Not only did LEGACY LD INTL, over charge me $30.00 for a less than five minute phone call, they had the nerve to be excessively rude on the phone when I called to inquire about a phone call that should have cost no more than $5.00 at the most. NO I find out that they have are scamp artists who have been doing this for awhile with many costumers who have made many complaints. I really want to do something about this. Companies like LEGACY LD INTL, INC are corrupt bogus companies that should be taken out of business and sued.

Levy Lee.


  • Ho
    Howard Oct 31, 2008

    Legacy has charged me $242.66 for five 3rd party calls made from a NC coin phone to a Fl. unknown cell phone owner. My wife and I are the only occupants of my home, neither of us made the calls, receive the calls nor give permission for the calls to be charged to my phone and we have not been in NC for years. Calls to Legacy, Verizon and ZPDI were exasperating. No one can do anything, requests to speak to supervisors resulted in being cut off or not receiving call back cards. Numerous phone calls, faxes have given me the impression, they do not care, are in business to rip off (up to $11.03 per minute in my case) and have quite frankly told me that due to deregulation, they can charge anything they want. In my case, I believe fraud has been commited. I have already written the President of the U.S., my two Senators and Representative and will continue working down. I have only just begun...

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  • M3
    m3t00 May 11, 2009

    I was charged for collect calls from payphones even though I didn't accept the calls and in a few cases I'm pretty sure nobody even picked up the phone.
    Automatic minimum 5 minutes they told me. 4.25 each and later the next month it was 8.70 each. Total about $80 in charges to my AT&T bill.

    Sent emails to reps etc, no word back from them. Thinking about dropping AT&T altogether.

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