Indeed.comprivacy breach/false advertising

1 is truly a fraud. They advertise jobs that are either no longer available or donot exist at all and are posted by scam artist seeking your personal information. I recently applied for a job that I assumed was a real. After applying I was emailed by some phony recruiter who told me that I would have to set up a yahoo account to be interviewed on yahoo messenger. Who interviews potential employees on a messenger service?! Additionally, I emailed the company to tell them that scammers are using their information to snag victims, that's when the company informed me that they didn't post a job and don't even market to my city!!


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    P-Reno Jul 27, 2016

    I applied for a job on I got the job. Passed background check, etc. only to find out the pay referenced on indeed was for prior employees---needless to say I was very disappointed. I also found out I needed other items like my own tools to perform the job. This was not advertised in the job description. :(

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