in my home, confirmed by my house cleaner who was also present, was
not more than 10 minutes. I then observed him sitting in his van for another
10 minutes or more, first in my driveway, then in my neighbor's, all
ostensibly intended to increase his clocked time. $110.00 for a 30-second
job is simply criminally outrageous!. Based on this experience, I can only
characterize this service as an unmitigated, inexcusable rip-off. Stay away,
as will I! Lesson learned!"

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