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Although I know it takes longer than 14 days to get any results from a "supplement", I am forever hopeful and was in pain, so I ordered it anyway (which is exactly what this company hopes you do, they prey on the vulnerable) Since I have been scammed by other online companies like this in the past, I now use a virtual credit card instead of entering my actual card # onto their website so I can control what I am charged for and not be at the mercy of people who's only intention was to defraud me in the first place. And let me be clear, I completely understand being shipped products and being charged for something I did not want because I neglected to read the fine print or follow the terms for cancellation. Been there, done that. My bad, I just have to chalk it up as a loss. But when you follow their instructions and cancel within the allotted time frame AND return the product also within the allotted time frame and you STILL GET CHARGED & REFUSED A REFUND, that, my friends, is FRAUD. Plain and simple. And to all those supposed "customer svc reps" & even more laughable "supervisors" that blatantly lie to you when you call or email, knowing full well the entire time that you will never be getting your money back, I've got 1 word for you all. Karma.

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Mar 01, 2022 1:24 am

Don't fall into their deceitful marketing g scams. They claim you can cancel in 14 days, but that 14 days starts when you put in your order. Make sure you cancel your order as soon as you received your bottle. I went as far to cancel my creditcard. When cancelled request a confirmation email and make a copy of it. You see this all the time. The US has turned into a free for all scamming country. Sad but true.


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