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harassing phone calls

I have asked them on numerous occasions to stop calling even threatening to involve litigation. They won't stop calling. I will be contacting my attorneys to have them settle this. They use some kind of software to disguise the number they're actually calling from so there is no way of calling them back after they rudely hang up for telling them not to call. I thought there was a class action lawsuit against them for this very type of conduct and behavior. On average I'm receiving anywhere between 3 and 7 calls every day of the week.

repeated telephone calls

This company will not stop calling me even though I have asked to be placed on their Do Not Call list multiple times over the course of several months. When I finally spoke with someone, Marcus, to personally ask to be removed, he hung up on me. When calling their corporate office, i was routed to the receptionist. When I told her I wanted to be placed on the DNC list, she told me I had not reached National Dealer Services and hung up on me. Funny, I never told her I was asking to be placed on National Dealer Services DNC list. All I want is to stop receiving calls.

they won't stop calling

They are trying to sell me an extended warranty on a car i sold over a year ago. They called me 4 times today, they usually call 4-6 times a week, they always call from a 727 area...

vehicle extended warranty

I have been receiving phone calls from this "company" for months now. I keep asking them to stop calling as I don't have a vehicle that can be warrantied due to its age. I have...

my rv. 2012 windjammer

My RV had been turned in to an RV repair shop prior to 2018. I had several issues with it, one issue being the A/C unit compressor had siezed up. This was a warranty item. I've just been told that it's not covered due to the repair shop didn't call it in before the warranty ended in February 2018. I will never do business with this Company again. I wasted over $2500 for a useless extended warranty. I followed the rules, and am the one paying for it. Useless extended warranty.

unauthorized calling dnc list

I have received numerous calls from National Dealer Services even though I am on the DNC list. I have tried blocking their number but they call from another number and again another number. This call came out of Orlando. I spoke with a Kathleen. When I question her and asked for a number to return her call she then hung up when she realized that she was giving me to much information.
I don't know how to stop them but I m fed up.

unwanted calls

I have received numerous calls from numerous numbers regarding a vehicle warranty. I have even told them that I don't have a vehicle and they still keep calling. The latest phone number that they are calling me from is [protected]. This number they called me from this morning at 11:14am. I was called twice from this same number yesterday. It makes you not want to answer any call that you don't know the number.

vehicle extended warranty

INDS is refusing to honor their warranty. They are claiming that an AC hose assembly is a "Normal Maintenance services and parts" as listed in section B of their exclusions. The...

Interstate National Dealer Service — extended automotive warranty service contract

In Feb of this year I purchased a used 2008 BMW 550i. The dealership offered an extended warranty through Interstate National Dealer Services (INDS, Inc.), I opted for the Copper...

Got Warranty / Interstate Nationalfraud company - they will not pay for engine repair

Loud noise coming from front of vehicle when coming home from work, sounds like muffler left parked for 2 days. Ready to take car couple days later to shop, car turns over, very loud but will not start, it would not hold start. Towed to shop, warranty company gave ok to tear it down and get correct estimate to repair. Once told estimate and cost, $2600+, they offered only $1425.00 fix, stating NANDA state etc... They refused to give rental and honor policy. They complaint and asked me why did you take the vechile there, did I realize that they sublet the engine out to repair. State they need to investigate more, to state whether to honor high-end policy that was sold to me via Internet & phone. When I bought policy via internet they convinced me to buy the high end one because if anything happened to car, engine was very expensive to repair --- 2002 Kia Sportage, due to 8 valve instead of 4. Bought policy 7/16/2012., 4 years or 75000 miles. I'm second owner of vehicle. 1 week later (they refused to give me a rental over the weekend). Long and short, they refuse claim. Stated it is a mechanical failure caused by a loose bolt to the water pump that caused it to fail. HELLO... I HAVE NEVER DONE ENGINE OR MAJOR no WORK TO THAT CAR. Car bought from older people who has timing belt change. Did all required maintainance, nothing major. They claims who ever did belt before etc..., did not tighten bolt right. ???? Belt was changed at 65000 miles, Loud noise coming from )

Interstate National Dealer Services, Inc.will not honor warranty

We bought a home from Salem Mobile and Modular homes (125 N. Missouri Ave, Salem, IL 62881 phone [protected]) July 2008 and signed a warranty contract through Interstate National Dealer Service (333 Earle Ovington Boulevard, Uniondale, NY 11553, [protected] email: [protected] covered our home for 7 years bumper to bumper. Everytime we file a claim they fight us on it. First we had to fight to get our shower fixed when my foot went through the bottom of it. It finally got fixed although they scratched up our walls installing it and used the wrong color of paint to cover the scratches. Then we had to fight to replace a microwave, after several calls they finally paid to have a new microwave installed. Now on December 14, 2012, at 9pm I was taking a shower and it was only cold water. I tried to call Interstate about the warranty after my shower, but no one answered. I called our plumber and he came out Saturday, December 15, 2012 at 6pm after he arrived and diagnosed the problem (water heater thermostat) we tried to call Interstate to receive prior authorization, but they didn't answer. Now they are denying my claim because I could not receive prior authorization. We had to have hot water for showers, washing clothes, etc. and I could not get ahold of anyone at Interstate. I am very unhappy with this warranty company and am also unhappy with Salem Mobile and Modular Homes because to me bumper to bumper warranty should also entail getting your claims accepted without a fight everytime. This is not what I paid for and am not satisfied as a customer.

Got Warranty Inc. / Interstate National Dealer Services — not honoring warranty

Purchased a warranty with coverage 5 yrs 100, 000 mile w/ coverage of 100% parts and 100% labor w/ $100.00 deductable. My a/c locked up and burnt up the serpentine belt. I had my...

Interstate National Dealer Servicesinterstate national dealer services are not honoring the protection plan

The vehicle has a extented warranty with this company. the vehicle was takened to the dealer. The dealer stated that the problem with the vehicle is a covered item. The agent with Interstate National Dealer stated that they needed a copy of the registration on the vehicle and a copy of the contract. Which was both faxed to them on 2/26/2010. The person at the dealership that is handling this call me 3/2/2010 and informed me that Interstate National Dealers Services had denied my claim for no apparent reason. It is not fair to take people's money and then not do what is right by that person. I need my transportation just like they need theirs.

  • Tv
    TVL Apr 09, 2015

    Purchased extended warranty from Repair Defense Network for 2008 Mercedes Turbo Diesel. Paid premium for turbo which is confirmed on rider. The policy is fully paid and has not expired. We have had the car serviced consistently at Mercedes dealership since we purchased car when new. On March 30, 2015 "check engine light" flashed and I brought car to dealership. They found that the turbo failed and the intake manifolds not working. I then called Interstate National Dealer Services (claims administrator for Repair Defense Network) on March 30, 2015 and gave the service department the information on the dealership. I have maintained contact with the dealership to follow up on progress. INDS sent an adjuster to the dealership and according to the service technician the adjuster agreed that the turbo charger had failed. I did not hear anything further from INDS and on April 8, 2015 I called the service number. At that time I spoke with Delano, who reported that they would not cover the manifolds for "environmental" reasons and cited section "I" on the rider. In reading section "I" there is no mention of "environmental" failures nor could Delano explain what environmental failure was, nor could he illustrate where "enviromental" factors were delineated in the rider. I then spoke with a Ms. Edna White, manager of customer service. She said that the entire claim was denied because of "enviromental" factors and the the adjusters did not know what caused the failure- therefor the claim was denied. When I requested an explanation in writing she responded that she would send it to my email. As of today, April 9, 2015 after calling and emailing I have not received a response. I also called the dealership (Mercedes Benz of Morristown, NJ) and asked the head of customer service Steven, if he had heard of "enviromental" issues and he was as ignorant as I. The car has been at the dealership for almost two weeks without any written correspondence from INDS as to the claim. We have paid $3755.00 for contract #12015720844 that was sold to us by Todd Simpson. The coverage is INTERSTATE XTRA DIRECT SUPREME. We paid a premium per Craig at Repair Defence Network specifically for the turbo diesel. At that time the car had 102, 958 miles- the term miles were 100, 000 additional miles (current miles approximately 130, 000 miles), expiration miles 203, 958. The expiration date on the policy is March 19, 2017 (48 months). The plan code is : DKSUPREM and we paid a surcharge for : TURBO DIESEL. In calling Repair Defense Network and speaking to Craig, I was told that Interstate National Dealer handles all claims and Repair Defense Network has no power over claims. I find that the two companies have a severe conflict of interest- Repair Defense Network sells the policy and allows it's surrogate Interstate National Dealer Service has to pay the claims. I find it insulting that INDS will NOT put in writing why the claim is rejected.

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Interstate National Dealer Servicestold me parts were covered, then denied claim

I purchased an extended warranty for my car from AAA of New York which is underwritten by INDS. I was told by a representative that the front axle boots were covered by by policy, she put me on hold and confirmed this with someone else in her office. I took the car to my dealer for the work to be done and when the dealer called for the claims number he was told that the boots were not covered. I called the company and complained and Mr. Paul Calisi(president) admitted that the rep. and other person made a mistake in telling me it was a covered part. My dealer said if I drive the car in the condition it was in I could posible damage the tranfer case.

I ended up paying out of pocket $352.99.

AAA of NY was no help to me, the rep. told me to take the offer of half the job as a settlement. This clown didn't even read the contract when he called me.

INDS and all their extended warranty contracts are fake and full of gray areas benefiting the company.

  • Pc
    P. Calisi May 28, 2011

    This AAA member was paid in full for this non v=covered repair. He failed to mention that Paul Calisi from AAA AutoGuard paid the entire amount.
    Paul Calisi
    AAA AutoGuard

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John L. Sullivan/CIS; Interstate National Dealer Serviceswill not honor warranty

Dear Mr. James,

You are absolutely free to take your vehicle wherever you like. Our
stance is the same, you will face the same tear down estimate no matter
where you go.

Thank you,

Rob Stein
Service Manager
John L. Sullivan Chevrolet
Saturn Authorized Service Provider
350 Automall Dr.
Roseville, CA 95661
[protected] Direct
[protected] FAX

-----Original Message-----
From: James, Greg [mailto:greg.[protected]]
Sent: Monday, December 06, 2010 6:58 AM
To: Rob Stein; [protected]; [protected];
[protected]; [protected]; [protected];
Cc: [protected]; Taylor, Charles; Emley, Derek; Kistler,
Subject: RE: 2005 Corvette Warranty Claim

Rob, it is Mr. James,
How much more money needs to come out of my pocket? Once again, the
reason for purchasing the Warranty was to cover items such as this. I
also disagree the problem is intermittent. I hear it every day, your
mechanic and other individuals from your facility also acknowledged the
noise. It is extremely difficult to believe the noise would mysteriously
not be heard for the ONE day when the adjuster was present.
I should not have to spend anything further other than the $100
deductable. I agree about "there are guidelines of the service contract
which JLS sold me, signed, and is bound to as well. I am seriously
considering not allowing JLS to make another $.05 from me in which I
will take my car somewhere else for oil changes, and quite possibly to
"Corvette Care" of California to have a more "Professional" diagnosis

Let me know how you would to proceed.


-----Original Message-----
From: Rob Stein [mailto:[protected]]
Sent: Monday, December 06, 2010 6:45 AM
To: James, Greg; [protected]; [protected];
[protected]; [protected]; [protected];
Cc: [protected]; Taylor, Charles; Emley, Derek; Kistler,
Subject: RE: 2005 Corvette Warranty Claim

Good morning Mr. Allen,

Thank you for the updates. As stated to you last week, John L. Sullivan
Chevrolet is more than willing to do an engine tear down, at your
expense, per the terms of your binding warranty contract. If we find any
evidence what-so-ever of premature engine failure, Interstate National
Warranty will send out an inspector to verify the failure and the repair
may/or may not be approved as per the limitations of your coverage.
However, if no clear failure is found, you will be liable for the
teardown and reassembly costs of your engine. In our professional
opinion, because the noise is very minor and intermittent, it will be
very difficult to actually see and prove where the failure is.

No one at John L. Sullivan or Interstate National Dealer Services is
trying to deny any covered repairs. There are guidelines of the service
contract that you purchased and signed, these must be followed.

Let me know how you would like to proceed.

Thank you,

Rob Stein
Service Manager
John L. Sullivan Chevrolet
Saturn Authorized Service Provider
350 Automall Dr.
Roseville, CA 95661
[protected] Direct
[protected] FAX

-----Original Message-----
From: James, Greg [mailto:greg.[protected]]
Sent: Monday, December 06, 2010 6:23 AM
To: [protected]; [protected]; [protected];
[protected]; [protected]; [protected]
Cc: [protected]; Taylor, Charles; Emley, Derek; Kistler,
Subject: RE: 2005 Corvette Warranty Claim

"The Protection you need, the peace of mind you deserve." CIS
(Interstate National Dealer Services; 3rd party warranty company)

"We're committed to keeping you completely satisfied." John L. Sullivan

Attention; Kim Phillips, John Sullivan, Rob, Steve
On the morning of [protected], I left for work @ 5:00 AM in which I
observed/heard the same reported noise coming from the engine.

I will regularly keep everyone updated on the failing progression of the

The noise can be heard @ idle (500 RPM's) up through 1500/1600 rpms
(while driving) when cold. The noise can also be heard around 3200 to
3700 rpm's consistently (cold and/or hot) just before car shifts into
next gear. Also, let us not forget the looseness felt in rear gearbox
which was reported and confirmed by Jeff (Corvette specialist mechanic)
which was not addressed either.

I assure you, I feel no peace of mind, and I am NOT satisfied! I get
reminded every time I drive my car.

Kind Regards,
Greg James

-----Original Message-----
From: James, Greg
Sent: Saturday, December 04, 2010 10:55 AM
To: '[protected]'; '[protected]';
'[protected]'; '[protected]'
Cc: '[protected]'
Subject: 2005 Corvette Warranty Claim

Good morning all,
When I picked my 2005 Corvette up from being evaluated on the evening of
[protected], it was verbally acknowledged there IS a "knocking"/looseness
noise coming from the engine. This is not acceptable. I did not purchase
a $4700 extended warranty, go into debt for $40, 000 to drive around in a
Corvette where the engine has mechanical issues which will only get
worse over time. I encourage you too pass this on to Kim (adjuster from
3rd party warranty company) as I will do some research in an effort to
get her and/or their Company's email address added to my distribution

This is to reinforce and add to the documentation trail which I will
keep, monitor, and share with all of you.

On the morning of [protected], I left for work @ 7:30 AM in which I
observed/heard the same reported noise coming from the engine.

I will regularly keep everyone updated on the failing progression of the
engine. The reason for purchasing the extended warranty was supposed to
give me confidence and piece of mind that things such as this would be
honored/covered. I encourage this issue to be resolved/repaired/honored,
which is clearly covered under the warranty... ASAP.

Greg A. James
SD-160 ATM/Manufacturing Manager II

Interstate National Dealer Servicescamshaft coverage

I purchased this warranty in good faith that it would cover all major repairs. So far it covered one large repair for my transmission. Currently I have had my car in the repair shop for over a month, because I am battling getting my car repair covered. The problem is because the part that caused the damage to the camshaft is not covered by my warranty. The camshaft is not covered as well. In my warranty contract it list the camshaft being one of the things that is covered by my warranty. This is a very large expense and repair to be done. I believe my warranty should pay for this. I don' t think it's right that they have little loop holes that you are unaware of at time of purchasing.

Interstate National Dealers Services — 100,000 mile extended warranty

Contract was sold to me through a auto loan at AAA as a extended warranty contract and after I incurred problems with the engine, they rebutted the problem as being beyond their...

Interstate National Dealer Services — failure to honor warranty

I have a warranty through Warranty Direct on my 2001 Audi A4. My car is using too much oil (2 quarts in 1000 miles based on Livermore Audi's oil consumption test...

Interstate National Dealer Services — what is going on with this company

National Dealer Services continues to call my house daily on both my land and fax lines. When I press to be taken off the list, they call the next day. When I press 1 to speak to...