Kolors Health Care Indiathere is a delay in starting the treatment

Sh Sep 30, 2019

I have went to 4 classes but they are making delay in starting the treatment, they are very slow in starting this. But after making session they reduce the time for massage... They say when i book for appointment they say its free but doing all the treatment for short time.. Before joining this i told them that I'm coming from long distance ... They said that they will make the classes quick for me if i had already booked an appointment. I paid the full amount before paying i asked them whether it will be delayed or not.. But after going there they say its too rush because some people came without appointment and they are treating them.. I need the immediate reply for this msg or else can i have any official number for complaint this issues. 2dy(30/09/19) i went for treatment but they delayed because of some celebration in that company and they didn't attend any customers... No response from them to us...

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