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I didn't buy into this whole thing so I can't really file a complaint. The reps were really rude and began insulting me in front of my 12 year old child when I wouldn't buy into the program. The manager came over and began harrassing me and insulting me as well. So, I asked why would they do so if they are trying to sell me something. Not a good way to "make me want" the program! However, I finally got tired of their little game and said, "Ok, give me all the paper work I will need to fill out to sign up and I will have my ATTORNEY look it over. I don't sign anything like this without my attorney." That did it for them, I was asked to leave, got my tickets for my son and myself for two activities for FREE because I wasn't leaving without my "deposit" and my promised discounted tickets...which then became free when I mentioned the attorney! :) Glad I was smart enough to mention that little tid bit! I walked out of there with my money, free tickets and my dignity! I am so very sorry for anyone who did buy into this program. My heart goes out to you and I pray you get every cent back! Good luck and don't give up!


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Just Dreams - SCAM
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Sep 23, 2017 11:26 am EDT

During our honey moon in 2011, My husband and I bought the just dreams time share, but didn't realize it was
Fraud. We've only used it once which by the way another
Company tried to do sell us another one but we
Laughed. Just dreams personnel doesn't answer
Nor return calls. what can I do thank you

Oct 01, 2013 11:16 pm EDT
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any one with a complaint about JUST DREAM should write to STATE OF HAWAII OFFICE OF CONSUMER PROTECTION . INVESTIGATOR : SASI FALDO : 235 SOUTH BERETANIA ST. ROOM 801 : HONOLULU, HI. [protected]. I have file a complaint with them, case # OCP-2013-430 and OCP-2013-518. PLEASE LETS STOP THESE PEOPLE FROM DOING THIS TO OTHER PEOPLE!

Sep 08, 2015 1:02 am EDT

Looks like Chuck Roubalard aka "Chucky Cheesy" is up to his dirty bag of tricks.Vacation Breeze has move to the 6th floor of the Bank Of Hawaii Building on Kalakaua.The name now is Resort Vacation.Same scam same crooks.

Looks like Chuck Roubalard aka "Chucky Cheesy" is up to his dirty bag of tricks.Vacation Breeze has move to the 6th floor of the Bank Of Hawaii Building on Kalakaua.The name now is Resort Vacation.Same scam same crooks.

Looks like Chuck Roubalard aka "Chucky Cheesy" is up to his dirty bag of tricks.Vacation Breeze has move to the 6th floor of the Bank Of Hawaii Building on Kalakaua.The name now is Resort Vacation.Same scam same crooks.

Looks like Chuck Roubalard aka "Chucky Cheesy" is up to his dirty bag of tricks.Vacation Breeze has move to the 6th floor of the Bank Of Hawaii Building on Kalakaua.The name now is Resort Vacation.Same scam same crooks.

Apr 10, 2015 3:23 pm EDT

Hawaii's shameful reputation is growing


We have other travel packages but got sucked in by this one, $5, 000, as we initially paid up front and tried to use the site but could not find anything available and got the "excuse" that it was a very busy season and " need to be quick " to book the supposed "great deals". Was told there were plenty of deals in Australia, but that appears to be a lie also. Couldn't find a single one.

Got a cryptic message from them last year, but wouldn't answer my emails, so thought nothing of it as we were busy with other life events and travels.

Looking to go to the USA again, so tried to access website. Access Blocked. Sent emails, no reply, finally rang them and was told we hadn't paid the annual fee for two years! I have questioned this and been told to read my contract. I remember specifically asking this question during the presentation and got an answer of " nothing more to pay, no ongoing fees". ( I want to travel, not read fine print).

Funnily enough, after refusing to pay the $189 to get access, they now have a special offer of $99. Half of two years! (Not going to happen!)

I sympathise with those people whom have debt collectors on their doorstep, affecting their credit ratings from unscrupulous operators whom provide no value or service to society and degenerate the travel industry's honest busineses.

So in conclusion, they lie about the product, as the deals do not exist, they lie about the conditions of use, as you have to pay to get access to these ( non existent ) deals (isn't that what I paid for initially) and their unhelpful "travel advisors" are not travel advisors, just credit card processors.

If Hawaii's laws cannot stop these sort of tourist traps, what hope have hard working holiday makers...

I'm off to Expedia to find a deal that actually exists

Jan 26, 2015 10:10 am EST

My fiancé and I got sucked into this also. we went for $4000. but unfortunately we didn't realize it was a scam until it was too late to cancel. what I did do though was cancel the credit card I gave them for the yearly membership fee. they kept calling but I would not answer there calls. they have finally stopped calling. although I lost the $4000. I have chalked it up to experience and will never let myself get sucked in again

Oct 09, 2014 5:21 pm EDT

Cancel The program is a complete waste of Money.Also file with the DCCA of Hawaii there is a lawsuit going on.

Oct 08, 2014 2:58 pm EDT

Hi..I feel sick to my stomach after reading these..We just signed up for the $8000 and our 7th day to cancel is tommorrow..the lady who helped us was very nice and she was new and the presenter was verrrryyyy talented in selling the dream so my spouse got sucked in..even though i had a bad feeling in my stomach the whole time. I'm just wondering though..everyone here has cancelled on the basis of it researching and finding it a scam..but has anyone gone through as a full member and booked with them? Is the customer service any good? So far I have found no complaints based on experience as a member
..anyone have any experience as a member? I don't know what to do

Oct 01, 2014 6:56 pm EDT

Government Actions
The following describes a pending government action that has been formally brought by a government agency but has not yet been resolved. We are providing a summary of the government's allegations, which have not yet been proven.

On February 28, 2014, The State of Hawaii Office of Consumer Protection (OCP), filed a Complaint Summons to enjoin Pacific Network International LLC dba Pacific Dreams Just Escape aka Pacific Dreams (Pacific Dreams) and Scott Carey (Defendants), from engaging in certain acts or practices in violation of Hawaii's consumer protection laws.

OCP alleges Defendants' business practice of soliciting consumers constitutes door-to-door sales under HRS 481-C.

HRS 481C-2 requires Defendants to provide consumers with a Notice of Cancellation (the Notice), which shall be attached to the contract or receipt. It also specifies the information and language required in the Notice and the information that the Defendants must enter before giving the Notice to the consumer. In some cases, OCP alleges Defendants failed to attach the Notice, or failed to provide the specific information and language required.

Defendants sell software licensing for a program that promises discounted prices for vacation accommodations. The licensing cost ranges anywhere from $1, 247 to $7, 750. OCP alleges that during their sales presentations, Defendants made misrepresentation to consumers with the intent to induce consumers to purchase the program.

OCP alleges that upon accessing the actual program, consumers found that the discounts promised were not available in the type of accommodations and in the amount referred in sales presentation, and that prices offered through the company's program were comparable to prices found at travel discount web sites that do not require fees to use.

OCP alleges that consumers experienced difficulty contacting Defendants' customer service department for assistance.

OCP alleges the manner in which Defendants conducted business was unfair and/or deceptive and in violation of HRS 480-2.

- See more at:


File a complaint with BBB of Honolulu and DCCA of Hawaii.They will roll over and return all your monies.Many people have been in your situation and have gotten 100% of their monies back. Good luck.

Jul 26, 2014 7:47 pm EDT
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We have been scammed, our 7 days are over. What can we do now ? Would appreciate any help. Really disappointed. I googled vacation breeze whilst in Hawaii and it all looked good. Just got back from our holiday and googled vacation breeze and it's all bad. Please help? Can't believe we have been taken.

Scam alert.Beware they prey on Canadians.People from the mainland are aware of their scam.
Just Dreams is now operating under Vacation Breeze 2255 Kuhio Ave
Honolulu, HI 96815

Apr 30, 2013 9:08 pm EDT
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Does anyone have a login ID I could use to check out the site (I just cancelled without ever getting mine - at least I tried to cancel... will see what happens)... I'm curious to see what the site is like.

Apr 29, 2013 1:02 am EDT
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The same thing happened to us. I feel like such an idiot falling for the sales pitch. I have just written a letter cancelling - if FedEx can get it from a small town in northern Canada to Hawaii in two days, I will get my rescission request in just in time. And if not, I guess I suit up for battle... Kenabehay, thanks for the tip about the lawyers (I will call my attorney in the morning - meanwhile, I have included a reference to him in my letter after reading your post).

Apr 10, 2013 8:35 pm EDT

we fell for the scam to we signed up for the $3000 2 weeks a year for 10years .We went back to our hotel after and got on our ipads and contacted our lawyer in sydney and checked it out and what do you know it is a scam so we tried to call with no success we contacted our bank in Australia and they had already taken the money out.So we went back the next and said we wanted to cancel our contract and we said we had legal advice to get out .We where told we will get all our money back with 10days and we did, even the $250 admin fee.We then ccancelled our card .When threatened with lawyers they quickly back down and my husband works for Qantas and they dont want any bad publicity in Australia as they are trying to trap as many people they can. We tell everyone about them and they also tell you not to say anything on social networks but hey people need to be warned of ### like this .

All of the reports I?ve read so far read almost identical to my experience. We got snagged while walking by an activity center on the main drag off of Waikiki Beach. They target affluent-looking Aussies and Canadians. (I think this is to make things super complicated because of the cross-border issues).

The workers at the activity center sign you up to go to the presentation?all for a cheap deal on tickets to a popular activity. Don?t give them your credit card information, if you insist on seeing this through, give them 20 bucks cash as your deposit.

You agree to a 90 minute presentation, which will take up at least half of your day. It?s all super odd and the thing about no bathrooms or cell phones happened to us too. Each couple ushered in separately then seated at their own table with their very own rep from the company. The rep grills you for at least an hour before the presentation even starts. Then comes one of the family members, doing a high energy skit including what must be planted couples shouting out throughout. We haven?t figured it out but at least two of the couples had to of been ?plants?.

Then the presentation ends and the high pressure sales tactics start. It?s nasty, and super heavy handed. They make it very tough to say no. The rep immediately calls in another staff as soon as they think they may have a ?maybe? out of you. The price drops until they hook you and of course they offer lots of things to make you feel like you need to be one of the first people to say yes.

The people who said no left looking very upset. I can only imagine what was said to them.

If you are finding this after thinking you outsmarted them by talking them into looking themselves up online, then think a bit harder, because you haven?t left yet, so you are still not free.

They will get super slimy and keep at you like starving dogs until you end up signing for whatever price you end up agreeing to. The prices range from 9995.00 to under 1000.00. They just keep dropping it until they have you.

They then get even slimier and offer you financing at some ridiculous interest rate. PLEASE, for the love of money and your credit history, DO NOT sign up for their financing?this will just make things that much harder to get out of once you realize you have been had.

You leave after signing your life away and get escorted out of the building into an awaiting and pre-paid cab. You are not allowed to leave on your own and not allowed to walk away from the building.

After reading as much as you can, you will determine that what you have just bought for one to ten grand is nothing. You will see that this company has a name that changes over and over again but the scam stays the same. You will have no way to test the ?product? before your cancellation period ends, so you will need to decide what to do right away. Do not waste time once you have made your decision. Take action immediately.

If they have some of your money, and it is not on a fraud protected credit card, you will need to talk to your bank. The Honolulu police and your hotel will likely help you out. Our hotel was super kind in doing all they could to help us. Report it to the police as well as the consumer protection place. The numbers are all easy to find by looking them up online. The consumer protection people were also very helpful and kind and explained how important it is to report these jerks to stop them.

If they have your credit card info and have charged your card, get in touch with your card company immediately. Explain you have discovered you have been scammed and provide all the details you can. They will direct you with instructions on what to do next.

Read your signed contract very closely to determine what is required for a legal cancellation. Hopefully you have found this report in the first few hours after buying and that it is not the last day of your vacation. They point out that the items given to you must be returned?make sure this happens and that it is registered and track-able. Honolulu has post offices that can help you and your hotel can tell you where they are.

Cancel clearly with the company as soon as you have figured this out. You may not get your money back right away, and you may lose some of your money, but it?s a heck of a lot better then them taking the entire amount along with the yearly fee.

I personally agree that you shouldn?t try going back to the company in person unless you take the police with you. These guys are really good at what they do and will stop at nothing to keep your money. Don?t waste time licking your wounds and ego, act fast to protect your money.

Lastly, once you have things all sorted, please report the ###. The Consumer Protection people can?t shut them down until they get enough reports.

Jan 16, 2013 3:20 pm EST

Unfortunately, we fell for the Just Dreams scam while on vacation, too. Luckily we came to our senses the very next day and immediately called our CC company to let them know we were cancelling and wanted to dispute the charges, then marched right to the P.O to send the certified letter of cancellation (as required in the TOS we received). The gentleman at the P.O. kindly made copies of everything and didn't charge me for the copies stating he sees multiple people per day doing the same and he hoped to bring us good Karma.

When I heard nothing from Just Dreams, I then filed a complaint with the BBB and finally got a full refund, including the non refundable 'processing' fee. I am currently waiting for signed documentation from Just Dreams stating the CC on file will never be used again, at which time I will consider my case with them satisfied.

As others have pointed out, I too received several calls from Mike. He's a real charmer while he's wheeling and dealing you in hopes to steal your money, but once you wake up and realize what a stupid decision you just made and cancel, he's downright nasty. Mike informed me that no one - NO ONE - had ever cancelled with Just Dreams before due to the cancellation period ending before the log in credentials are sent out (that was our main reason for cancelling) and that I must be paranoid.

If Mr. Glenn S. Haraguchi's name is associated in any way to any business you are considering doing business with, don't do it!…

Jan 03, 2013 6:08 pm EST

While on vacation in Hawaii, our first trip to the state, we ran across a company selling future vacations. My husband and I attended a 1.5 hour seminar and after much discussion we did decide to buy into the software license purchase, since we vacation 2 times a year. We purchased the service for $4245.00, which we though was a good deal for the product/service. Since trying to use the service it has been a nightmare. Customer service will not call you back, you can't get services, and they continue to charge your credit card without permission, even if you tell them not to charge your credit card they still move forward charging (we have changed the number on our credit card and started ligation against the charges on our card) . Since the start of December 2012 I have been in several conversations with Mike at the main office requesting a refund of services to the point of calling the service a scam and selling fraudulent services. Mike has stated, yea big foot is real too. Mike also stated, write a letter to the po box and good luck getting your money back. In the mean time, In the mean time I'm filing complaints everywhere ie office of consumer protection, Hawaii BBB, Attorney Generals Office of Hawaii, Police report for a minor incident, BBB report in Florida for the reservation company and [redacted].com complaint. Hawaii is suppose to be a friendly state, fun for the whole family and after reading complaints on the internet about this company and the money Just Dreams is stealing from visiting consumers to have such a company in the United States is just beyond believe. In my opinion, Hawaii needs to address such scams that are giving Hawaii a misrepresentation of such a beautiful place. If everyone that has bought in would come together for a class action suit it might force the issue and start the ball rolling for refunds.

Nov 27, 2012 6:19 pm EST


Please be aware that Just Dreams is operating under another company name, Vacation Breezes.Same scam different name.The are located in Waikiki Business Plaza.Destination Paradise-Paradise Blue-Just Dreams and now Vacation Breezes.

May 30, 2012 11:40 am EDT

Total Scam.. We got suckered into a free car rental and some restaurant gift certs for our 90 minute presentation and we reluctantly agreed.

1. The original person who offered us the presentation and tickets at the "free activities booth" specifically told us to lie and mark a higher pay range on the application at the sales pitch. Also, no mention of the company names "paradise blue" or "just dreams" were included by the activities booth.

2. Once arriving, they claim that they have a lease on the entire 6th floor of the Bank of Hawaii building (this isn't true though as there are vacant offices on that floor). Additionally, if you look at the buildings directory, as well as the plaques on the wall next to the office doors, you will see NO MENTION of the names "Paradise Blue" or "Just Dreams." Thus, there is no proof that they are there to "stay" so to speak, and they can up and leave any moment.

3. After arriving and filling out paperwork, we sat in the waiting room with a few other couples that were already there. It's very possible these couples could have been "dummies" and were planted there.

4. Upon arrival of our sales representative and being ushered into the presentation room, we were REQUIRED to turn off our cell phones IN THE PRESENCE OF the representative! HUGE red flag! We also could not use the restroom while in the presentation.

5. Our presentation was given by a gentlemen named "Seyi" who was very persuasive (I've seen his name mentioned in other complaints as well). He mentioned the price of $10, 000 at the beginning of the presentation, claiming that was the final price and that there was no other hidden costs aside from the yearly renewal fee.

6. During the presentation, they mention that they help "subsidize" costs by paying part of the hotel/condo/cruise booking costs. They also showed slides that indicate the amount of savings one would receive. Each buyer is entitled to "X" amount of fictional vacation dollars to spend towards hotel/cruise/condo reservations ($3, 000, for example). When you book a stay, they take money out of this fund, which is replenished yearly.

They DID NOT, however, specifically say HOW MUCH you can take out of this fund AT ANY GIVEN TIME. Seemed very evasive and vague, and I have seen complaints stating that you CANNOT USE THE FULL AMOUNT TOWARDS A SINGLE VACATION STAY. This makes the cost of the condo/hotel/cruise EXACTLY the same as it would be on orbitz,, hotwire, etc.

7. During the presentation, they used screenshot slides that were still shots of their website. They DID NOT use the Live Software to show ANYBODY any price on any given destination.

In my experience, any presentation that DOES NOT show live software is HIDING SOMETHING.. I know because I've seen it done in other companies that I've worked with in an entirely unrelated industry. They use the excuse that the presentation would drag on too long past the 60 minutes they had if they used the live software, since everybody would want to see their destination of choice.

8. At first, we were spoken to by our sales representative. When she quickly discovered that we were skeptical, a manager was almost immediately brought in to pressure us more.

We were brought into a private office in the back and after being further skeptics they brought in the "big guns" a.k.a. the presenter/VP manager of the office who gave the presentation. He further pressured us into purchasing the program.

9. The price plummeted. It was $10k originally, then went to $8k, and drastically dropped as low as $2, 500 for a budget friendly package. Any product whose price drops this much should have it's legitimacy questioned immediately.

This is not only a shady marketing/sales tactic, but the manager blatantly told us that "nobody else got this same offer that you did..." Yeah right.. that's a blatant lie, as I've seen many other complaints online stating that they too received the exact same drastic price drops and offers, including the "free vacation voucher" that they toss in to try and sweeten the pot.

10. Speaking of private offices, the office we entered was very "sterile" and BARE! If this is in fact a legitimate business, and the resting place of this company, wouldn't there be personal effects in there? No pictures on the wall or on the desk, just a bare desk with a keyboard and monitor. I'm guessing this is so they can get out of there quickly if another DBA name change is needed.

Also, when we went back to cancel 2 days later, the return private office we spoke in was also bare and had no personal effects.

11. We decided to buy just to get out of there. After paying (with our credit card) and leaving, the anxiety and panic sunk in. We started thinking logically and wondered what disastrous thing we had done.

Sure enough, not a lot of legitimate complaints exist out there for Just Dreams yet. It seems that's the case because this name is fairly new, so not a lot of places exhibit legit complaints yet.

12. 7 day cancellation policy, but it's obvious you wont get your key code to access the software for AT LEAST 7 days. This is another HUGE red flag, and they will manipulate it and "talk" around it all day long, claiming that the filing process takes several days to activate your account and gather your keycode.

This is ridiculous. I sign up for programs online frequently, and there is no such process to go through to get an activated account. You can register online for any number of discount hotel/flight/car rental programs (hotwire, orbitz, etc.) and your account is activated almost IMMEDIATELY, giving you the right to utilize their services right away. This is the 21st century after all.

13. After deciding to cancel, we went in on Monday morning to the office to cancel. We were taken into another private office (which, as mentioned above, was also bare), and we were given a huge retention push. It was obvious that he was trying to retain us as a customer and get us to keep the program, but we were determined to cancel.

14. After trying to cancel, the manager continued to follow us outside and asked us questions about why we cancelled, etc. It seemed like he wanted to hear legitimate feedback, so I was inclined to give it to him.

Every time I mentioned one of these red flags, the guy simply evaded the real question at hand and gave us vague and manipulative answers. The manager would simply NOT give me a decent straight forward answer.

If this company was legitimate, wouldn't they gladly be receptive to positive critical feedback? Many, MANY other individuals have posted complaints and have mentioned MANY of the same red flags that I've mentioned above, yet he talked his way out of every single one of them.

15. When asked, the manager said he DID NOT HAVE AN EMAIL ADDRESS. Who in this day and age of business does NOT have a direct email address?

After that, I asked him for a business card. He handed me a card which was simply a generic business card for Just Dreams, and did not have a direct number for him or his name anywhere on it. Yet another red flag.

I argued for a good hour or so, after which we finally discovered it wasn't worth it to keep arguing and we left. The guy sure did try hard to make us feel bad about cancelling though, but in the end I'm incredibly glad it didn't work.

Avoid this place like the plague. Our 4-5 hours of wasted time on our Hawaii vacation wasn't anywhere worth the $160 or so in free gifts that we received. If I see credit card charges come across for this company I will go to war with them and do anything in my power to get it back.

May 09, 2012 7:39 am EDT
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Went to a Just-Dreams presentation on my honeymoon 10/24/12-10/30/12. Sales guy was very talented, looked like Obama and seemed like he just had a coffee enema. I felt really bad for the junior sales people who sit with you during the presentation. The junior sales people "side-kick" by laughing along, agreeing and cheering at whatever the pro-sales-guy says. Its pretty hilarious and disturbing at the same time. I would say Just-Dreams is a cross between Amway and a used car sales manager pitch. Just get your free/discounted tickets and get out of there. Me and my wife were captives with 5 other couples. I know that one couple bought in to it (poor weak souls). Although I did have a cup of coffee, me and my wife never came close to sipping the kool aid.

Oct 24, 2011 8:32 pm EDT

I didnt have to say anything, at the end of presentation I just said that I was not interested. Talked to two managers politely, got my tickets and left.

Jun 08, 2011 9:34 am EDT

I just went through the scam presentation of the year this morning.Funny thing though; I didnt say NO ever but they dropped their pants 4 times from $9995 all the way down to about $2000 without even trying to sell me on the program.That threw up all kinds of flags so I politely declined and went downstairs for my free tickets.My advice if you want to scam people is to hire some SALESMEN then maybe you will catch more fish.Had me going for about 3 minutes then lost me at the first discount.Good news is you can get very good tickets for next to nothing if you can sit through about 2 hours of poor salesmanship from a lady who is kind of amusing that says she is from N. Dakota.

May 30, 2011 5:33 pm EDT

Unfortunately, my husband and I did buy into this scam. It was in March of this year on our anniversary trip. This was our second year in a row to visit Honolulu and we thought this deal would ensure us a way to return every year on our anniversary for a fraction of the cost. Well, I think we were dead wrong. I am looking into filing a complaint and cancelling our service. When we FINALLY got the paper work so we could access the website none of the deals they promised at the presentation were actually available. And if you DO happen to find a good price on a condo stay then it is such short notice that you couldn't possibly afford the airfare to get there! Please BEWARE!


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