Indiana American Water/PayMyBill websitebill payment


Using the Pay My Bill web site services, I made a payment to Indiana American Water on March 28, 2012 to pay my April bill of $26.38 along with service charges of $1.50.
On April 27, 2012 I received my May water bill which showed a balance due of $52.17. (indicating that my previous months bill was not paid.

I verbally contacted Indiana American Water and they could not locate the March payment. I checked my bank statement and found the payment cleared my bank account on March 30, 2012. On April 30 2012, I then sent them a letter with copy of my bank statement showing the withdrawal. I have yet to receive a reply.

There are two entries on my bank account statement :
One is: 30 Mar Withdrawal-ACH-A-ACHDEB
PayMyBill ([protected]) for $1.50 (the service charge)

The second one is: 30 Mar Withdrawal-ACH-A-ACHDEB
PayMyBill ([protected]) for $26.38 (the actual amount of the water bill)

The second entry should have been listed as:
Withdrawal -ACH-A-ACHDEB
(this is how previous withdrawals have been listed on my bank account statement)

I believe that PayMyBill withdrew the payment amount and did not send it to Indiana American Water.
Please investigate this and repay my bank account for the March 30, 2012 withdrawal.

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