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IncrediMail Customer Care Service


Perion Network, Ltd.

26 HaRokmim Street
Azrieli Center 1 Building A, 4th Floor

Tel Aviv
Israel - 5885849

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IncrediMail Complaints & Reviews

Incredimail / 450 4.7.0 too many valid commands without transaction (closing session)

Laralyn Rothfeldt on Oct 27, 2018

increidmail dose not work with the codes that my ex-husband had bought for me back in 2008 I. be leave we are no longer together we both neither one has the same email address any more and I no longer live in Asheville NC and neither dose ex-husband can not find the code's he had...

Incredimail / incredimail

C-Cardone on Sep 18, 2018

Ho disdetto IncrediMail 4 anni fa, da allora non è più stato usato ed è stato cancellato dal mio computer. Ora trovo un rinnovo di 18, 30€ per un prodotto che non uso più, ma anche il rinnovo fà riferimento al mio vecchio sistema operativo, per cui è doppiamente inutile. I miei codicidi...

Incredimail / incredimail and company

Karin1965 on Aug 9, 2018

I am a paid user. In the past the customer service was the best. There were updates now and then. But "now", they are the worst. Now is since Windows 10. If you get the automatic reply that it is. Never ever an answer again. No answers, no solutions, no excuses. NOTHING AT ALL. We should...

Incredimail / incredimail premium im_prem-1601681445

JohnHiggs on Jul 2, 2018

Incredimail are refusing to honour a lifetime licence on the product bought and paid for in good faith. How can they welch on this deal whilst still in business? How can they get away with such an apparent con? I have used Incredimail for 20 years despite keys appearing in the registry...

Incredimail / a payment of £27.99 has been taken out of my account twice for item I do not want

Janhoney on Jun 6, 2018

On 12 May i was charged £27.99 twice from incredimail for items i had not purchased. The incredimail was not working to begin with and i did ask to cancel the item but i did not receive any advise or a refund from them. I have sent numerous emails asking for a refund. I have had no reply thi...

Incredimail / incredimail

jenniferny1 on May 28, 2018

They sell you things like plus or premium as lifetime use licenses, then your lifetime use licenses stop working!! When you write to support, they completely ignore what you write and tell you to buy more items!!! When you write back two, three or four more times you receive the exact same...

Incredimail / all my licenses

rangerppc on Jan 28, 2018

my licenses are not working, I had all lifetime licenses, your agent had me delete them and then I was told to re-enter them which was a scam, they didn't work and now incredimail is telling me to re-purchase my licenses, what kind of scam is this? lifetime licenses that expire? I went back...

Incredimail / laptop service

woo hoo on Jan 21, 2018

during servicing of my laptop my lawyer files were removed from my incredimail page/margin..i have been trying for weeks to get them back and now ignored.. i was sick with laryngitis and in bed 5 days sick, all toll 3 wks sick and still recovering... so when the tech at first try to...

Incredimail / lifetime prem no ad

toeknee1968 on Dec 21, 2017

hello i have paid for a life time prem IM_PREM-2004185381-1110208561 i had paid for also a spam blocker IM_MPC-1581218101-1248080165 the year had gone by and it automatically took out my payment which i found the the spam blocker was not for me as it did not do much at all so they refunded...

Incredimail / incredimail

Andrew & Lesley on Dec 17, 2017

I have had problems with my email programme which haven't been resolved by you over a number of weeks. You've sent "solutions" which have taken time and not worked. I now can't access my historical emails and have asked repeatedly for the facility to transfer my email backup which I've...

Incredimail / incredimail premium codes

Vasos Hambis on Nov 28, 2017

I too purchased the lifetime incredimail Premium lifetime code and found that It has been cancelled from my system without any notification of any kind. I find this unacceptable and very annoying The code I bought was supposed to last a lifetime, my licence code:- Please click on the...

Incredimail / lifetime license codes have been cancelled

A D Jackson on Oct 1, 2017

Hello there A few years ago, I purchased from Incredimail, two full license codes. Incredimail was free but, we were informed by Incredimail that we could have a lifetime license called Incredimail 'Premium' if we paid them fee. For this, all adverts would be removed. We purchased two...

Incredimail / Junk Filter (G2*INCREDIMAIL)

Bernadette K Holzer on Sep 7, 2017

On 09/01/2017 My visa credit card was charged for $27.95 and $24.99. I no longer use your product, I haven't use in a year. I would like the amount of $52.94 refunded. Because of this unauthorized charge I cancelled the credit card that was charged. You will have to figure out how I can...

Incredimail / Unauthorized credit card charge

Cornelius Wiedenhoff on Dec 27, 2016

A charge of 22, 99 euro is on my VISA credit card on the month of November 2016. I did not buy or ask any product or services from this company this month. An other charge of 18, 30 euro of the same company for the same software has been pending on my VISA-bill. I want this charges to be...

Incredimail Plus / IncrediMail Plus

manuel colina gutierrez on Oct 28, 2016

I purchased IncrediMail Plus and I received three registration codes . I activated all as per your instructions but I am still viewing the Incredimail 2 in my PC screen. Mi credit card is international since I am using it in my purchases to United States successfully.Please activate my...

Incredimail / Receiving same emails even after have been deleted

cleo5by5 on Aug 19, 2016

It is bad enough most emails go straight into the deleted folder not by my settings, but once I permanently delete these emails, random old dates appear. Sometimes by the 100s. Today alone I had to delete over 700 & there is no check box to select all, so 1 at a time is the only way. It is insane! I wish there was a better way! Support is a joke!

Incredimail / Can't log into my account

Noel on Aug 17, 2016

Used IncrediMail for about two years and in the past this site was really nice, but now it's a complete joke. Recently when I wanted to log into my account it said that my password was incorrect which seemed strange to me. As I already said I used it for two years and used the same password and...

Incredimail / Charges for VIP Customer Services Without Providing Services

ComFamServ on Feb 6, 2015

Paid for this e-mail service over 20 years ago. We also are VIP Customers. Our system crashed over a week ago due to a virus. We have been e-mailing their customer service for help in re-installing our program and data. To date, they have failed to respond. This had costs us thousands of...

G2S incredimail / charge on my credit card

Suzanne Cote on Jan 5, 2015

A charge of 25.79$ is on my credit card on the month of December 2014. I did not buy or ask any product or services from this company this month. I want this charge to be erase from my account. Suzanne Cote Tél. 514-271-9406

Incredimail / Upgrade will not load despite payment

AnnieG522 on Jul 1, 2014

I paid for Incredimail Plus because I wanted the backup feature. After numerous attempted downloads that did not work (even though they were quick to debit my account for their payment), I have as of 7-1-2014 22 emails from their supposed support that does not correct the problem. They...