Intercapeunmet transaction

W Sep 23, 2019

I initially had booked my ticket for wednesday the 11th of september for an appointment on the 13th in harare but then my appointment was rescheduled to the 20th of september. I did notify the relevant personnel at intercape hence the reply they gave me that on top of the r500 I had already paid, I had to add another r75 for them to affect the date change. I did call at the call centre and do remember being assured I could pay the r75 on the day I was to board the bus. Relaxed enough believing everything was in order I was shocked to be told that my trip and money had been forfeited as I was meant to have paid before the boarding date. That was a painful notification as I was even told to find another bus since the one I had booked for was already full. There was no way I would have let my money sink and put my trip in jeopardy just for a mere r75. But due to some miscommunication on intercape representative's part, all that did happen on the day. I demand a full explanation as to why my trip was cancelled without me knowing or notified.
Ticket number1109193315wc989

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