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Kelly Printing Supplies reviews & complaints

Kelly Printing Supplies complaints 35

Kelly Printing Supplies - Canon Printer Toner

In 2019 they called with their "offer". I told them initially I (representing the company I work for) was not interested because I had just put a new one in the machine and had another waiting. I finally allowed them to send 2 to me with the stipulation that it would be quite a while before I could try it out. "No worries" they said, "You don't have to pay until you've used at least one cartridge". We started receiving bills requesting payment. They called for payment to let me know they had scheduled the next 2 cartridges to be shipped. I reminded them that I had not even put the first cartridge in yet and that I was no where near ready to receive another shipment. After a little time lapsed, they called back and we did pay them for that shipment and I told them I really did not want the other shipment but they sent it to me. I went ahead and accepted them as there didn't seem to be an issue with the one. At one point one of the cartridges (second shipment) left toner all over the inside of my machine. By this time we had paid for the second shipment and I was done with this company. A few months later and asked if they could send me more. I said no because I was trying to get the toner out from where one of their cartridges dumped it. "Oh I'm sorry. I'll call you in a few months to see if you need any more." I replied "Please take our name off your call list and do not call me again." Since then I get calls on average about every 3 months with the line "You told us to call you back and see if we can send you toner." I replied "No I have told you repeatedly to take my name off your call list." They say, "Oh I'm so sorry. I'll make sure your company is taken off the call list. Here it is 2021 and I'm still getting those calls to which I reply once I know who it is "Why are you calling me? I'm suppose to be on the don't call..." I hear a click. This just happened again today, 11/16/21. I really don't like being rude or mean but this is just way WAY too much to where it almost feels like it's bordering on harassment.

Desired outcome: Stop calling my company!! Please? That's all I want

Kelly Printing Supplies - Brother Toner Catridges

Totally unethical. This is a scam! Sales person convinces you that the ink catridges are twice the capacity of the genuine ink catridges for $75/ea. A week or two after I received the 1st shipment the sales person calls back to schedule the next shipment even though I do not need anymore catridges. They say that by placing the initial order I am committed to getting at least 2 more complete sets of catridges. They proceed to send the 2nd shipment and then call again a couple week later to schedule the 3rd shipment. Now I do not need any more catridges but they ship the 3rd shipment. I start getting error messages on my printer that the toner is not genuine brand and I have a hard time clearing out the message. My printer is rendered unusable for a couple of weeks until it is determined that these were defective catridges. I return 1 set of catridges and they send me more. Then after a couple of months the printer stops working. Now I have several hundreds of dollars worth of catridges and they will not allow me to return the catridges for a refund. I only wanted one set to see if they worked well. The collection dept keeps harassing me. The terms are set so that you end up with several sets of catridges that you do not need. This company is not trust worthy. The ink quality was not good and caused many issues with my printer within a matter of a few months of starting with their ink catridges.

Desired outcome: Requesting full refund however after speaking to customer service, supervisor, and head manger they seem unwilling.

Kelly Printing Supplies - Printer Cartridge

Kelly Printing services called my company here in California multiple times offering services to "gain more business" they assured me I would make their products useful if not, feel free to send it...

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Oct 15, 2020

Kelly Printing Supplies - Sales rep

received a call from Daphne from Kelly printing yesterday called and said that I wanted to get prices for HP 81, 285, and CE280. I told her that I never asked for that and she said I did. Well number 1, I don't use those inks Number 2 I always tell people I am not interested due to boss not wanting to switch ink companies we use now. She insists that I did want the prices of those inks. Why would I want to price something out that I don't use.
Pushing products on me that I don't use. She wants to send me a sample to use and if I don't like it I can return it with out being charged. I don't need something I don't use. She will call me back today. Why I dont use those inks... This is what I call very pushy and lying.
I never told her that I wanted prices. don't want her to ever call back.


Kelly Printing Supplies - Sales tactics

They call and tell you that they have a deal for you to try and you try it. Then they constantly call and tell you that you have to purchase more and more cartridges to fulfill a contract you were never told about, the next the you know you are over run with ink cartridges you don't need and they continue to call. They do not take no for an answer. THEY ARE SCAMMERS!


Kelly Printing Supplies - hp 932/933 ink cartridges

June 5, 2020
Client # 112025

I spoke with a young lady who was very nice and she told me she had a replacement for the HP Ink Cartridges. They were not recycled or remanufactured, but new and would give me more life than the HP cartridges. She would send them out and call me in 30 days to see how they worked. I figured I could risk that. I put the cartridges in and the colors were not near the same as HP. So I took them out after only 10 copies. I was waiting for the call to discuss how I liked the product, but what I got was a collection notice from another nice person. My invoice was past due. I still have all the cartridges they sent and don't plan to use them. I still have not heard from the sales person and I wish I had taken better notes or used my standard rule of send me everything in writing. I am paying the invoice, but would love to return the cartridges for a refund.

I wish I had checked this out before I bought, but I didn't.
Thank you!

Kelly Printing Supplies - Toner Cartridges - kept changing terms

Sadly, I made the mistake of not getting the terms to my purchase in writing. I received several phone calls over the course of a year, telling me I still had cartridges I needed to purchase according to my original agreement of 12. I was able at one point to get them to split the extra "cartridge deal" to cover a separate printer so I could finalize because I obviously didn't need 12 for the same printer. I was told that this would be the final call & the final order.
6 months later, I received another phone call telling me I needed to purchase a total of 12 more cartridges for the new printer because my original agreement was for 24. Uh - no.

Jan 18, 2020

Kelly Printing Supplies - marketing practices

We have a home April 2019 we got a call offering us printing cartridges for our HP printer at discount, and we agreed to buy a set of 4 assorted colors (black, blue, red and yellow) for...

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Kelly Printing Supplies - Ink cartridge fraud

They said their cartridges had twice as much ink in them giving twice as many copies. Guess what? Their cartridges weigh exactly the same as a new Epson cartridge. Exactly. And the shell is the same...

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Kelly Printing Supplies - ink cartridges

This company harrasses my company for ink cartidges that I did not even order. Theysaid I could test one for 30 days and then sent 3!? I put the one in and all of the suddent they said I have to pay...

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Sep 12, 2019

Kelly Printing Supplies - unethical behavior

I would like to complain about your companies, essentially scamming me. Your sales department called and called until I was told that I would be sent two cartridges for my canon printer for a price...

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Kelly Printing Supplies - customer service

Daniel with Kelly printing supplies called my company (I am the operator and just answer the phones) he asked me who was in charge of ordering/purchasing our office supplies who that was and he asked...

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Aug 01, 2019

Kelly Printing Supplies - toner

TERRIBLE! TERRIBLE! TERRIBLE! I agreed to try their toner. It didn't work. They kept calling saying I had to purchase more toner to fill my commitment. Finally I was told if I paid for one more, I would be done. I did just to get them off my back. They called in 6 months and said I needed to buy 2 black additional toner cartridges to complete my commitment. At that point we had sold our business and I didn't own the printer. No cooperation. Liars and Scammers!

Kelly Printing Supplies - toner / company lies about price and over charged

A sales rep. from Kelly printing supplies called my office and insisted we give them a try on their toners. The man said 2 for 55.00 I told him I was not interested and he insisted. I asked him...

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Oct 23, 2018

Kelly Printing Supplies - kelly printing supplies

I have been trying to send back the toners that were sent to me, they are the wrong ones. The lady who I spoke with said to use them for 30 and if we don't like them return them and they would send...

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Kelly Printing Supplies - outdated ink cartridges and not refunding payment

When the sales person sold me on the ink in September 2017 (very persistent unsolicited phone call), I was hesitant and was assured by them that even if it was several weeks after that I used them...

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Kelly Printing Supplies - toner cartridges

After many phone calls telling them I was not interested, I finally agreed to try 1 at the price it would be if I bought 4. the black toner cartridge arrived, and when we used it, it did not last any...

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Kelly Printing Supplies - printing cartridge for hp 1102 laserjet

Scammers.. False advertising. They say they have 'gutted' the cartridges so it will hold more toner and you can get 6000 copies on one cartridge... Lies. Lies. Lies Charging $80 for a cartridge you...

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Apr 17, 2018

Kelly Printing Supplies - toners

I've been using Kelly cartridges for many years. I found them to last longer for my Brother printer. Last week my printer finally died and I bought another Brother printer unfortunately it used a...

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Kelly Printing Supplies - printer cartridges

They call and tell you that they have a deal for you to try and you try it. Then they constantly call and tell you that you have to purchase more and more cartridges to fulfill a contract you were...

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