Hillshire Farm Complaints & Reviews

Hillshire Farm / cheddarwurst

Aug 12, 2019

Hillshire FarmI was eating n I bite into something hard n found that it was a bone worst 7 dollars I spent I wasted two packs of these I don't get why this would even be in the package it's a safety hazard something needs to be done I could have or my kids could have choked. I will never by again Upc...

Hillshire Farm / hillshire farms smoked beef sausage/tough outer casing cannot bite through it

May 04, 2019

May 4, 2019, fixed hoagies to eat for supper. Went to eat and could not bite through or even tear the casing of the sausage. Never had this problem with other products from other companies. It is bad when you have to take your fingers to tear the casing just to get to the product. This wa...

Hillshire Farm / product spoiled over 1 month before use by date!

Mar 25, 2019

I purchased the above pastrami from Wal-Mart in Delavan, WI on March 15th, 2019 and first used/opened the product on March 19th, 2019. All was good - I made several sandwiches between 03-19-19 and 03-22-19 with no problems. On 03-24-19 I was making a grilled pastrami and cheese sandwich...

Hillshire Farm / ultra thin oven roasted turkey breast

Nov 29, 2018

Hillshire FarmThe pictures do the damage justice. I opened a new package of turkey breast deli meat on November 27 and saw an awful sight. I gag every time I look at the picture. It is absolutely disgusting! I am highly considering not purchasing "meat" from Hillshire any longer. I bought this turkey on...

Hillshire Farm / lite polska kielbasa

Nov 07, 2018

Hillshire FarmScu [protected]. Use by 3/2/2019. P243504B bought in brockport NY 14420 wegmans. When eating this sausage we found large pieces of bone. I bit into one and when I pulled it out saw that it was sharp and jagged. I'm lucky it didn't get stuck in my gum or roof of my mouth. We are very disappointed we...

Hillshire Farm / ultra thin honey ham

Oct 28, 2018

Hillshire FarmHam has large chunks of fat and is inedible. I have never had ham with this amount of fat in when buying this product before. I can't eat this product because of all the fat. Why would this product get through your line as it is not edible. I don't have a lot of money and decided to get...

Hillshire Farm / ultra thin honey ham

Oct 19, 2018

I just opened a container of your honey ham and after eating a sandwich and going for another I noticed pieces of BLUE plastic throughout the balance of the package! This is unacceptable in the food industry of todays marketplace. I put my faith in name brand products to feed me and my...

Hillshire Farm / polska kielbasa

Aug 12, 2018

I purchased a Polska Kielbasa on Aug 4 2018 at the Walmart in Sumter SC. The package remained refrigerated and unopened until August 12. Upon opening the package and placing in the pan, my spouse said the outer casing of the Kielbasa felt rough. As she was walking to the sink to wash her...

Hillshire Farms / smoked kielbasa links

Jul 10, 2015

Have been a loyal customer of this brand and its smoked kielbasa links for 35+ years. But the last few times I have bought the product I have noticed the links have gotten smaller, and no longer fit on a regular sized hot dog bun. Not that this is the only product which has shrunk over the...

Hillshire farms smoked ham deli meat / hair

Jan 23, 2013

Hillshire farms smoked ham deli meatI recently went to the grocery store down the road from my house. I started my grocery shopping when I got the the deli meat selection I picked up Hillshire Farms Smoked Ham and turkey. We have always bought this in the past and have had great results. The expiration date was 2/5/2013...

Hillshire Farms / foreign debris in meats


I purchased your smoked ham lunch meat at my local Walmart this week. Found several bright blue ?plastic shavings embedded in the lunch meat. Of course this was found after eating one sandwich using this meat, and upon investigation there were several more pieces of blue plastic in the...

Hillshire Farm / grocery item


Hillshire FarmI went to target and bought something from the grocery department which I would rarely ever do and here is why: when I came home I wanted to eat so I opened the package of lunch meat and the plastic bag inside the container was ripped open! What's worse is I reached to grab the item...

Hillshire Farms / implied violence


We just saw a new commercial in which two boys get into a girls' jumping rope game. The girls end of tying up the boys and taking their coldcuts. What are we showing children in this one? Isn't there enough violence against children already without demonstrating a "happy result" from tying up children? This is really sick.

Hillshire Farms Ham / poor quality


For the last 50 years I have purchased Hillshire Farms Ham consistently. Hillshire Hams are often higher priced, however, I have been willing to pay the extra for the higher quality product. This week I purchased a 17.5 lb. Hillshire Farms Ham that cost me over $50.00 and it smelled and...

Hillshire Farm / commercial content


Your company has a commercial selling a meat product. It consists of a boy doing an auction with some of his classmates. A little girl comes in with a pony and he says "Sold to the lady with the pony". He is a small child. When I saw this commercial, I thought it was distasteful because of...