Intec Collegeexamination results for november 2016. study material not received to date.

L Jul 16, 2019

I registered with intec college almost waited 6 months for my study material, uppon the arrival of my material it was short. I had to make a choice to write most of my subjects and assignments with incomplete material. Some subjects i passed others i am still struggling with like Financial Accounting. I had to rewrite Economics and had redone my assignment as well because i failed in June 2016, so i wrote again in November 2016 .when i ask intec for my results they keep on sending the same results which i failed in June, no one listen or read the emails that i have send. Now i am told that my contract expired and no one can help me to write the last subject, which i am still waiting for books and i cannot do the assignment as well. I have been sick and now have depression because of Intec College. This matter will also be handed over to my attorney's soon.Please help i have all details and proof as well as contact details of management and staff that was unwilling to assist me

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