International Education Research Foundation [IERF]foreign credentials evaluation service

Ra Oct 03, 2019

I'm very unhappy with the services offered by this company. Their charges are ridiculously high when compared to other companies, but the services they offer are pathetic. First of all, they don't answer their phones. On rare occasions I got hold of someone, they are rude and provide conflicting information and hide some facts about their Unfair, Evil and stupid policies. Their services are also very slow!
Secondly, I had used their services in the past and I wanted to get the records from them to use after two years. They Informed me (via Email) that they don't send the documents after two years (this is their policy that they NEVER told me before). This is wrong because other services send documents even after 10 years. Additionally, they wanted that I send them the copies of original diplomas and transcripts again, which I had sent earlier. I really doubt and wonder How on earth do they keep the records in the 21st Century?

If you want to avoid the hassle, just don't use their service or just be aware of what you are signing for.

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