Island Recreationalthe worst business practice that I have ever seen

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I purchased a pool from Island Recreational, 61 E. Sunrise Highway, and Lindenhurst, NY 11757. They required a $100 deposit to hold the price which I have paid by check and they also required you to join their VIP Shoppers Club Agreement for $100 which is applied to this VIP 'club' which was paid by MC. Also on April 5, I was required to pay the pool in full in the amount of $4720.78 which I paid with my MC. This price including their 'White Glove Installation' which is a 3rd party company they use to install and weekly maintenance of the pool. We were then told 'We use this company to avoid installation problems.'. I asked why the pool could not be delivered sooner since I came in with a newspaper ad that said 'Memorial Day Installation' but I was told because we were having a fence and deck included, that could not be done by Memorial Day.

On approximately April 21, 2006 they sent a site inspector to our home to look at the yard and provided a delivery date of May 30 and install date of June 15, 2006. At that time, we were provided the Atlas Site Survey (attached) with delivery date of May 30 and the installation date of June 15.

On approximately June 5, we were called at our home and told we MUST come to the store and pay upfront for the sand for the bottom of the pool or scheduling will be delayed. We went to the store on June 6 and paid $65.17 with MC. We were told that the sand would be delivered the day before the pool installation, therefore on June 14. My husband waited for six hours for them to come with the sand to our home. We received no sand or no phone call to say that the sand was not being delivered. My husband then called their ONLY number [protected] for all their stores and after being hold for close to 40 minutes they said 'we called your home earlier today to inform you that your installation date has been cancelled.' The only call we got on that day which my father in law took while my husband went to get our children at school said 'Are Ben or Donna home?' My father in law said 'No' and they said 'Ok, we'll call the cell number we have.' They never said who was calling, what firm or what it was regarding. Only after process of elimination we assumed that the caller must have been Island Recreational. We never received a call on our cell....we have the cell phone records to show we received no call.

Additionally, their 'White Glove' workers have been at our home two times to clean the pool and said 'oh we're not surprised to see no pool installed, we see this all the time. This is very typical.'

I went to the store the weekend of June 17 to ask why 1) we had not been called and 2) why the installation had been delayed. I was told 'we called, we left a message' and due to the weather dates were pushed back.

Since the policy is a customer can have a cash refund if it is less than 60 days from the date of the delivery of the pool, I requested they pick up their pool and issue me a refund. The pool was delivered in our driveway on May 30 and sits the way they left in the driveway and we covered it with a tarp.

I went directly to the Lindenhurst store on Sunday, June 25 to get the refund in writing. 1) They do not provide the customer with anything in writing to get a refund. The filled out an internal form to get a pick up date and indicated it would probably be next week sometime maybe the end of the week of June 30 maybe the following week. and said I will be called tomorrow (Monday, June 26) with the exact date. I indicated that those dates were not acceptable because I need my refund to buy a pool from a different company. At 8:00 p.m. on June 26, when I had not heard from them about a pick up date, I called their only number and was told the 'store' had to provide a date not the 'main office' but they said the store would call me in a few moments. Sure enough, two minutes later, 'Tom' called to say the only date was next week probably Tuesday but I said that was not acceptable and I wanted a date this week. Also Tuesday, would be July 4 and I assume no one would work on that date. We've not heard back from them yet on a delivery date.

I called yet again tonight at 8:45 p.m. was put on hold and when a woman answered and I told her my whole story, she said 'oh you don't have installation let me transfer you.' At that point , I was put back into their answering service and put on hold waiting for installation'suddenly at 9:00 a recording came on to say 'the store was closed and I would have to call back.'

At this point, I want the 3 charges of $100, $65.17 and $4720.78 disputed until this is resolved to my satisfaction. To have to wait 4 months from the time they charged my account for this pool and the date of installation to come and go, I want a refund. I no longer feel this is an acceptable business practice and I should have been given a date of pickup 1) either in the store on Sunday, June 25 or 2) received the call on Monday, June 26 as they indicated.

Lastly, what I should have done first was check with the Better Business Bureau, as they have 76 complaints from customer all with similar complaints. This seems to be their regular business practice. I also have spoken to several people who had problems that were similar but some of the pools sat in their yards for more than 60 days and could not get a refund so they had to wait almost an entire summer before their pools were installed. I do not want to wait until the summer is over which is why we purchased our pool in April, plenty of time for delivery and installation.

This is by far the worst business practice that I've seen and they are allowed to operate this way.


  • Re
    Revutsky Sep 14, 2006

    Hello, Thanks for putting up this site...

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  • Vi
    vinny Apr 04, 2008

    All the Island rec stores are of no use to me or anyone else I know of who has been there. I was about to purchase my pool there last summer and a friend of mine had a problem with them with his pool, but I figured give the store the benifit of the doubt. Well let me tell you I went in there with the intention of purchasing that tear drop pool they have young nasty high school kids working in there that know absolutely nothing about nothing. The so called store manager was as useless as Tits on a bull. So I was very happy to give my business to a new store that opened up on route 110 they are great. I am very happy to say that Island rec lost out on my 9, 800 dollar purchase I dont care if they where more money the service I received there was incredible and to this day I can call there with a problem and the slaes man remebers me and gives me his full attention and has personaly been to my house after installation to to physically see the pool whe I thought I had a problem but it turned out to be nothing now that is service I say ISLAND REC SHOULD BE OUT OF BUSINESS oh by the way there chemicals are so cheap be cause they inferrior to other chemicals dont waste your time or money on there chemicals.

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  • Jo
    John Apr 07, 2008

    The above guy knows nothing about the English language and grammar. I guess you can see why he did not buy a pool from them since they spoke on the same level as he did, which he did not like.

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  • Va
    Vanessa Jun 15, 2008

    Even though they are young they were very knowledgeable in the pool department. I purchased my pool package last year and I was very pleased. And let me tell you how great the Medford sales staff is!

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  • Ro
    Ronny Jun 15, 2008

    I HATE Island Recreational... how come nothing is EVER in stock and when it is why does it have to be picked up at a warehouse in Deer Park. I live in Hollis, Queens and shop at Franklin Square... why do I have to waste money in gas to pick up a heater that customer service told me was in stock when it really wasn't? I ordered my heat pump back in November of 2007 and was promised it'd be in by March... I'm still waiting... I went to pick up a solar cover in the Deer Park store last week and had to wait on a line for 45 minutes just to get my cover. THIS PLACE IS UNREAL!!! Bring your business elsewhere, DOWN WITH ISLAND REC!

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  • Bo
    bob Jun 30, 2008

    I had a problem and had no problem returning a pool that was dented. They never required me to join vip, but I did cause it does pay in the long run. I cant comment on there instalation service because I put up the pools myself with some friends.

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  • Si
    SickAndTired Mar 31, 2009

    I did a brief stint working for Island Rec about 15 years ago. The sales force is not driven by consumer satisfation and generally do not have a very good understanding of how pool's work or pool chemistry. They do receive some training by the store managers from time to time but I don't know if I would trust them with some very expensive purchases. I don't know it this has changed since I worked there but I would tend to think it hasnt.

    With regards to products, they have certain items they have to "push" whether you need them or not and have contests to see who can sell the most chemicals, many of which are of low quality. I only worked there for a few months and had to leave, I just couldn't take it anymore. I highly recommend staying clear of this company, stick to your local pool stores, they tend to be knowledgeable and give better customer service because they survive on return busniess.

    The only people who seem to actually work are a few of the guys in there North Massapequa repair facility. They have repaired my pool robot on a few occasaions and did a good job.

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  • Fr
    Fred Jul 30, 2009

    Very poor Customer service, poor attitudes, and they want nothing to do with you after they get your money. STAY AWAY FROM THEM!

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  • Un
    unknown taper Sep 15, 2009


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  • Ge
    georgewbush Nov 14, 2009

    Stay away from Island Rec...they should change their name to Island WRECK! Their repair staff in N. Massapequa are helpful and go out of their way to help.

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  • Is
    Island Wreck Reporter Apr 30, 2010

    I agree. Last year I paid for a Heat Pump on my AE in May and never recieved it. Kept telling me that there was a delay from the manufacturer. How could there be as I was supposedly nuying a 2008 leftover? Just saw their Heat Pump ad again and called the only nmber to see if they were in stock. Answer was no but I could order one for a June delivery. I asked if there were any ever in stock and was told they may have had a few from last year but they are gone now! Last year. I cancelled my order in September 2009!

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  • Co

    Island recreationals parts, chemicals, and service are all complete GARBAGE! I bought the jumbo slow tabs for 24.99 and they completely [censor]ed up my whole pool! my pool turned on me and the chemicals havent done [censor]! My pool is green aND whatever i use from their store is cheap crap! I know this for a fact because they import all their chemicals from overseas just so they can make a little more money. their motto should be profit over quality because all there stuff is dirt cheap and ineffective.

    [censor] ISLAND WRECK!!!

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  • Jo
    john r smith Jun 23, 2010

    I bought a pool from them and the pool was installed by Champlain a company they Hired to install the pool. Within the first season the side walls blew out cause the pool was not properly install with the center straps that hold the pool together. Dealing with the management was a nightmare after complaining in front of customers they finely sent the pool installers back to fix the walls and the Deck that was also installed incorrectly. when they showed up they cut the liner and around the skimmer and return was already starting to rusting . They told me it was leaking behind the wall and the skimmer and return was not installed correctly in witch I then told them Their company installed .They sprayed it with rustolum that they ask me to purchase, Now the rust is growing through the wall and the Store is telling me It is not their problem . This pool is done after the 3rd season . There is other pool companys out their . Before you buy Just stand near costumer service and listen to their costumer complaints . Ask them for there Phone # to the Store and see them sckworm they will only give you a # that goes to No-ware . Then you have to go back to the store in frustration . Google THE STORE NAME Complaints and see what others are saying about this Company !

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  • Jo
    joemon Mar 05, 2011

    i just bought a pool from island recreational and it seems the company has cleaned up its act alot. the sales staff in the north babylon store was professional and went above and beyond my expectations in creating a fair and reasonable price for my purchase.

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  • Bo
    Bobbie A Jun 03, 2011

    This company is GARBAGE!!! Do whatever you can to steer clear of them. They sell no name merchandise, chemicals that have well over 50% inert matter (meaning only 50% on the cholorine you are buying is actually chlorine...the rest is fillers), and there pool installation company is another joke. (you'll see what I mean when they show up to put your pool in) Island WREAK for sure!

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  • Me
    MeganW Dec 11, 2014

    I went to by simple liquid shock as I've had done for the past 10 years and it's worked fine. When I went in 2 kids fought over who would help me and I eventually got "Anthony R" to help. When I told him I wanted liquid shock he told me he had to use the bathroom and then told "Austin B" to help me. Austin told me liquid shock would attract snails into my pool so I bought the green out crap and it turned my pool green. Never again will I step foot into island WRECK!!!

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  • An
    ANGELO D Jun 02, 2015

    wow, where do I start? the pool I was supposed to get and paid for was discontinued, should have cancelled order then it gets worse! The installers came to install the wrong pool, it was all together, they went to put ledges on and I heard him call the office and tell them these are not the ledges for the pool, whomever was on the other line said to make them fit! I then witnessed the installers breaking tabs on each cap, then screw caps on to pool. they left, the skimmer was leaking really bad, so I called up Island rec and they sent me a different skimmer admitting to me that they were having problems with the one they sold me! couple of weeks go by, I notice the pool is uneven, they emptied the pool, re leveled it and I refilled it and they told me I was responsible for the chemicals again!! A few more weeks go by and the caps one by one started coming off the pool, called them up again, they came back and silicone the caps on!! 2 months went by, caps started falling off again! They ordered me new ledges and caps (THE SAME ONES). they put them on and long behold, they started to warp and caps were falling off again!! They finally 2 1/2 years later send me the correct caps and ledges! Go to buy a sand filter for my pool, sales rep assured me all parts and adapters were included, I went home, could not connect to pump!! go back to island rec, they give me adapter, I go home agsin to install... WRONG adapter... go back to island rec eric and Matt the managers tell me they cannot give me the adapter because pump is discontinued!! they send me to another pool supply place to get piece, that I would have to pay for!! they didn't have it, went back to island rec and Mark tells me there is nothing he can do, I have to find the part myself, says if I keep giving him an attitude, he would have police remove me. (I really have no reason to be irate after all these problems)! got nio where with them, they stink, constant problems and they treated me like it was my fault!!

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  • Ru
    Ruthie Mitchell Sep 16, 2015

    Purchased new 1 1/2HP Blue Torrent pump on Aug 2nd. Paid for installer to install-he (Tom) came 8/5 but did not complete; said O ring was missing; also did NOT switch power cord from old pump (I prev asked when I paid if it w/b a problem to switch cord & was told no. As the O ring WAS on site I called & got apt for 8/7...a no show (not even a call, nothing). Went back to Deer Park to make new apt as they seldom p/u phone! Got appt for 8/14; got home fm work & found out (per installer) that pump was defective! Have been @ store at least 3 more times & at least 30 calls to order new pump. Was told they don't have in stock & will send to Riverhead so they can deliver. Was told one s/b there in a few days; never happened. I finally got desperate & picked up at Medford store n 8/28. New pump did the same thing as 1st new one...found out pump was wired for 220 (& not 110v). Now...why didn't installer know this??? Meanwhile fm 8/2 until 8/30 my pool went fm clear to "emerald green" with a thick foam & billions of parasites growing larger each day. I was misinformed each time I called or went to store about who I should see or who could help. Bottom line, I went back on 8/29 to try & recover the installation fee and get compensated for all the shock & chemicals I foolishly wasted trying to get pool clear. Was given 3 boxes (12 total) of liquid shock; used it all in 1 shot, this did very little. Had to use over 1/2 of my 50lb container of powder shock I bought fm Leslie's & many many chlorine tablets. I am so disgusted. I feel Island "Wreck" has done very little to resolve my problem. RM/ Bay Shore

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  • Li
    Linda Pienkos Jun 24, 2016

    Bring Back Harrows. Still the same issues.

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  • Sh
    Shawnika B Jul 22, 2019

    The company sends out an email blast to VIP customers stating they are having a sale on pools "First come first serve". You call to see if pools are still available to be told the sale does not start until Thursday at 8 am. The ad does not state this anywhere then customer service gets upset that you state this fact. FALSE ADVERTISMENT!

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