Indeed.comindeed blocked my account for mistaking me for another company we have no connection too!


on July 4th I realized I couldn't access my candidates anymore on indeed, when I called they told me its normal your just under review even though I have been using the application for 2 years straight without issue. right before I was blocked they decided to take 130 from my credit card for applicants! a few months prior I dealt with one of there account executives in charge of making sure things ran smoothly, called me to tell me my add was affective and asked me a few questions, it went well and we hadn't spoken till the incident happened. I called him and he continued to tell me he's doing his best etc. then started ignoring any phone calls or emails I would send. he told me it was a mistake then went offline. I then dealt with someone in there office in Texas who heard my story said she has no idea why I am blocked and that she will fix it, I shortly after received an email saying there's nothing they can do and to revert to there guidelines. this happened another 3 times with different customer supports. when I finally dealt with the boss in that office she told me they have confused me for a student company offering similar services in painting that they don't work with and it was just a mistake. I was rejected again for posting my add 24hours after. in Montréal this is the best way to hire and I am stuck short staff and without any strong alternatives to this channel. I asked them to let me know what I may have violated to make sure I can fix it and no one had any answers for me!

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