Kings Islandstaff

B Jul 08, 2019

Us too they open at 10 and Ben's family got into a fight again last night so I didn't sleep till like 4 am SMH...she never ever text me not on kairi birthday Christmas nothing for over two years but just so happens to text me and ask why Ben hasn't been going to work (he works with his brothers ) me and Ben got into it and he swears to God he been going and showed me his time card witch shows he did ! ...(his family was just trying to start [censored] to get me and Ben fighting ) after going off on her in the phone and all her brothers swearing Ben wasn't there I texted her (I'll show you) and her ass going to say sorry didn't mean to text you hendid go to work it was a joke sorry for the confusion [censored] !! Your going to be confused when you get punched I'm not in the mood at all for "jokes!" Like y'all ruined my entire life once it isnjitnhapping again

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