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I purchased a brand new Kia Soul plus on April 10, 2010 from Ron Tonkin Kia. Happy with the size style etc. Within 100 miles the engine light came on. I called Kia, the dealer and service manager. They all told me not to worry about it and keep driving it unless the light was blinking. I did not buy a new car to experience engine light issues. I took it to Power Kia in Salem and they said it had a lose plug. Light was off I was happy. Just under 300 miles the light came on again. I called and was told to bring it back. It was a thermostate problem and the part had to be ordered. I waited at least ten days, with the car in my garage for the part to come in. Then had to wait about two hours to get it fixed. Light off, all is good. I had opened an official KIA claim and have a claim number already. Yesterday 04/21/10 the car just died. High pitch scream when I tried to re-start it. Tried to call KIA but due to me being stuck in traffice, people honking etc, I opted to call AAA and was told by Kia to tow it to Power Kia in Salem Oregon. I received a call today and also went to look at my car. The engine is FRIED. Apparently the oil pump was not working so the engine was not oiled. Three of the four cylinders are shot, the metal parts got so hot they are melted. Supposedly KIA motors advised it could be fixed, not with a brand new motor but a long block. This is not ok with me. The car is severely damaged. So.. I call the dealer Ron Tonkin that sold me the car, the finance manager Greg told me to come in and he would make it good. Drove and hour up to Gladstone, spent four hours waiting. told them very clearly I was not paying more or a higher payment. They were so sneaky, figured out that my payment would be the same, but added a whole year to the financing, added $2, 300.00 to the replacement car. I refused this deal. The car at this point only has 982 miles on it. A new car right? Well, they called it a " trade in" and of course was not worth what it was when I drove it off the lot, so they were not going to be put out. The manager complained that he should not have to pay the tow bill to get it to him from Salem, but did not care about the tow bill I have to pay to get it from my town to Salem. I mentioned " attorney and law suit" they did not care. ### full of lies and deceit. I bought a new car and want a new car, not some over heated piece of junk that has a melted down engine. It will have a car fax strike against it now, and even if I wanted to sell it, it has been severely damaged. Not OK with me at all. Power Kia was kind enough to give me a rental car to use, but I stopped by today and told them that I am refusing to pick up the car that will be repaired. I did not buy a repaired, damaged, over heated, non working car that I could not depend on. I would think that the dealership would have gone out of their way to please me, make me happy and make the deal good. NOT. They were arrogant, rude, sleezy and nasty. I plan to file a lawsuit against them for damages, stress, time, travel, costs and punitive damages to the full extent. Think twice before buying a car with Ron Tonkin dealership. They do not take care of you as a customer, they have no value in a " good deal". I put down $10, 500.00 on this car and financed a very small amount. They added extended warranty of $1, 450.00 of which I did not want saying it was to get me the financing etc. My pay off is only $5, 800 and they wanted me to sign a contract to pay over $8, 100.00 plus have to pay all the new tag, registration fees etc. What a total rip off. So my trade in is gone, my new car is a piece of garbage. I specifically asked if they ( the seven men who were arguing with me in the office) would treat their mom or wife this way and they said " YES". What does that tell you?


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    BUDDY24260 Jun 01, 2010

    If they were trying to put a long block in it that means they are putting a new engine. not that they are going to rebuild your old one. a long block is a complete engine. a short block is the lower half that they would have to rebuild. go back to the dealer and get your long block before they change their mind.

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    ms Rankin Jun 01, 2010
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    Thanks for the advice Buddy, appreciate it, but a Lemon is a Lemon is a Lemon. I smell burning now and the blue tooth phone quit already. I love the car, just need a new one that is not defective. I know, I like Whine with my cheese!

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    bigman Hahn6foot9 Sep 17, 2011

    At kia a long block is a motor that was from an older model of kia that will fit in the soul they do not use new motors on repairs for the kia soul you are right to refuse it and notify your local new station and have them do a story they will change their tune and get you fixed right up if you do that and still file a law suit for the damages and stress and lose of time.

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