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N Jul 19, 2019

The service was horrible from my second visit at Boardwalk Richardsbay Incredible Connections . I laybyed a Huawei smart phone and I specified to the lady working there that I want the blue smart phone and she assured me that she made a note of that even though the slip was written black. Yesterday (19/07/2019)I went there very happy to pay the balance and collect my smart phone. When I got there the people working there told me that the phone wasn't kept for me. Obviously I wanted a refund because I could have gotten it from any other cell phone shop and the lady said you guys have no cash.
I think you lay-by system is whack, the point of a lay-by is to keep that particular product for a customer so that it doesn't become out of stock when the customer wants it.
My previous phone was stolen so I need the phone as in yesterday. I'm angry and disappointed at your organisation. I asked my colleague friend to accompany me to go collect my phone as she wanted to lay bye a laptop, printer and a hard drive but she ended up buying a laptop from another dealer because of your organisations blunder.

Ndumi Mdluli

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