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Just from looking at the comments on Internet anybody can clearly see that this company is GARBAGE. A few months ago they sent me a letter stating that my door had been inspected and it needed to be replaced because it was bubbling and it had rust inside the paint (Please see picture below). The door was in perfect condition as per the inspector I brought in. Because I refused to replace it after the inspector came over, they decided "without my consent" to scrape the door to show me it was rusty. No rust was found, except it had brown spots due to the fact that the door had previously been painted in brown. After the door was scraped (I wish I could post all the pictures) obviously the metal is uncovered and NOW, yes, it started to rust.
I cannot describe how angry I am with this situation. I had a pre-heart attack and a minor stroke - all caused by the aggravation with Leland Management. For no reason they were sending violation letters constantly - even a violation letter for a Dish Satellite Antenna that never existed, until I was forced to take them to court and they were advised by the judge to stop sending those letters, and rephrase the ones they have to be sent out.
I am exposing this publicly because if something happens to me due to the stress this is causing me, I WANT TO MAKE LELAND MANAGEMENT RESPONSIBLE for this. I already contacted the Better Business Bureau and I will continue to fight until these people stop abusing. I am filing a complaint in court and will sue Leland Management for pain and suffering! Please just take a look at my door before and after the Association came over and messed it up. :(

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