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terrible mattress, deceptive practices. "wolf in sheep's clothing."

Purchased Mattress in August of 2018. I have Congestive Heart Failure and Suffer
from severe Back and Body Pain. I told Mr. Neil Leeds this. I wanted a Firm Mattress,
he encouraged me to purchase a Med. Firm Mattress. The Mattress is Defective and
terrible to sleep on. I cannot sleep comfortably at night on the Mattress. Thank God
I have a second Bedroom. Neil told me that I could return the Mattress on the day that I
purchased it. I Had a witness with me that can confirm my conversation with Neil. I
should have followed my first mind and refused to do business at his store. "I commented to him and my guest that there was no Customers in the store for the
two hours we were there. I now know why. I read some of the Customers reviews
on the Internet and they experienced some of the same issues with this store. He
moves around from locations to locations defrauding people. Thank God I only
spent $500.00. Many people spent $3, 000 for Fake Mattresses at his store.

Resolved no one i can complaint to about a bad mattress they sold us.

Not more then two years we bought a $3000.00 mattress and in the pass six months my husband and i have been...

Resolved Leeds mattress stores = frauds!

I have now spen t $1000 at the Leeds mattress store in North Hollywood only to be scammed and given the run...

Resolved Stay away

I am very suspicious of Leeds Mattress stores. They are popping up throughout California, I mean ALL over!!!...

Resolved Poor customer service after purchasing a bed

6200 Lankershim Boulevard North Hollywood, CA [protected] [protected] I had the worst customer service...

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Resolved Defective Simmons Mattress

I purchased a Simmons Beautyrest Mattress 2 1/2 years ago and it is defective. The sides are sinking in terribly while the center is hard and much higher in position. My parents purchased one as well and are having the exact same problem. I paid to have an inspector come and they told me that this was normal and claimed I had a stain as well which cancelled my useles warranty. There was no stain at all. Now I have to pay another $50 to have someone come out and tell me the exact same thing. I would never purchase a mattress from Leeds and / or Simmons. Neither one will honor the warranty. No wonder the Leeds stores are always empty.

  • Ch
    Cheeks2yr Aug 05, 2009

    Stain on mattress cover that will not come out

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  • Ma
    Mattress Sales Associate Jun 15, 2010

    Did you purchased a protective mattress cover for the mattress as well? Lots of people overlook the cover as "we dont pee in bed"... but buying the mattress cover is like buying insurance for the mattress.

    If yuo spend $1k on a mattress, what's $50-$100 for insurance? I'd want $1k to last me ten years. The cover would guarantee it for you.

    But it's true. If there is a stain on the mattress, you void your warranty. Worst part, the stain can be anywhere... even where you dont sleep, and it'll still void warranty.

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  • Ne
    Neil Leeds Oct 11, 2010

    Hi I am Neil Leeds and if you are having trouble and you would like to speak to me directly I am at 818-759-7211.We have a better business rating of A plus, and we help all of our clients.We are always unsure of the blogging sites to if its our competition trying to use defamation tactics to hurt our brand.We take care of our clients and I am always here to help if something happens that you feel was not correct.Thank you Neil Leeds

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Resolved Defective mattress

I purchased the Simmons mattress in January 2007 at the cost of approximately $3000.00. It was fine for a few...