Kay Jeweler'sdo not deal with kay's


Customers beware of Kay jewelers. I recently have gotten married and made the mistake of going to Kay's to get a family antique ring sized. Working with Kay's has been an absolute nightmare.
I went in to buy a simple gold band to match my beautiful antique engagement ring. Since I was there, I decided to buy the gold band and get my engagement ring sized. The woman sizing my ring was training and wrote down my size wrong. When I came to pick it up, it was too small and did not fit my finger. It was sent back to be sized. This time when I picked up my ring, it had been thinned out due to the up sizing of the ring, due to the fault of Kay's. I asked for the ring to be thickened up.
Yet again, I came to pick up the ring, and this time there was a piece of gold that had lifted up and was getting caught on everything. Not to mention, they had covered up the 14k stamp. After asking one of the workers at Kay's, they had said that this could be due to the fact it was an old ring and had been worked on two times in such a short period. They sent it away once again to get the lifted piece of gold to be soldered down. When I came back to pick up the ring, for no apparent reason, it was taken down 1.5 sizes! This was a mystery to all that had worked there. It was sent out again to be sized correctly.
Due to all this work on an antique family ring, compromising the integrity, I had asked for a warranty beyond the customary six months. They said there was nothing they could due but they would give me a $25 gift certificate. It was very frustrating talking to customer service. They were ridiculously unhelpful and uncompassionate.
I would HIGHLY recommend not dealing with Kay's in ANY capacity.

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