Jagexexpenses not refunded

K Aug 05, 2018

Dear Sir/Madam
I am inquiring on behalf of my son as he has submitted emails about an outstanding issue but so far received no response.
The issue is that my son LEE BREEZE was invited up to Jagex on the following dates : 7th May 2018 and 28th May 2018 to gaming trials, my son was informed that he would be re-reimbursed for his traveling and other expenses which came to around £220, Lee submitted an expenses form but sadly is still waiting for these expenses to be refunded to him, please could this matter be re-solved as soon as possible, Lee's phone no: is [protected] or my phone is [protected] my name is Karen Breeze, Lee's mum. Lee very much enjoyed his time with you and is very grateful for the experience and the great people that he spent time with but is having financial difficulties at the moment and could really do with having this matter resolved.
Kind Regards
Karen Breeze

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