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Dear Infinix Management Team,
Suddenly power off my Mobile and after that hang up not working not opening charging only but not open visit your services center saddar Karachi was off service center now they said we can't claim phone in warranty I was visit your services center after 3:00 pm on Saturday.
It is not my mistake that I will late durning the warranty time I was visit but it was off . I hope you look your Carl care centers Karachi they doing Froude and offering us 10 thousand for repare the mobile. I'm a regular user of Infinix if you people not support us gives favour so we change brand because its not my mistake that I m late its a public holiday Saturday Sunday so it will not my mistake kindly give favor and make my mobile I can send my ime number and please waiting for positive response hope you consider my request and one day late warranty time considerable.

Ravi Sharma
Senior Business manager

Infinix Mobility
Infinix Mobility

Oct 07, 2019

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