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Complaints & Reviews

Resolved terrible warranty support

Intex just crook me out with their defective pool.
The inflatable ring on this (otherwize interesting) pool has a slow flat that makes it hard to use since it will flood my backyard every night I have the misfortune of refilling the tube and the pool... So I tried to contact the company a few times over the last two weeks, to finally talk to someone today. The guy simply send me on my merry way since we are now the friday august 7th and my purchase was made on may 2nd. I agued that I had been trying to reach them for the last 2 weeks without any result.
So my conclusion is simple: they are the kind of company that will steel your money without remorse so I will strongly suggest that anybody avoid from buying their products until they decide that customers are more then pawn.

  • Be
    benezsude Jun 25, 2011

    I have the same problem. The one I bought was at Target. Has leaked air from ady one. This year it will not even stay up for more than 2 days. Money wasted.

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Resolved broken impeller

The Intex 530 pump stopped working after the second season. Seems that the impeller malfunctioned, a very common complaint I understand. The impeller appears to be a replaceable part and has easy access. The impeller, however, is not available. I refuse to buy another pump from Intex, they should have that common wearable part available.

I bought a Clear Water Pump from Harbor Freight for $39.00. It has 1 inch inlet and outlets. The impeller is made out of brass and the pump instructions include a replacement parts list, this is the way to go.

Buy one inch pipe nipples, attach to the pump and route them to your Intex filter pump, via your existing pool hoses… you may need an extra hose or hose extension to run from the Intex filter pump to the Clear water Pump inlet. Remove the impeller from the Intex pump and throw it away! Be sure to put the two plastic retainer parts back on though, the ones that would have held the impeller in there. Anyway, cut the cord off of the Intex filter pump and install it on the Harbor Freight Clear Water Pump, per the enclosed instructions, follow the other instructions as well for priming the pump.

The pump is VERY, VERY quiet and heavy duty too, I’m sure it will out last the pool. This is a much better option than buying another Intex pump that will no doubt fail in one or two seasons.

Resolved tearing liners that flood yards

I have purchased my 3rd Intex pool this summer. The first day of filling the pool it burst the seams open flooding my yard and basement. Intex sent me another pool liner which we starting to fill 7/26/09 and on 7/27/09 the same exact thing happened. After calling customer service and waiting for the next available customer rep for 15+ minutes the result is the same. Cut the pool up and send back to Intex and wait 2 weeks for the liner to arrive. After explaining that I just did this and the claim was closed and I have to wait 2 weeks for the liner at a cost of $17.98 in mail. Totally unexceptional! I am hoping the store I purchased the pool from will give me my $487.00 back even though on the pool box states to send defective parts back to Intex. Intex will not reimburse me I have to go to the store of origin.

  • Fe
    FedUp1969 Jun 18, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Intex tells you not to contact the place you bought in from because they do not want these places like Walmart, etc., to stop doing business with them. If Walmart and the other stores found out just how many complaints there really has been about this compamy's products, I highly doubt they would continue to do business with them.

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  • Tk
    TKirk May 26, 2011

    Purchased above ground pool from INTEX the big one for $699.00 at Wal-Mart. Got the pool set up which took a couple of days. The liner seam burst! Went to Wal-Mart to find out what the easiest way was to handle this since it is such a big pool even though the pool package said to contact them directly. Wal-Mart said we would need to take the whole entire pool down and return it to them with the original box! My husband had to get a trailer to get all the parts back to Wal-Mart. Only to find out once my husband got to Wal-Mart that he could have just returned the liner. Even though the customer service department said we had to return the entire pool.We returned the defective pool and got a replacement from Wal-Mart. Set up 2nd pool to find 3 holes, maybe more but so fare we have again took a couple days to set it up properly to find the liner defective again. Called INTEX and they are closed. They have an option to email them but, not about complaints. This was not a cheap pool yet the quality is poor. I am going to call them first thing in the morning but, am concerned since reading other complaints. I do not think I should have to pay any more money or wait 2 weeks like the other person for a new liner. I agree that if Wal-Mart and others knew how many complaints there were that they might discontinue selling products from this company!

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  • 4b
    4bh Apr 24, 2013

    Have had 3 Intex pools in the last 10 years. One lasted 3 years outside. The next came with holes. The third started leaking at a seam after a foot of water. Called Intex. Completed e-mailed form and attached copy of receit. New liner on the way. After 15 days one has to send them a portion of the liner for normal warranty. The pain is we have to take it back down to put the new liner up. Hours of work. Wal Mart would have given us our money back by returning all the pool. If the replacement leaks I will probably return the whole thing to Wal Mart. We get what we pay for. Advice: Do with out or put in a spa pool for $20K! Bill in Texas

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  • St
    Stephen Donahay Jul 15, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Just bought the 18x 8 x 42 Prism Frame pool. The first-day seam is pulling apart and leaking. Intex support is horrible. Never did get through to a customer service rep. $500 down the drain or should I say all over that back yard. Buyer beware.

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Resolved pool defective pump

I bought a intex pool last year and put it back up this year and the pool pump doesn't work. the...

Resolved faulty pump: model # 637 filter pump for a 15' metal frame pool

I will never ever buy another product with the name INTEX on it. I bought my pool May 27th 2008 from Zellers for 447.00 Canadian dollars. A 15' round metal frame pool. We got it set up, had all the chemicals correct because I took a water sample to the local pool and spa guy. Pump did not work (Model # 637 FILTER PUMP). Intex replaced the original pump which took three weeks to arrive. So we had to drain the pool (16, 000+ litres), cause short of me getting into the pool daily and stirring it with a large stick, we had nothing to push the water around to filter it. We had to re-tamp the ground, which cost yet another 45.00 dollars in rental fees...cause like I have a tamping machine sitting in my back pocket. So, now it gets better. We set our pool up this year, pool took about 10 hours to fill. Put the pump in, check the skimmer, new filter, chemicals were added, and low and behold...the pump doesn't work! I phoned Intex, June 14th, 2009. They were closed. I phoned back on the 15th the Monday, spoke with a lady, and she told me that because I purchased my pool on May 27th 2008, I was just outside the warranty. I explained that this pump was the replacement pump, and I even had a file number with INTEX, you know what she told me? Oh, I am sorry Ma'am, you are one day past your warranty on that pump! So they wouldn't warrant it.
So you can imagine, I was completely choked. So I get some guy friends to take apart the pump to see what's wrong with it. The impeller is made of plastic. It had worn let's keep this in mind, I live in Canada on the west coast. We get a lot of rain here. The pool was only up from mid June '08 (remember-replacement pump didn't arrive till mid June) to mid September '08 and was properly dried and packed away in a dry shed for the winter...So i phoned Intex, have you guessed it? The impeller is the only part that YOU CANNOT buy!!!
So the pump only worked for 3 months. I made a report to the BBB, which they attempted to contact INTEX, but INTEX would not respond. I tried putting in a call into the manager at INTEX, and was told that i would recieve a phone call back within 48 hours, I got no response back.

I had to go buy a Hydro Force Pump for my Intex pool, cause why would I buy another Intex product? I would have to be nuts.

Rude customer service representatives, cheap and crappy products. Just stay away from INTEX Pools. They do not back their products. Next time I buy a pool, I will save my money and get a real above ground pool from a quality pool/spa place.

  • So
    soloslicc Jul 22, 2009

    So you're mad because the company didn't replace your product AFTER the warranty? In other words, you're angry because they wouldn't not replace it after the amount of time they originally told you they wouldn't replace it for? Sounds like you just need to buy a calender and keep track of your shxt, you had a whole year.

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Resolved cant replace impeller

Same complaint with Intex!! I wish I'd read this site before purchasing ANOTHER Intex pump, guess I'll have the same problem next summer. DONT BUY INTEX PRODUCTS. This 2.00 plastic part (impeller)is not replaceable because they choose NOT to give you that option so that you are forced to buy another pump. Word of advice. A new Intex pump will cost you about $100. INVEST another $100 ang get you a good sand filter pump ( you can find them on ebay brand new and cheap) I just didnt have the money and had no choice but to get whay I could afford. SHAME ON INTEX!!!

  • Re
    rev8 Jul 26, 2009

    The best thing to do is go and purchase another one from the store, take the good impeller and replace it with the old impeller, take back to store and let the store send it back to intex.

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  • La
    LaurieThiels Aug 27, 2009

    How ABSOLUTELY aggrivating! I had the same problem with the impeller blades breaking off, leaving the pump totally useless! I have been sure to keep my pool clean and free from debris so there was no reason for all the blades on this plastic piece of crap to break off. I have only used my pool for 3 months.
    I spent a LOT of money on my pool hoping to get something nice for my family. Was I ever wrong!
    Trust me, if and when I ever find a replacement pump, it won't be this brand. What a waste of money!

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  • Sp
    specolli Dec 16, 2009

    I too have had the same problem with the impeller.. and having 8000 gallons of stagnant water isnt an option.. if they would have put the filter before the pump this would have been a good idea .. well i guess they have job security... i did use the old worthless filter and pump before the new setup and well its a costly double filter... if i had to do it over again i wouldnt buy an intex pool

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never used pool is leaking after fill-up

I bought a Intex pool at the end of last summer and never put it up till now. We had a heck of time getting...

Resolved broken propeller blades on pump

they keep selling crap ### pumps that dont even last 3 months, then wont sell the propeller thing, they want...

Resolved bad filter pump

We purchased a brand new Intex pool, but the filter/pump was dated 2006 had rusty screws holding it together and had green slime in it upon taking it out of the box. The impeller that makes it work had a broken fin in it, and the pump didn't work at all.

  • Ro
    Roger1010 Jun 21, 2009

    I have read all of the entries about the intex impeller and am wondering if anyone has found this part as of summer 2009, yeah mine just went out and can't find any pumps locally.

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  • Qu
    Quintin76 Jun 30, 2009

    Ours went out the first time we plugged it the pool was already full of water, we ended out forking out 100 bucks for the 2500 model instead of the 1500 we had last year. All the fins were broke on the old one. Also the brand new not even a month old pump keeps over heating, I've contacted the customer service and my only option is to send it back (I pay all postage) and they will send me a new one with a 4-6 week return time! Summer will be over!

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Resolved impeller problems

I would have recommended anyone to buy one of these pools until we went through 2 pumps because of faulty...

Resolved air beds that intex does not stand behind on thier products.

My boyfriend and I have bought 6 Raised Airbeds from Intex( thru Shopko) every single mattress has gotten a leak at the seam. We called Intex and were told they do not do refunds or exchanges on thier products. The box that the mattress came in says " do not return to store call Intex for any problems".
So my question is why would they have the box saying that and not stand behind their products????

  • Ke
    kevin keller Feb 04, 2009

    [email protected]
    me and my girlfriend have went through four queen double raised intex air beds all of them have leaked or totally blown up four hundred dollars later what are they going to do this is a crock i would like at least one replaced we dont have money for new ones all the time ?????

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  • Gr
    Greg fox Feb 05, 2010


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  • Fe
    FedUp1969 Jun 18, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They tell you NOT to take it back to where you purchases it from and to call them instead because they don't want the stores that sold it to know how many defective products from this company that they are selling.

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  • Cr
    crapfromIntex Mar 21, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My roommate has purchased five Intex twin size Classic Downy air mattresses in the past 2 months. ALL OF THEM developed leaks.
    This company is NOT worth buying ANYTHING from. And if you get anything from Intex as a gift, you'd be better off trowing it away than trying to use it.

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air mattress defect

Purchased an air mattress, seam recently ripped down the middle, (no leakage but very uncomfortable) would...

pool impeller

I bought an intex pool aug 25, 2007.The impeller broke on sept 3.I am now out of warranty.i will try to...

pools and company are bad news

I to thought the INTEX deal was the greatest thing since sliced bread for the money after getting some quotes from pool companies to install a pool at my home. :( Boy was I wrong. Yes set up was easy, I guess I got lucky nothing was missing or broken. Then I filled the pool and started the sorry excuse for a pump and filter system. 9'x18'x52" rectangular ultra frame by the way. Everything was downhill from their. Pump Sucks, (too small)Filter system sucks, (everything you vacuum goes back in the pool) etc.etc. . After about a month of fighting to get the water clear, about $200 plus in chemicals, 10+ filters and, tons of wasted time I decided to hit the net. What did I find at first but page after page of complaints. Wish I would have done this before I purchased, but it was kind of a impulse purchase now I just had to deal with it. Now I am here to offer some help to the rest of you the got taken by the INTEX scam without spending a ton more money and it works. In the next few days go to and ill show you what to do to finally enjoy your poorly designed INTEX pool. We are also working on an area at the site for signatures from people to possibley get a class action suit going . With out support it will not work . So check the site often and join the fight agains a company that knows their product is crap but doesnt care.

  • Le
    leb Sep 18, 2008

    So the pump sucks... that's what it's supposed to do. :)

    John's Intex site is full of spam and advertisements. Do not visit.

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Resolved terrible company

We bought a 24'x52' pool last Sept of 2007 and first put it up on July 4, 2008. It was stored in the same box never opened it till then. We figured since we will have snow soon, we would put it up in the spring.
We put up our pool and started to fill it when we noticed a split by the bottom where the rope and the pool seam meets.

I called intex and told them the whole story and made sure I told them that we bought it last fall. They said that they would send me a claim form via the internet and that they would replace the pool liner with no problem. I talked to 3 different people at their customer satisfaction service number and they all said that they would replace it.

So, I filled out the claim form and I also had to cut up our pool so we could send in 5 different part of our pool per the claim form, and I did. They gave me a claim number and even told me the approximate day we would receive our new pool liner. Two days after we sent in the parts, I received a rejection notice in my e-mail stating that it was over 90 days and they will not cover it, even though 3 different people stated that there would be no problem. We have talked to customer service, supervisors, managers, even the complaint department and they will do nothing and we are out over $600.00.

If they would have never said to cut up our pool because they will not cover it we could have fixed ourselves or have it professional done. What kind of company would tell someone to cut up a brand new pool never even used and then reject it two days later.

We have not even used our pool or even hooked up the filter to it. All we wanted is to have them replace the pool liner and stand behind their product and their word.

  • Md
    mdecc Sep 01, 2015

    Horrible customer service! Do not buy intex junk! Pool pump stopped working after a year and a half and after speaking with about 5 different people, they are making me wait 10 days for a new pump which means I will need to drain my pool and fill it again so there goes the money I saved on purchasing a new pump. They make you feel like they're doing you a favor and in reality they know damn well they sell junk at top dollar!

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poor product and customer service

Bought the Metal Frame Rectangular Pool 24 x 12 We have had nothing but problem after problem. This is our...


I bought an 18' by 48" pool for my kids last year, by the end of the summer, the pump had started making...

pool pump size

Pool pump sizing is based on turning over the water in the pool once every 12 hours; if your pool is 7, 500 gallons and the pump is pumping 1, 500 GPH than you must run the pump at least 10 hours a day. This is the industy standard for above ground pools. Without proper chemical maintance the pump could pump 5, 000 GPH and your pool would still not be clean. First off I am not on the side of Intex and have had nothing but problems with this company, will never buy anymore of thier products. If you want larger pumps sold with these pools you need to let the store buyers from the Walmarts, Kmarts and Targets know because these people are the ones that tell the manufacture which pump/filter system they want based on price points and cost - they know the consumers will purchase what ever they put in the store as long as the cost is low.

safety issue & waste of money!

Company refuses to change tubes that dry rot and won't even last through 1 pool season so every year new tubes have to be ordered! I upgraded to bigger pool with same problems. The last straw was my pool was only on it's second season & came apart at seams, flooded my yard and killed all my grass! How safe can it be when 1 minute your kids are having fun laughing & then boom - the pool empties, your dumped on the ground & no more fun. The company brushed me aside without replacing it, crediting me or a discount on a new one. What a waste of money!!! This company has poorly made products & does not care 1 bit about it's customers - whether new or loyal customers of years!

  • Ro
    Robert D Petersen Apr 11, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    If there is one thing that we all agree on it's that Intex customer service and products have become the bottom feeder of recreational goods. I have over the years purchased numerous pools and pumps. And until 2012 they were all very well made. Since I had no issues with them, I didn't contact Customer service. In spring 2013 we had heard about the benefits of salt water systems. Having no problems with the Intex products, I bought the Intex salt system. From that time until now, I have purchased 2 salt systems and 1 Ozone generator salt system. I have had nothing but issues with all of them. My current one concerns the ozone generator assembly. I purchased it in March of 2015 from Amazon, on sale for $149.00 and put in service on May 27th.we are in Kansas and it's too cold to use the pool until June.things worked fine all summer. On August 15th I closed the pool and stored the pump and the Ozone salt system in my garage. Last week I opened the pool, only to find the Ozone salt system's "Replace ozone generator assembly".I contacted Intex and was told, sorry you're out of the 1 year warranty. Then they gave me the part number. When I tried to order it online at their replacement parts store. After entering the number and description, it came back "part not found" what else needs to be said for Intex customer service.

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replacement hoses

We have an 18' X 48" Intex above ground pool. My 2" diameter water transfer hose recently sprung a leak...