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INTEC College complaints 232

Nov 17, 2015

INTEC College - awaiting certificate

I registered for basic safety and electrical with intec college in 2013. I was supposed to be credited with my certificate upon my completion, but I was told that I wont be given an award without a...

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Oct 22, 2015

INTEC College - refund due for 5 years!

To: '[protected]' Subject: FW: [protected]- Good day Please urgently advise on the below refund I have been waiting the last 5 years for, The below is an email trail, whereby Natasha has advised me of processes surrounding a refund. Surely, as I have already waited 5 years, I should be exempted from waiting 3 months for my own money. I asked her below questions which she has since not replied to and when I called to speak to her, she refused to speak to me and only advised the call centre agent what the procedure is. I don’t need to stress my disgust, as I am sure you receive complaints such as these on a more than regular basis. I am tired of making endless phone calls to the call centres and having to explain myself over and over again. If there is anyone in INTEC that actually works, please assist me with obtaining my refund urgently! Kind regards To: 'Credit Operations Team' Subject: RE: [protected]- Hi Natasha Thank you for the below info. Although, I am not concerned with internal processes as this has taken INTEC 5 years to do. Therefore, I request that you adhere to your confirmation for an urgent review to be done on the refund and also provide a turnaround time on the refund. Alternatively, Please furnish me with names and email address/ contact numbers for the people that will have to assist with this, so that it can be brought to their attention and they can assist in decreasing the review procedure, as it seems that this process needs the approval of 5 departments/ persons to give back my own money. Please note: To offer your clients a 60 to 90 day refund policy is pathetic! I know that a refund can be done with in the time line of 7 working days. To then make excuses as the below to a client that has waited 5 years for a refund is mind blowing! Once again, Thank you for you “speedy” feedback/info regarding my refund. I await the escalation for the urgent review as well. Yours in anticipation From: Credit Operations Team [mailto:[protected]] Sent: Monday, 19 October 2015 12:42 PM To: Subject: RE: [protected] Good day Thank you for your email. Kindly be advised, your refund forms received, also escalated to the department that assist with extensions, however regarding to your refund the procedure is as follows will take up to 60 -90 days for this is the procedure it needs to follow: 1. The admin department will check and send for review. 2. The National Credit Manager need to sign off 3. It get then reviewed by the Refund committee. 4. Lastly sign off by the General Manager. 5. Gets then sent to the department that liaise with the Finance department in Durban. That is the full procedure of refunds and why it take up to 60 -90 days. Only request I can confirm with you is that I can sent it for urgent review. Thank you Should you have further account queries, please refer them to [protected] Please contact us should your personal details have changed or if you require additional information. We look forward to being of service to you again soon. Kind Regards Natasha Martin Credit Administrator 29 Martin Hammerschlag Way, Cape Town Tel: [protected] Fax: [protected] Sent: 16 October 2015 11:37 AM To: Credit Operations Team Cc: [protected] Subject: [protected] Good day Please see attached a request for refund in the amount of R1320.00. Please note that this refund was transferred to my new course (student Number ) [protected]. I hope this info. Helps INTEC to determine the correct route of action Please note: • An amount of R1720. Was over paid into my initial account which closed in 2009 or before. • At no times in the last 5 years was I advised of an over payment • I am yet to do the last subject and therefore requested an extension until June 2016 which is R400.00. • The amount that needs to be refunded is therefore R1320.00 only. Due to the waiting period of 5 or so years of not being advised that an amount of R1720 was supposed to be refunded into my account. I feel that the 3 month waiting period does not apply to me in any aspect. I have given Intec sufficient time to process my refund. These are my docs attached and I expect the necessary to be done and a turnaround time should be communicated. The reason I am including the manager of the Intec call centre, is to advise him also that his call centre staff never returns calls, and feedback always differs. Shakier himself is never available, I find it hard to believe that he even exists. I await your swift response on my long outstanding refund Yours in understanding

Sep 07, 2015

INTEC College - lack of response on refund - 60 days overdue

This letter is to complain about service I received from Intec College. I cannot name anyone specifically as I get through to different Call Centre Agents each time and my complaint actually lie...

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INTEC College - mislead on course available won't refunc

On the 21st of January 2015 we applied to enroll Bianca Nel for Intec Coreldraw x 4 short Course Certificate Sibahle Magcu helped us to submit all documents and send us an invoice [protected], we had to do a payment of R5727.00. This was transferred into Intec's account on the 23rd of January 2015. Two days later Sibahle Magcu phoned me and said they don"t have this course anymore and we must change to an adobe course this is not what we wanted and cancelled our application with tho procedure they guided us with. And we requested a refund. We had to submit loads of documents and since the end of February 2015 we are still awaiting our refund. We could not help this girl to enroll at another institution as we awaiting our refund. Every week we phone and email just to hear the payment went to finance in Durban but no one could give us a contact number of person to talk to in finance and still no money.

Jun 25, 2015

INTEC College - refund still not received

Last year I applied for a course (First Aid level1). I competed all the documents and registration and made payment in full. Few weeks later I enquired about my study material only to be informed the...

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INTEC College - refund overdue

My child registered with intec to write her matric. All docs were completed and sent. We were informed before registration can be done we have to make payment. We decided to make FULL payment instead...

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INTEC College - awaiting my completed diploma

I recently completed my Diploma in Financial Account (full programme) with this institution and have not yet received my award. Everytime I enquire I am told that I will be getting an update or...

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Mar 17, 2015

INTEC College - absolutely shocking and unprofessional

Just to give you an idea of the level of service thus far:

5 Consultants and 5 phone calls later, promised to refer this to procurement.

3 Consultants and another 3 phone calls later promised to refer this to management.

Your Facebook page has made 2 promises ( to contact me) they never kept.

I have completed 7 online forms via your website for someone to contact me.

Nadeema from the complaints division promised me on the 10th of March that she would give me feedback by 12pm on the 11th of March. ( None received).

Shakier ( a manager?!) promised to phone me back by 5pm yesterday. ( I am still waiting).

There was never any mention of a delay in study material which should have arrived on the 20th of February, however there was no hesitation to take a deposit or deduct a premium off my account and not provide feedback.  This is by far the worst service I have ever received from any institution.

Kindly advise how this problem can be solved by close of business today?

J Hayman

Aug 29, 2014

INTEC College - paralegal diploma

I have registered with Intec College on the 08 Aug 2012. I have received my books by he end of Aug 2012. Novemer 2012 was the first exam session and there was 2 months left to study and for me as a...

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INTEC College - incompetence

I find it hard to believe that through sheer incompetence I was registered for a course that is not even as yet available at INTEC. Apologies were made, but no further feedback was communicated to me and no response to emails or phone messages to call me back was or is answered. I am simply registering for matric biology. As seen through my emails. But now, I am waiting for 3 weeks. Where I have been assured that within 5 days I will have my student number and soon after that my books. I had to get angry and phone at least a dozen times, to find out that I will not be called back and that I was not told that I was registered for a course that would have no value to me whatsoever.
Now a guy phones me from INTEC, stating that the course I want is either unavailable or not yet active. I paid my deposit asap. Now I want my money back and the answer is "Someone will phone you within 48hours. We have a backlog". It is now Friday, I expect my call no further than Sunday. That is 48 hours. If not, I will be heading to small claims court and getting a lawyer that INTEC will have to foot the bill of.

INTEC College - cancellation of the course

I applied to study with Intec College last year 25 November 2011 and I paid my registration fee, the registra told me that I will receive my study materials in 21 days after my registration. I...

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May 13, 2012

INTEC College - no debit, late statement claiming I owe more than I do

I registered with Intec in December 2011, they only allow debit orders on their application form, Nelly who registered me also said only debit orders, no EFT allowed. I was told I will make my first payment January 2012, then told end of February, no debit wet off and when I phoned accounts they told me they are having problems I must EFT it this time, end February, and that this will not happen again. Then I received an invoice showing my payment end February and stating I owed it for end of March only, but I am up to date. So my next payment is due end of April, I haven't received another invoice till today 14 May and this is a statement dated 30 April, so I get it 2 weeks late. On this statement it shows I owe 30days, 60days and 90 days, when in fact I only owe for end April, which has still not been debited???? This is the worst company and service in history, I sorely regret signing up with them, and this after I waited longer than the 21 days for my books as well...NEVER USE INTEC, THEY NO NOT WHAT THEY DO!!! What they say and do are opposites, everyone has a different story and nothing gets spare yourself the agony of dealing with them...

Nov 11, 2018

Feb 20, 2012

INTEC College - refund

hi my name is Nontando Lukhele i registered with intec college in 2010 for a matric rewrite only to find that the are not registered with DoE a few months later, i had to cancell my studies and ask...

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Jan 30, 2012

INTEC College - no help what so ever

Hi my name is joeline. Im a student at intec colledge, I payed my last settelment like 2weeks ago, so I phoned and I phoned and every single time they put me through to several diverent people and none of them seems to help, all that they must do is to clear my account at the colledge so that I can recieve my next study material so I phoned the ncra national credit recovery agency and they send me the settlement letter and they told me I must phone the colledge so that they can clear it from their systms, finnaly I spoke to carla and I emaild and faxed my settlement to her... No responce then I spoke to a brain and he said it will be done in 72 hours... That was last week thursday the 19th of january... Today I phoned the same number and quese what... No one can help me, and they said I must phone the ncra... Now im fed up. Im sad. And im verry disapointed cause no one can help me... I littrely got 6 numbers infront of me and none of them are useless... Even when I phone the same number as last week thursday its always I different person and no one has a recall of a brain nor a carla!!! I mean seriousely... What is going on? I need answers and I need my study material a. S. A. P.

Jul 28, 2011
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

INTEC College - accounts department

I am really furious about Intec College, it was brought to my attention today that i was listed by Intec College it has been few years back that i studied at Intec, all my studies were completed and...

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Jun 28, 2011

INTEC College - refund - intec college

My Daughter applied for a course in Physocology and Counselling courses. My daughter (Melissa) paid the deposit and was given the run around everytime she phoned to find out where the books were. After 3 months she still had not got them. We phoned and had fax proof of deposit payment and enrolment form once again. We finally received the slip in the post on the 17 November 2009 and delivered to us on the 18 November 2009. My daughter would have collected the books the following day. She passed away suddenly. I then contact them and notified them that the books had not been collected and would be sent back from the post office. I then asked them to refund me for the deposit paid. I faxed a letter and death certificate to them, only to be informed that the do not refund as the course had been cancelled. Death is not a cancellation. I find this unacceptable. Had my dauther been alive she would have collected the books to study the dourses. She was looking forward to getting a degree. Death was the last thing that we expected. I have proof of deposit, post office slip etc. I still get bills being posted to me.

Mrs Veronica Muhlmann

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

INTEC College - payment

I fail to understand why Intec is sending me sms with regards to payment and telling me I am behind in payments when I only received my books at the end of March?

I have made payments from March as I think it is a cheek from there side to ask me for payment for something I did not have. It took them 8 weeks to get my books to me and they lost the first set of books they sent.

Communication is zero as you sit for approximately 30 minutes if not longer to speak to someone. I am still waiting for someone in there accounts department to return my call.

They are so quick to sign you up and request your deposit but let you need further information or request an update on materials. There services is disgusting and shocking.


May 03, 2011
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

INTEC College - poor service

I was approved for studying at intec and paid my deposit on12/04/2011. The call centre agent. Vimala Jasse said the whole process will take approx 21 days. It has been 21 days now first debit order was deducted and still no study material. I have phoned multiple times and receive empty promises about returning phone calls etc. I eventually, after being cut-off 4 times got through to someone who said that my study material is still in the stores and will be sent out during this week. Guess what the same promise as last week. I was also told that it will be sent via courrier which will make delivery faster. Today I was told it will be sent via normal post. Another two week wait if it will be sent, If the post office doesn't loose it. Rediculous service. None of the managers are available. The call centre people aren't allowed to hand out email addresses for the managers. Absolutely rediculous servicce at its best. Well done Intec you have managed to drag your name through the mud once again!

Feb 22, 2011

INTEC College - intec college is rude and support is non-existent

After my 6th email and 1mil phone call to you in more than 1 year without any response, I just cannot take this anymore.I have been trying to phone you on every number I could find, but there is no answer, as I keep listening to music for hours.I even phoned the 0800- number I originally used, but the lady who answered completely REFUSED to assist me.I have also phoned your PE, Joburg and Cape Town branches, but they just say 'I don't know anything - I cannot help you, phone a Student Consultant' - that's their exact words.So finally I got a new number for someone named Dylan in Cape Town, but that phone also just 'rings' for hours on end.

My wife and I simply wanted to update our details, but have struggled for 1year+ We have also noticed an error in our statements, as it seems that you have not entered some of our payments (which we pay faithfully every month) into your system, so our statements reflect 'outstanding payments', which we paid. We have tried to rectify this problem with you as well, but seeing that you do not answer your phones, nor reply to any emails and your Virtual Campus is also not working anymore, this seems pretty impossible.


Feb 22, 2011

INTEC College - miscommunication, false promises, sloppy work

In the last week of January 2010 I sent off the last of my forms to Intec, applying for the Wedding Planner course. At first contact was good, but then it started dying. On Feb 3rd I was promised my confirmation of enrollment would be sent 'shortly'. Almost a month later, I'd heard nothing from my student consultant. I eventually got so ****** that I asked to be transferred to someone who could help me, as I couldn't afford to be calling all the time from Sweden about books etc. At the same time that I was transferred, I found out my books had been delayed for a month because 'of a problem with my postal code'. I had paid extra for air freight for my study materials, as surface mail would take 3 months... sure enough, my books were sent surface mail. Thankfully, Shakier Achmat, whom I'd been transferred to, said he'd courier the first 3 modules to me so that i could begin studying. No such luck. I received half of my course, books from random modules, and the very first book missing. So I emailed again, asking for the first book. Again, wrong book was sent... I got the last one instead.

Intec, PLEASE get your act together!!! It's now 3 months and counting, and unacceptable!

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