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Q Sep 14, 2018 Review updated:

They are telling me I owe them $152 dollars as total from two readers when my card was charged $52 which leaves me with a balance of$ 97 or $98 that I owe but they are trying to make me pay a additional $152 plus what they have already took from me. I mention to customer that the readers were extremely slow giving me my readings which was killing my time making me pay out all this money but they made no adjustments to my account. The readers could not hardly spell making my readings very difficult to read. One physic was$ 4.99 a min twice with him in $ 4.25 a min with another physic. I have called my bank and they told me they took $50 or $ 60 bucks from my account.


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      Sep 14, 2018

    its a scam
    guess a hour of them trying to read a sentence would be 1 clue

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