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Kelly Printing Supplies Complaints & Reviews

Kelly Printing Supplies / toner / company lies about price and over charged

Lawrence Anderson on Jan 24, 2019

A sales rep. from Kelly printing supplies called my office and insisted we give them a try on their toners. The man said 2 for 55.00 I told him I was not interested and he insisted. I asked him several questions (because I already thought it could be a scam)such as are you sure its 2 for...

Kelly Printing Supplies / kelly printing supplies

Darlene1966 on Oct 23, 2018

I have been trying to send back the toners that were sent to me, they are the wrong ones. The lady who I spoke with said to use them for 30 and if we don't like them return them and they would send me the return info at no charge. Well the return number I got was going to cost me almost...

Kelly Printing Supplies / outdated ink cartridges and not refunding payment

Brenda Rundback on Sep 19, 2018

When the sales person sold me on the ink in September 2017 (very persistent unsolicited phone call), I was hesitant and was assured by them that even if it was several weeks after that I used them and there were problems I could return them and get my money back. Around 6 weeks later in...

Kelly Printing Supplies / toner cartridges

just leave me alone on Aug 20, 2018

After many phone calls telling them I was not interested, I finally agreed to try 1 at the price it would be if I bought 4. the black toner cartridge arrived, and when we used it, it did not last any longer than the refurbished ones we purchase for much less money. I then like so many...

Kelly Printing Supplies / printing cartridge for hp 1102 laserjet

Matthew Millard on May 9, 2018

Scammers.. False advertising. They say they have 'gutted' the cartridges so it will hold more toner and you can get 6000 copies on one cartridge... Lies. Lies. Lies Charging $80 for a cartridge you can get for staples for half the price. They sell you on a "trial" period of product to...

Kelly Printing Supplies / toners

SteveDobson on Apr 17, 2018

I've been using Kelly cartridges for many years. I found them to last longer for my Brother printer. Last week my printer finally died and I bought another Brother printer unfortunately it used a different cartridge. I called Kelly's to see if I could exchange my remaining cartridge...

Kelly Printing Supplies / printer cartridges

American Steel on Dec 20, 2017

They call and tell you that they have a deal for you to try and you try it. Then they constantly call and tell you that you have to purchase more and more cartridges to fulfill a contract you were never told about, the next the you know you are over run with ink cartridges you don't need and they continue to call. They do not take no for an answer.

Kelly Printing Supplies / they will lie to you, then harass you!

don'tmesswiththefeds on Oct 3, 2017

These people called my job offering a free trial of ink cartridges saying we would only have to pay for future ink if we liked the product. The ink did not arrive at all when they said it would (it was almost a month late.) then proceeded to try to bill us an invoice for well over $100 for...

Kelly Printing Supplies / constant calling, horrible product, and always lying

cvwinns on Dec 5, 2016

they called me in January of 2015 and i agree to try them because it seam like a reasonable price. from what i understood on my phone conversation with the sales person my order would be for 6 toner but in march i got another call from them saying that they would ship the rest of the...

Kelly Printing Supplies / ink cartridges

Reviewer48300 on Feb 1, 2016

I was contacted by phone to order ink cartridges for my printer. It sounded like a good deal so I thought I would give it a try. They were the worst cartridges I have ever had. They would stop working before the cartridge was empty and some cartridges would not work at all. The print...

Kelly Printing / they lie

Reviewer42828 on Dec 16, 2015

I also ordered one toner cartridge at a reduced rate. Several months later Kelly claimed that I had agreed to purchase additional cartridges. I complained that I had not. In order to get them off my back, I agreed to accept another cartridge on the condition that any obligation wa...

Kelly Printing Services / toner cartridges

Reviewer35838 on Nov 3, 2015

This company called me in April 2015 and I order our office supplies. They said I could buy one double life cartridge for a 30 day trial. Then they billed me and for shipping and handling. I finally agreed to only 1 cartridge. They called me the next month and said I needed to complete the...

Kelly Printing Supplies / ink cartridges

Coffee and Mayer Svc. on Oct 4, 2015

They claimed to have twice as much ink as the name brand cartridges. Warranty for up to 3 years. So I tried them. My first cartridge lasted 5 weeks. When I called them they said we are sorry will get you 2 replacements right out. Never received them. The ones I replaced the with lasted 3...

Kelly Printing Supplies / toner cartridge scam

Leslie Aaron on Oct 1, 2015

Oct 1, 2015 DO NOT even think about ordering from this company. It's a total scam. The original sales person offers a cartridge at a reduce price from the package of 4 to give it a try (this is not clearly stated to you). A few weeks later someone else calls from this company and say...

Kelly Printing Supplies/ Kelly Products / nasty, lies, rude, ink sales

Reviewer94375 on Sep 16, 2015

Everything you have read here is true. My initial phone call offer was for way more ink than I will ever use. I was told I could get a reduced amount of cartridges since I couldn't use that many. There was no mention that I was receiving a partial order and would need to purchase...

Kelly Printing Supplies / impossible to contact the seller and get any info about order

Oiclos on Aug 23, 2014

I bought 4 ink cartridges from the company Kelly Printing Supplies. The worst company ever, ‘coz these ### didn’t provide any info about my order. No tracking number, no receipt, no confirmation info. Waste of time and money. I filled so many forms on the website, but they...

Kelly Printing Supply / defective products

waves4wl on Jun 17, 2014

Company is very shady. Their sales rep will tell you have time to try the cartridge before you pay and that you can send it back at no cost to you. I got 4 cartridges and only tried one. It almost ruined my printer and cost me a lot time to get my printer cleaned and serviced. I wanted...

Kelly Printing Supplies / shady and full of lies

WSComputers on Apr 25, 2011

I am the manager of a small business. One day i received a call offering me toner and/or ink for a printers, after initially saying no and i was fully stocked up... Eventually they offered me 1 toner cartridge at the price it would be in a 4-pack ($85 as opposed to $130)... Finally i...

Kelly Printing Service (KPS) / scam

These people are slugs. They get you to purchase a toner cartridge for a low price. Then a few months later they call and tell you that it's time for you to accept the "balance" of your order — which for me was 2 more toner cartridges. They said that that's how I got the...

Kelly Printing/Toner Cartridge / wrong product, cannot return

This girl called and said she has a toner cartridge that would last twice as long as our regular toner cartridge and would even make the drum last longer because of the finer toner in the cartridge. We were sent the wrong toner and now I am trying to return the product. The number they...