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Unauthorized use of credit card information

On two occasions, years apart, I have tried to use the website to purchase runescape...

Unfair Permanent ban!

My friend was permanently banned for macroing. Ok its wrong. But a week later he finds out his friend was banned for the same reason.. except he was banned for only 14 days. Jagex now offers 14 day bans for people who macro and another chance if they do it again. Whenever we speak to jagex about how unfair the situation is that he got permanently banned for the same reason, we only get automated responses or a message which says that our email will be forwarded to the relevant person.. and then we never hear back from them.

Please sign our online petition if you feel this is unfair or even if theres a similiar situtaion which should be heard!!

they have the worst customer service and any help is great help!!


i want my money back 1 mil, a better way to make money like mining for 1 hour to get 500k would be nice lover the prizes a LOT i have sayd all i need to say in my other complaints.

  • Ru
    runescape8075 Jan 30, 2011

    i hope jagex gets this message. i dont want to be rude or anything i just want my money back. A while ago i spent about 7.2m on all four pages for the zamorak book. i put each page in the book. After a while i decided it wasnt worth the cash. i tried to take out the pages. i then realised that you could not take out the pages, its a little stupid. you SHOULD be able to take out pages in a book. i dont think 7.2m is worth it. all you get to do with the book is preach with it when completed. its common sense, you can put in pages, you should be able to take the pages out (and re- sell them for your money back) i hope you think about this and update the books so you can take the pages out again. thankyou

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999 hp?????

I have been a player of Runescape for 3 years and 2 of my friends for 9 years. We are very upset how the hp has changed and it resembles world of warcraft. Most people that play Runescape HATE WOW. Many people are upset because they cant chat about max hits, or max hits with mage. Its very confusing and I'm sending this compaint with 4 usernames. WIRLWIND15 lvl 83 BEARDDLADIES lvl 107 PHEONIXFIRE3 lvl 98


Unfair ban

I was unfairly banned for apparently macroing, the ban was completely out of the blue as i have never macroed...

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Impossible To Contact

I havent Played RS in a couple years i tried to explain it to them sent them many emails tried to call them (number below) i got nothing it was automatied just sayin jagex is runescape and funorb. Customer Service Is EXTREMELY TERRIBLE they dont care bout the players or accounts they just care bout the money terrible company even worse cus supp.

Jagex Ltd
St. John’s Innovation Centre
Cowley Road

Phone number: [protected]


there was a clan that i joined on a bounty world i was wearing a rune platebody, platelegs, rune full helm, a...

Card won't work

We purchased a Runescape subscription card by Jagex Ltd. on Wednesday, Sept. 23, 2009 at the Gamestop in Denton, TX off of Loop 288. The pin was not scratched off until I got home that evening. I have tried several times, following the directions on the card and the website, to activate my subscription. I continue to recieve an error message from jagex telling me to contact them at [protected] This email doesn't even exist. I looked them up and found an alternated email at [protected] that I sent an email to trying to find out why my activation card will not activate. They send back an email saying they received the email and to be patient, and that someone will respond to my email as soon as possible. It is Friday evening and I still have not gotten a response to this email regarding the problem with the card. Now I have no subscription and have wasted my money on something that Gamestop will not give a refund for.

  • Bn
    bnarney Mar 05, 2010

    i know about 2000 people that hate the new update that u hit something and then x it by 10 so gay

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stolen password

my son has been playing a game called runescape, he has made several accounts and everytime, he gets his password stolen, he has had this happen under free accounts and also under a paid account. my son and i have tried several time to get the accounts returned, and everytime they have denied us the return of our stolen account, understandably free accounts are really no big deal but when i pay cash for my son to play a game, he gets ripped off, i follow all the steps to get the account back, which they tell me i can with the proper information, so i provide it and contionuosly get denied over nad over, this compant has no concern for free customers or paying otherwise, once they have your money there is basically zero customer service to assist paying customers, let alone the free ones. several players have mentioned the same problems so i am not alone and am sure other will complain also

  • Sa
    sam telford Feb 28, 2009

    u know what im really getting sick of your stupid rules
    recentally i complained about a stupid muteing now they IDIOTS eho work at your company have done it again i WASNT EVEN SAYING ANYTHING BAD for gods sake suck jackass comein to a clan chat and starts calling us all ### lovers i reply with a word that was helf blancked out and i get muted again wtf r u all doing over there?
    are you just the THICKEST people EVER?
    not just havent u replyed to my previous complaint but you are still enforceing the most REDICIOUS rules.
    if i dont recieve a reply to this with in a WEEK then im going to send this complaint to every employee at jagex and all its other associates then if i still dont get a reply i am going to spam every computor u own includeing your employees personal computors! REPLY THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE!


    my e-mail is [email protected]

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  • Be
    Benjamin Sayre Mar 05, 2009

    I cannot beleive this outrage!!!
    My dad paid for my acc to be a member on runescape and they cut me off.
    All I wanted to do is get on my acc on runescape on a members world and then nothing.
    It said I needed to be a member when I knew I was still a member.
    Please write to me as soon as possible.

    P.S. My acc is Flamel50.
    P.S.S. its not 150 its L50

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  • An
    ANONYMOUS May 06, 2009

    if he gets them changed every time, then you may have a keylogger on your computer which can normally be removed simply by a virus scan. If nothing comes up, then i have nothing else to tell ya.

    tell you and your son good luck:)

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  • An
    ANONYMOUS May 06, 2009

    a key logger is something that can see the keys you press in the order you press them. they are normally hidden in files you may download even wallpapers for your background from sites other than jagex or runescape. this might sound stupid but make sure your typing it perfectly without caps lock on

    once again, i wish you and your son best of luck

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  • Ko
    kobe86 Jun 19, 2009

    Try to put a realy hard password and you could have a keylogger from visting any runescape fansites. Also i suggest not letting your son play this game. Its alot of fun but wastes alot of time.

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  • Ow
    owningu Jan 11, 2011

    Try contacting customer support and/or dispute charges if it didn't work and they denied. If it doesn't work then just dispute...

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  • Ow
    owningu Jan 11, 2011

    Wow what a way to solve the problem especially if 90& of first time rule 1 breakers don't get permanently muted. Also some advice: Spamming them won't do anything... They can just ip ban you, ignore you, permanently mute and even ban you, probably even press charges if they really wanted to... So heres 3 good choices:
    #1: Create a new account and forget maybe even completely forget that old account pretend you never had it
    #2: QUIT Runescape and never come back once again forget about it or come back 2 years later.
    #3: If you life is "over" then a good way to end it is to go to the tip of the Empire State Building and simply jump.

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  • Fi
    Fisto29 Feb 11, 2011

    My runescape user name Fisto29 was robbed. It wus sum dooshbag named I Load Bowls. The ### robbed me. He took my chainarmor, scimiter, and kiteshield. AND THEY WERE RUNE!!!
    Here's how he did it: He got me to his house saying that he wanted to do a youtube video for sum glitch called chair walking. I was ready to be on my first youtube video when, we were almost done, he tells me to put down my scim, shield, and chainbody. Then guess wut? He kicks me out and takes my stuff! I tried to get back in, but he locks me out. Again, his name is I Load Bowls, he's lvl 94, probably had a lvl99 cooking cape. If u see him, plz support me here.

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  • Vr
    vrac defiled Mar 28, 2011

    I have been trying to recover my lost account of 3 years for 1 week! I have had enough of this stupid account recovery system! I hope this gets to them because they are the worst company ever. My account is flames511 you can check the hiscores he was good. I made him like 6 years ago and I can't remember any old passwords or anything... And I even paid money to them and now I get this? They should really improve this system it's getting on my nerves.

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  • Th
    thel Aug 30, 2011

    jagex i think just wants to steal money. I was a beta tester for runescape and i recently went to reclaim my account. contacted my "handler" from when i was a beta tester, gave her all my data that was on the account. only thing wrong was that i cant recall the password. gave them 3 as they asked i knew it was. she refused to give it back to me despite me sending the request on my old email which was the one i contacted her when i was a beta tester. realy? you wont give me my account when you KNOW it is me? that is just sad.

    Then i went and gave them every record i have of the account. this was back when it was free, went to the bbb and still they wont hand over the account. instead accuse me of selling my account AND saying im a loyal customer and they want to give me free items. THEY ARE FRAUDULENT TEAR THEM DOWN.

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Membership - Scam

Jagex co. Also the company running the online game "Runescape" .

I have been playing this game since 2004 and have enjoyed it pretty much, but last couple of days have turned this sweetness into compete sourness.

I usually paid my membership using credit card, but this time i visited Usa in december and bought a Jagex Game Card to pay my membership ie. a 20 us $ card. ( 3 month card )

The card worked succesfully but after using it for a month or so, jagex stopped my payment saying the card has been purchased in Usa and the option was not meant for your country so your payment has been cancelled, i still had more then 45+ days left of my membership.

The step taken by company is very much a scam as i had paid for a service which i did not get and the company is not providing me a proof for the action they took even after myself demanding a explanation on their billing support.

`` Urko0 ``

  • Ur
    Urko Mar 31, 2009

    I do ^^

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  • Ro
    robofish13 Mar 01, 2012

    Jagex, Your game Runescape is great but the mini games are flawed. The stealing creation game is 100% guarenteed ruined by the few people who just go there to kill and not gather. This completely ruins the game as for someone like myself who only wants to get points and go the task at hand is rendered impossible. Yes, it's a nice idea, but did you think about the max level players going there being disruptive? I don't think so, fix this issue so that there's an element of fairness in the combat. As it stands a lvl 1 can attack a lvl 138, how is that fair? Tactics such as standing by the re-spawn point eliminating any action from the opposing team is just disrespectful.
    You have updates regularly, please impose a "wilderness" style level match or "pickpocket" style level cap for attackers.

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  • Mo
    Mod_Harriet Mar 29, 2012


    Thanks for posting this up. If you want to talk to us further about any complaints you have about our game or suggestions, please can you email us at [email protected] This is the best place for us to hear you and respond to you.

    kind regards
    Mod Harriet
    Account Help Team
    [email protected]

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  • Ri
    Richard Lanning Jun 20, 2012

    I paid for a 30 day membership for my grand-sons' birthday last month ONLY!! low and behold they tried to take it upon themselves to help themselves to my credit card again this month..I get texts as soon as my card gets comes across my cell phone.something needs to be done to these companies that think they can go and charge without permission!!

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  • Ju
    juscrusing Sep 07, 2012

    This complaint is absolutely legitimate. Jagex has a serious problem within their system and will do nothing to correct the problem. The blame for any issues is always laid directly on the customer if a response is ever (rarely) received.

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  • Re
    Reviewer87277 Aug 15, 2015

    i submitted 4 account appels and they all said denied i want my account back i havent played for quite long so i dont remeber some stuff like when i made the account so thats probably why but i want my account back it is called i is jebus and the username/email is [email protected] sp please can i have my account back.please please please please..

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Ok, check this out Below I posted the transactions i have gotten from jagex and myself.. This is nuts! They...

Runescape Update(s)

To whom it may concern,

I've been a regular customer of jagex for awhile, I've been a member for 2-4 months at least. I left runescape for a little while, and when I came back alot has changed. Part of this update was that players can no longer drop trade.. I personally Thank You for that, because lvl 3 merchants who only plays the game for the sole purpose of becoming the "richest" player, since I thought it was a role-play lifestyle choice, is not anymore. I found out that after long hours spent training my mining, woodcutting, fletching, fishing skills to gain money, I cant even make a profit anymore because of the so called "trade amount limit"- I'm very disappointed. I was happy becoming a member now and then, so i can find customers to sell my hard earned items, but now.. I cant even do that.

what happened to choice? arent players free to be warriors? to be wizards? to be miners? woodcutters? fishers? - now we have no choice but to fight and gain quest points just so that we can trade higher amounts of items and make money.

Again, good job on the "drop trade" update.. but you seriously killed off my lvl 3 merchant. Its freakin useless. I used to mine runite ore in the wild at lvl 3 so i can sell them for 10k each, I cant even do that without proper quest points.

So to whoever thought at this "trade limit" idea was a good one.. You're an idiot. plain and simple. I love runescape, but that one particular update is a pain in the ###.



  • Jo
    jocool Aug 26, 2009

    i been a Runescape person for a little while now for some reason or another my guy cant talk his name is jocool361 i dont think he was reported or anything do you know a reason why he cant talk please help! jocool361

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  • Er
    Eric sakula Jan 21, 2010

    buy runescape gold, powerleveling, account, items, equipment, go to

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ridicoulas 1 day ban

I am a long time player of runescape and i was appauled to find out that jagex listens in to my clan chat while i understand why swearing publicaly should be punished, however, i do not see how it can be offencive when i am talking PRIVATELY to my friends on a PRIVATE talk. This is an utterly useless rule especially as the swearword itself was not even spelled properly!

This is a redicoulas rule yes but i still would not complain if i could at least try to fight this and get my account un muted but as i am a gree level player i cannot even do that!

Again this is still not so bad, i can wait a day and go back on after registering a complaint (like this one) but instead of being able to go streight from runscape hompage i had to search the internet to find it, so at the VERY, VERY, VERY least you could put a link to this on runescape!

As you will no doubt be wondering "you say this but you probally dont have a solution" i would like to say that i do have a solution: have an option on the clan chat that makes a message appear to thouse entering the chat "you are entering a chat that may contain offencive language in it, do you wish to continue?" or something like that.

  • Ra
    rato123321 Feb 11, 2009

    kero banir o lord fredi4 do runescape

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  • Dl
    Dl Naps Jul 29, 2009

    Dude... That means your friend betrayed you and reported you.

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  • Ow
    owningu Jan 11, 2011

    Jagex has the right to listen to your "private talks" you could be plotting anything as that would mean to Jagex. If you want to talk freely then try Windows Live Messenger or Yahoo Messenger and even if you misspell the word it still counts as an offense don't even try to say an offensive word. Jagex tries to keep the game safe and fun for everyone to enjoy.

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Tricked out of items

I got tricked out of full guthnas and various other armor worth about 6mil. I went onto a website that thi...

unauthorized charge and denial of it

Ordered two month subscription, runescape or "it comes up Jagex ltd. on my bank statement, charged me the...

Poor Service

I was playing Runescape when some idiot was going around saying that Runescape 3 was out. (How many other fans are being suckered into going here too! I, being a real fan of Runescape, went to find it at Shortly after this, I realised my account was trying to be hacked, so Jagex Runescape decided to lock my account. I filed all the necessary appeals needed to prove who I was and all my recovery questions needed. I was then told to wait 3 days for approval. I did and so far nothing has happened and it looks like I have to appeal from the start again with yet another repetition of all my recovery questions again! In the meantime, I am paying for an account that I cannot use. Also, if someone else has hacked my account, they would not know my recovery questions would they!!????????? They might just be dropping all of my things for someone else to pick up!!! What the ###!!! What brainbox is running this show? Helloooooo, if I know my recovery questions, then I am the real owner!!!

  • Ke
    kerry roberts Nov 17, 2008

    i have had my account locked and my password changed and also a pin attached to my runescape bank all in a week i did not do this and i would like to know who has done this as a runescape member i feel that it would be courtiess of yourselves to invesigate this as i may know who is doing this and all our probs could be solved

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  • Au
    ausrysss Mar 02, 2009


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i bought a runescape from them and in about a week they changed my password and deleted my recovery questions and i have now lost loads of money

stupid new updates

Runescapes errorto try to make it fun for us
I used to play runescape until it got banned for people hacking my account and swearing on it. Also now it is permenantly banned.

Now i have started playing it again and the stupid 3k tradeing rule has just made stupid for everyone. Now you cant even make a profit. All people want is either a maybe 20k tradeing diffrence of no tradin diffrence but still keep the pricing so people cant get scammed that much.

If they do follow up my complaint please could you ask them to eamil me.
Thank you for reading Joel Drake aged 11

  • Er
    ermo Oct 18, 2008

    stupid new updates. i can`t play runescape.
    i want play runescape.

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  • Ca
    callum Nov 26, 2008

    well i play runescape and now it gone new i think its rubbish it keeps on freezing and its slow to load things so whay dont you put itt back normal

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  • Bo
    bobmcflo Feb 04, 2009

    the trading

    its not fair that you cant trade any amount you want because people mite want cash and people might want to quit rs not me though and they have 10m or more or 1m it would take them ages to sell everything and get rid of it but i want some stuff people offerd me 1m but i cant cuz of the trade limit

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  • Be
    bess z pk3r Sep 19, 2009

    this stupid trade rule my friend was going to give me 1m and now i dont want to play because of this stupid rule
    will yall please take the trade limit off

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  • Jk
    jkl13 Jul 08, 2010

    I've been playing runescape for about half a year.Runescape is getting gayer and gayer.Jagex workers, changed the health, weapon, trading limit updates back the way they used to.I say this for everybody when I say u guys are really gay.

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Fraud and scam

Okay this is a total load of bull! My account axis10045 has had a few bad runs with breaking the rules. I admit that It's my fault that I was wreckless in how i behaved. And after around 9 months, I had 5.7 black marks. Okay well today when i logged in, i was branded a racist by a random person (believe me i am not racist). Anyway 4 hours later i log in... and BAM! permanent mute!. I was like OMFG!! So i went to check what i did wrong, then i gasped! my black marks rose by an entire 10!!! i had 15.7 black marks! I was like "oh my bloody god!" It was so unfair. Since when does 1 report give you a perm mute and 10 black marks? hell! my account will be banned (very ikely) by tomorrow as i am over the 10 blk mark limit. I have been forced to end my membership subscription and although probably in vain, appeal the offense. I am really mad as this is my main account.

  • Ja
    Jack Sep 12, 2008

    Omg thats a load of sht! i can't believe that happened to you!! I don't know how Jagex think they can get away with banning you because of 1 report. Its just sht! dude!

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  • Vi
    vinnie Sep 17, 2008

    hi i just made mi acc a member "ugotranged96" and im so pissed off sorry to say it but some 1 has locked mi acc mi mate found mi shet of passwords and i would realy like mi acount back plz jagex i would plz like mi acount back mi mum is pissed as well :( im trying to find your numba jagex im gonna ring

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  • Jo
    joe for bluey Jan 08, 2009

    cause there is no chance that you went in and broke the rules and then decided to come here and BWAAAAAAA about it.
    At all
    What so ever
    Next time try and follow the rules!

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  • De
    Deathsithes Mar 13, 2009

    I got per ban for saying i think jews are nice people... i know what u mean.

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  • Gu
    guthixking Feb 17, 2011

    i've got scammed by Liam 1750
    and i really want my 2 mil cash back
    i thought runescape wasn't like that so jaqex please help me


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Bad business practices

[censored] JAGEX - DO NOT LET YOUR KIDS PLAY RUNESCAPE!!! They will take your child's money like they did to mine and ban you for NO REASON WHAT SO EVER. One HUGE SCAM! No service, automatic responses. Banned because my brothers account name was "Anice luver1" - Anice being his girlfriend.

My brother bought a full years membership for $55 usd, they banned him 12 hrs later and kept the money. Parent Be aware, By jagex not having customer service they can ban your childs account and keep your money with out any further notice!

Do Not trust Jagex!

  • We
    Well... Aug 31, 2008

    Well my membership is fine. Maybe a problem with your computer? ...

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  • Jo
    joe for bluey Jan 08, 2009

    And the fact that the name reads "Anus Lover" and so could be considered offencive never once crossed his mind...

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  • Ha
    hadesflames Aug 07, 2009

    but it doesn't SAY anus, it says anice, ### fagex. I payed for membership, and two days later they locked the account because they "have evidence" that someone is using my account, yet whenever i log in, it ALWAYS shows MY ip address...the account has been locked for a week now and the appeal is still "pending" their bull ### customer service is costing them their customers and soon enough they will go bank rupt. can't wait to see the day. Did i mention that my account is a member? the appeals should be faster for members -.- I won't be issued any credit for the time my account was locked...

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  • Re
    res0r9lm Mar 29, 2010

    I got banned too they claimed I was macroing but I haven't been able to play because of computer problems. kind of hard to macro without a computer. Clearly they ban randomly with cause or evidence.

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  • Ru
    runehater Jul 27, 2011

    I've been banned for "macroing, " which I don't even know how to do. Jagex conveniently provides no evidence, so you're guilty just because they say so, and you have no opportunity to appeal. The "appeal" page is bogus - they never pay any attention to it. They do not refund your money, they lie, they insult your intelligence -- they have the worst customer service I've ever encountered. Do yourself a favor and don't buy a membership. I was a loyal customer for 4 years and they screwed me.

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  • Ka
    katiesmom Aug 11, 2013

    I could have written what runehater just did except I was a member for 7 years and never a black mark before being falsely accuses of macroing< I'll never deal with jagex again.

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