Intex Recreation Corporation16x32x52 intel pool

B Jul 08, 2019

We love love loved our first intex rectangular pool. It lasted about five years. We just bought the exact same pool again. However, this pool was not the same quality. We called the water guy and he began to fill it. He got to about 9000 gallons and could not deliver anymore. He had other things that he had to do. Well, we called another water guy and he put in almost 3500 gallons and broke the north wall and we lost most of the water that he just put in. We had everything set up just as before. We have now spent $1400 on the pool and $700 in water. We are saddened about all of this. We think this pool is defective and would like another one

16x32x52 intel pool
16x32x52 intel pool

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