Len the Plumberovercharges cystomers


Had a clogged toilet two days before thanksgiving. Called len the plumber and got an appointment for wednesday morning at 9:00 am. They called that morning and reported they were running behind, and rescheduled for the afternoon. Around two pm they arrived. They pulled the toilet and snaked it. About two hours later and several extended visits to the truck the man returned and reported they would have to return on friday because they could not clear the blockage. So $450 dollars and hours later I was left with what I started with.
Friday morning the estimate ballooned to an additional $450 (Total of $900) with extra charge to cut into a wall to gain access to the sewer stack and run an auger from there. The technician seemed quite well versed in upselling a very routine plumbing problem. The only transparent part about the experience was the technician clearly saw dollar signs when he showed up. Very unhappy with the company's policy to find ways to charge for unnecessary and duplicate interventions. Why are you insisting on charging for snaking the second time when your delayed technician was the reason the job could not be completed on day one? I paid for the first day's work and sent them away.

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