Kaufman Englett Lynd (KEL)Misrepresent themselves


In February 2010, I entered into a contract with KAUFMAN, ENGLETT & LYN for them to perform and/or represent me in a Loan Modification for my mortgage. I will refer to the merchant, KAUFMAN, ENGLETT & LYN, going forward in this complaint as KEL.

Prior to selecting KEL to represent me for a loan modification, I spoke with many different loan modification entities and selected KEL as the best candidate as they indicated they had programs for clients that were current on their mortgage. I was told this process could possibly take over 4 months to resolve, perhaps as long as 6 months. Dan Myers was the initial KEL representative that indticed me to sign with KEL. I was fine with these time frames. Dan Myers also indicated if KEL could not seek a loan modification directly with my mortgage lender, they would review the closing documents on my mortgage to determine other loop holes, etc, etc. He indicated that KEL would take many drastic measure OTHER than dealing with the mortgage lender directly. Naturally those events never ocured.

However, after one full year they did not perform a loan modification on my mortgage NOR, more importantly, they did not represent me as they contractedly indicated. During the first 6 months of this process, my account within KEL was transferred to several different loan mitigators. Each and every time the transfer occurred, there was no transition process. I would have to contact them after several months of not hearing a word from KEL.

Furthermore, they indicated they sent documents I provided KEL to my mortgage company. When I spoke directly with my mortgage company, they indicated they never received the documents that I supplied KEL in previous weeks and months. I requested a refund with KEL and was denied. I would never get calls back from my loan mitigator for months at a time.

Over the last 2 or 3 months, I worked directly with my mortgage lender to process a loan modification request. I provided the mortgage company all the same financial documents I provided KEL weeks and months back. I paid KEL $2, 000 on my credit card to perform this task of dealing with the mortgage lender directly. That was not ocuring. KEL is NOT representing me nor my best interest in my loan modification request.

I used a credit card specifically for this protection. I currently have a "Denial of Service" claim with my Credit card that I paid for the upfront in the amount of $2, 000 for KEL services. This has been a very fustrating process, AND I strongly believe other a governing agency such as the BBB of Orlando should hear about their unethical business practices.


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    Exileonfifth May 21, 2011

    I have also had the EXACT same situation with KE&L as this consumer. Just recently got the notice that my 1 year is expiring(with NO modification) and would need to renew the initial 2500.00. KE&L not only lack communication but, my mortgage company has been modifying my loan(evidence by escrow and paid insurance) without KE&L knowledge or MINE! I have never been late in my payments as well. I feel more people with KE&L complaints need to post and we can all alert some media attention to these predators.

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