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IncrediMail Complaints & Reviews

IncrediMail / lifetime license codes have been cancelled

A D Jackson on Oct 1, 2017
Hello there A few years ago, I purchased from Incredimail, two full license codes. Incredimail was free but, we were informed by Incredimail that we could have a lifetime license called Incredimail 'Premium' if we paid them fee. For this, all adverts would be removed. We purchased two...

IncrediMail / Junk Filter (G2*INCREDIMAIL)

Bernadette K Holzer on Sep 7, 2017
On 09/01/2017 My visa credit card was charged for $27.95 and $24.99. I no longer use your product, I haven't use in a year. I would like the amount of $52.94 refunded. Because of this unauthorized charge I cancelled the credit card that was charged. You will have to figure out how I can...

IncrediMail / Unauthorized credit card charge

Cornelius Wiedenhoff on Dec 27, 2016
A charge of 22, 99 euro is on my VISA credit card on the month of November 2016. I did not buy or ask any product or services from this company this month. An other charge of 18, 30 euro of the same company for the same software has been pending on my VISA-bill. I want this charges to be...

Incredimail Plus / IncrediMail Plus

manuel colina gutierrez on Oct 28, 2016
I purchased IncrediMail Plus and I received three registration codes . I activated all as per your instructions but I am still viewing the Incredimail 2 in my PC screen. Mi credit card is international since I am using it in my purchases to United States successfully.Please activate my...

IncrediMail / Receiving same emails even after have been deleted

cleo5by5 on Aug 19, 2016
It is bad enough most emails go straight into the deleted folder not by my settings, but once I permanently delete these emails, random old dates appear. Sometimes by the 100s. Today alone I had to delete over 700 & there is no check box to select all, so 1 at a time is the only way. It is insane! I wish there was a better way! Support is a joke!

IncrediMail / Can't log into my account

Noel on Aug 17, 2016
Used IncrediMail for about two years and in the past this site was really nice, but now it's a complete joke. Recently when I wanted to log into my account it said that my password was incorrect which seemed strange to me. As I already said I used it for two years and used the same password and...

IncrediMail / Charges for VIP Customer Services Without Providing Services

ComFamServ on Feb 6, 2015
Paid for this e-mail service over 20 years ago. We also are VIP Customers. Our system crashed over a week ago due to a virus. We have been e-mailing their customer service for help in re-installing our program and data. To date, they have failed to respond. This had costs us thousands of...

G2S incredimail / charge on my credit card

Suzanne Cote on Jan 5, 2015
A charge of 25.79$ is on my credit card on the month of December 2014. I did not buy or ask any product or services from this company this month. I want this charge to be erase from my account. Suzanne Cote Tél. 514-271-9406

IncrediMail / Upgrade will not load despite payment

AnnieG522 on Jul 1, 2014
I paid for Incredimail Plus because I wanted the backup feature. After numerous attempted downloads that did not work (even though they were quick to debit my account for their payment), I have as of 7-1-2014 22 emails from their supposed support that does not correct the problem. They...

IncrediMail / Low class software and service

Judy Rodella on Jan 2, 2013
I have read all the complains about Incredimail charges, software and technical services and i agreed 100% of what were written because i have gone through myself all the bad experiences before. It seems to me that the company just want to make money and nothing else. In gallery, they don.t...

IncrediMail / Don't get what you paid for

tiger1964 on Oct 12, 2012
Had this mail program for years because i thought it looked cool. I don't know anybody using it here in bc canada. I recently found out all the nice background pictures i have been writing on and sending to people are not showing up on their computer or looks like my note looks like...

IncrediMail e-mail / Email

Jen Wel on Apr 17, 2012
IncrediMail became Perion Network Ltd in Nov. 2011. It is located in Tel Aviv, Israel It is traded on NASDAQ as PERI IncrediMail charged my credit card without my authorizatiom in January (2012). On March 1, I sent an e-mail to support@incredimail.com and told them they had fraudulently...

IncrediMail / Fwd: Payment confirmation & usage instructions

andrea1946 on Mar 12, 2012
I have purchased from IncrediMail Gold Gallery, IncrediMail Premium, on 23/12/2008 it was a LIFETIME product. Gold Gallery Code : IM_GOLD -1467985957-1647063349 IncrediMail Premium Code ; IM_PREM -1463660597-1647063349 Ordered Product Number : Gold Gallery /LIFETIME/: 98166216860 Payment method: PayPal...

Incredimail ltd / No response about problem with product

Uhalkone on Mar 5, 2012
I already paid for their product, Incredimail." They have a big list of Wallpaper which I tried to click to change my wallpaper. It doesn't trigger any change with my clicking the image. I, therefore e-mailed to support@incredimail.com to ask for a solution to the problem. They never...

Incredimail Plus / no activation after payment

Ross Campbell on Sep 23, 2011
After continuing sending my complaint to incredimail it is ignored, i send proof of purchase that was paid for for Incredimail plus for, mu email eg: skins can not be activated etc. provided is my paypal record of my payment***** 26 Mar 2011 Payment To IncrediMail Ltd. Completed ...

IncrediMail / Latest Update Download

Ronald Powell on Apr 14, 2011
After years of suffering through your supossed upgrades to my program, one time I had to find where you hid the Address Book, other times I have had to take from 3 to 5 days to find out where you had changed the icon for certain flunctions in short, you have made a very pleasant program...

IncrediMail / Fraud

PitytheFool on Mar 4, 2011
Incredimail is the biggest PLAGUE since the GREAT PLAGUE of 1641. Incredimail, do you realize how many headaches you are causing? Your software is invasive, pre-emptive, predatory, and resists removal. You are greedy, soul-less, morally bankrupt cretins pushing a horribly inferior product down...

IncrediMail / Lousy Tech Support

Royalott on Jan 21, 2011
I have used Incredimail for years and have the paid pro account. It is suppose to be with VIP support. That is suppose to mean that when I have a problem they will fix it. I have had problems before and they responded usually the same day. This last time was much different. I had a...

Advanced SystemCare PRO for incredimail / Refund

Not satisfied with results. It doesn't work properly. I want a complete refund immediately. You must be a scam company.


My account charged $44.50 on the 13/04/2010 What is this charge for ??????? Please advise Robert A Hodge

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