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C Feb 14, 2020 Review updated:

1st Novemeber I had received a call from indeed for job seeking services, Initially the lady who called me that need to pay 3000 then calls went on and on at last paid near about 20000, they told I will have telephonic interview but before that need to submit the copy of all my documents, which i was not comfortable with. I called them and said do not want to submit my documents they said this is our company policy you have to submit the documents. So decided to not avail the services and refund my money. One lady was so Stupid she dint have the patience to listen to me, she dint know how to deal with the customer she started abusing me. Later On in December got a call from finance department indeed that if u want to refund then you e to have to pay more 5000 else you have to wait till February. Till now i dint receive my amount.Please do the needful else i have to take srtict action.


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    Mike Evst. Feb 16, 2020

    You fell for a scam that has nothing to do with Indeed. Indeed is a job posting board. Companies/people can post opportunities on there and like any job board, there are going to be scams. It your responsibility as adult to spot the scams and not fall for them. What you described is so obviously a scam, only someone of diminished intelligence would have fallen for it. Even a 5 year old would have know better than to send money to someone for a job. You don't pay for a job! The whole point of a job is to get paid!

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