King Candy Crushcompany took all my boosts and fb friend gifts


Did a factory reset on tablet. After reset and syncing with FB I see I am left with nothing!!! I had over 50 friends free gifts etc... I had numerous boosters and now there all gone! Wtf!?! This is the only game that robbed me of free gifts. All other games were the same after syncing with FB. I was also robbed of 9 gold bars once. They just disappeared one day. I also paid 1.99 to get help on a level. While having to pay the money you are moved to another app thus closing the level you needed help with and starting you off at the beginning of the level again and then not needing what you just paid for!!! I'm starting to think king candy crush rips you off on purpose. They have become money hungry! I have contacted them before and heard nothing back. Well I would like it all back, thank you. I don't expect to hear from you but if so maybe you care for the consumer that allows your business to succeed.

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