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I am an old customer of Lalithaa Jewellery, Jayanagar Showroom. I have joined for Eleven Month 'Jewellery Purchase Plan and continuously paid all monthly instalments and my last payment was made in the month of Mar 2021, but due to present lockdowns, we unable to visit showroom to purchase of Gold. On 04-09-2021, Visited the same showroom for purchase and submitted our purchase plan cards. The executives shown the gold of our requirements. We asked the rate of gold, staff said that rate is Rs 4450/-per gram. We also met Mr. Anil Kumar, General Manager at the showroom for certain clarification before invoice raised. We collected the gold and paid amount as per invoice. Due to rush and Pandemic, we came out from showroom and on reaching home, we checked the invoice, the grand total is not tally and showing extra value of Rs 3102.01. The rate of Gold is correctly mentioned as Rs. 4450.00 per gram as per the showroom rate list. (refer to the copy of Invoice attached). This is my third Jewellery Purchase Plan. Last two years, I had no issues. On 05-09-2021, when I asked the showroom Manager Mr. Dinesh, he is explaining one and other reasons, which is not yet all justified, said that the rate of gold is fixed on an average of Rs 4568.00 and invoice showing Rs 4450.00. I am asking about the arithmetic calculation error, i.e., total mistake. The market/showroom price is Rs 4450 and how they can fix the higher rate per gram. The gold accumulated in the card was based on the monthly rates and have to pay the gold rate as on purchase rate as per agreed.
You are requested to look into this issues, check the calculation and ask the showroom to refund the excess amount of Rs 3195.00 including GST which was paid excess and submit me the correct invoice.

Thanks for hearing me and request justify the issues.

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