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Worst experience ever. Purchased Palliser Horizons top of the line leather furniture from them. Furniture was several weeks late, delivery was a nightmare, and the chair had holes in the leather (from the factory) and they refuse to replace it. Leather Shoppes says Palliser will repair but not replace it. I paid top dollar for NEW furniture - not repaired furniture! This chair belongs in the factory seconds section - not new section! Way to stand behind your products!!! Wish I had just bought Natuzzi furniture instead.

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    LouHF Dec 05, 2019

    Couldn't agree more: Avoid LeatherShoppes, Inc. at any opportunity. You can thank me now! It's easy to see why he closed his storefront, so he could hide behind the internet with his pathetic "business" practices.

    Owner Jim was rude, insulting, dismissive... shall I go on?... when we actually dared to express our displeasure with the products that arrived after 90 days of waiting. Ordered expensive chairs from his house brand - American Heritage - which he touts as 5-star quality. Don't believe it; it isn't true. He did not back our damaged, pricey order with any service that would actually satisfy us, or solve our product defects. So, any warranty claims are pointless. He instead insulted us and tried to assert his flawless record. Hardly, Jim.

    Vote with your dollars; go to a real merchant, like Nebraska Furniture Mart. LeatherShoppes carries no worthy brand that can't be had elsewhere. Save your soul and cash. Don't support this jerk.

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