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West Des Moines
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Iowa Steak Company Complaints & Reviews

Iowa Steak Company / service salesman

Erma Miller on Aug 29, 2017
We just dealt with a very shady sales rep. The steaks were from Iowa steaks. Yet the salesman crossed out Iowa on the sales receipt and had us write the check out for ohio steaks. He was very unprofessional and very pushy. So we canceled our check and canceled the meat and again he wa...

Iowa Steak Company / salesman misrepresented product

Daryl Jacobs on Jul 18, 2017
Meat was packaged and frozen to appear to be a "filet, " but when thawed, it was clearly just a chunk of tough meat made to look like a filet. No matter how it is cooked, it remains tough and chewy. I was quoted a "special sale price" of $150, but in the end, it was over $180 for a low...

Iowa Steak Company / very unhappy with product

Misty C on Jul 13, 2017
I purchased from a wonderful salesman that came to my door gave me a so-called bargain on meat that is so tough my dog could hardly eat it I purchased a variety of steaks tried three of one type and three of a nether was not told I only had 3 days for refund sorry I did not read the back...

Iowa Steak Company / driver in dyersburg tn

Velvet1980 on Jul 12, 2017
I post dated my stamps so she gave me the meat and when it was time to take my money off my foodstamp card every single stamps I had was taken off and now I have to worry about how to get groceries this month for my family...the amount of stamps I had on my card was 482 dollars and all she...

Iowa Steak Company / delivery driver

Tony Lucas on Jun 18, 2017
I encountered your delivery driver who drives an Iowa Streak van with the license plate number DSH647 on New Cut Rd in Louisville, Ky today (6-18-17). He threw a Ziploc baggie of something out his driverside window, then his cigarrette box wrapper quickly followed. I yelled to him, to stop...

Iowa Steak Company / iowa steaks home delivery

Lonnie & Karen on Jun 13, 2017
Salesmen came to our door in January, 2017, and offered a variety of steaks and burgers. Bought the package and found the steaks to be tough, stringy and very small in size. I complained in April and the company replaced the entire package: steak for steak, burger for burger. Second...

Iowa Steak Company / salesman misrepresented product — buyer beware, in mt. vernon il area

Diane Lentz on May 25, 2017
A salesman came to my house and first asked me if I was familiar with Omaha Steak. I said that I was--that my mother had purchased filets from Omaha over the years. He led me to believe that was what he was selling. Another salesman then approached, showing me the product. When I mentioned...

Iowa Steak Company / Salesman

NBowden on Apr 21, 2017
Around 5:20 on April 21st in Vancouver, Wa a sales representative approaches my house. My windows are open so he proceeds to talk through the window. I immediately inform him that I don't want any meat, I am vegan. As he starts to walk away he said, "he don't look vegan!" I'm assuming he...

Iowa Steak Company / Not providing refunds

tatasmom on Feb 23, 2017
On February 9 I cancelled my transaction and a representative came to my home to pick up the products that had been left less than 24 hours earlier. I was first told I would have to wait for the main office to cut me a refund check. My husband said "NO. You can refund my card just as you...

Iowa Steak Company / Door to door meat sales

Mojorisen74 on Feb 19, 2017
Hires a bunch of heroin addicts. One travels around our neighborhood in the company truck waiting at the Sunoco station around 11:30 every morning with his woman for the dopeboy to hand him his hit for the day. Hangs around the neighborhood with the local junkies and drives them where they...

Iowa Steak Company / Employees stealing!!!

Lyzard on Jan 26, 2017
Today January 26th, As I was about to nap with my 7 week daughter my doorbell rang, when look out the window it was a Iowa steak truck, a man at my door and another in the drivers seat of the truck. I did not answer as I did not want to purchase anything. We had a Dallas Cowboys flag...

Iowa Steak Company / Chicken

Judy Silvas on Dec 29, 2016
One of the salesmen from Memphis, driving the truck came to my house about a week ago. He was very polite, professional. I bought the steak package and the chicken package. I am only 50% satisfied. The only product in the chicken package we like is the chicken strip's. We have tried every...

Iowa Steak Company / A sales person and/or delivery man.

Yes2u on Dec 27, 2016
I was on my porch enjoying the weather. He drove by and yelled at me about the team shirt I was wearing. Yes, I do live in a town that does not like the team that I do, but I have never been cursed at like that even on game day when my team wins. I never knew a company that would allow...

Iowa Steak Company / Overcharged! Rip off! Scam!

Reuben Yoder on Nov 5, 2016
Some salesman from Iowa Steak Company showed up at my door, selling meat out a freezer on the back of his truck. He claimed to have been at my neighbors and stopped in to try to get rid of what he had left beings it was toward the end of the day. Long story short, he talked my wife into 2...

Iowa Steak Company / Meat

gamerzdream on Oct 30, 2016
2 guys came to our door and suckered us into buying their "good deal" meats. they said it's satisfaction guaranteed and so on and so on. We tried it and DO NOT like it at all...and don't suggest it to amyome...we called and they refused to do anything. It's the worst meat and worst service...

Iowa Steak Company / Steak

Maryjaws on Oct 13, 2016
Bought $400 worth of steak in January 2016. I was told it was satisfaction guaranteed for a year. Steak was tough. I was moving in April so I waited til I got in my new house to call them to come get their meat. Finally showed up in May and took the meat. I was told I would get a credit on...

Iowa Steak Company / Suspicious-tasting meat / no one in company answers the phone!

c&g on Oct 3, 2016
A salesman from Iowa Steak showed up at our door late on a Sept. Saturday. Despite my initial refusal to look at his products, he went on and on singing their praises. Finally he "sweetened the deal" on the price he was quoting me that my husband and I agreed to buy steaks from him. He...

Iowa Steaks / Tbone steaks

Karenclark on Aug 30, 2016
Bought a pack of tbones from this lady that came into my job. She made them sound so good I cooked them last night 7-29 ate about 630 about 11 I was throwing up and had diaheria so bad till about 330 am and had to work at5am I'm still sick from it stomach cramping really bad...will never...

Iowa Steak Company / Unethical behavior/poor reviews

VickieB23 on Mar 28, 2016
I purchased a box of steaks and unfortunately did not read the reviews until after the purchase. Doesn't seem there are any good reviews. I noticed that the salesperson was at my neighbors so I took the meat down there hoping to make an easy exchange. He got belligerent with me and...

Iowa Steak Company / Your employees going door to door selling meat the know is bad be it old or frozen thawed frozen

Denise Randall on Mar 17, 2016
ON March 16, 2016, two of your where going door to door quite in my judgement alittle late in the evening for legitment sales calls, Then names of these two men are dave and larry, which are the names on the reciept. The meet is obviously past its expiration or has been frozen thawed and...

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