Impark Parking Corporationclaim for parking fee

L Jul 11, 2019

Hi, I'm Kunho Lee.

Yesterday, I got your letter on demand related to my delaying parking fee.

Notice #: 13A455869,
Date: 2019/05/21
Location: 660 Richmond st.

That day, I went to Miso Sushi restaurant placed at above location.
That restaurant has parking permission for their customers.
I couldn't place my parking ticket on my car since I missed to ask the ticket because the owner of restaurant was so busy.

Today, I stopped by that restaurant and talked to the owner about my situation.
You can verify my case with a phone call there.

Miso sushi: [protected]

I attached two files.
The first one is my credit statement of Capital One Card.
The second one is Miso sushi location.

You can also confirm my card statement from that company.
Capital One : 1-800-481-3239

I'll waiting for your reply.


claim for parking fee
claim for parking fee

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