Illinois American Waterflood in home due to their clogged lines.


Alice Johnson a customer representative called me on December 31, 2009. Stated that the company would pay only 500.00 for my service call and supplies. Still stuck by the old story of grease in line and seemed to read off a statement what was said before, offering no other help or solution. I told her that my house was flooded because their line was clogged and the water did not stop coming into the house till they did so, no one came by to give any work order that they did anything either that day. I have mold creeping up my walls, my floors buckled and the other kind flooring has discolored, I have cloth furniture that was exposed to the dirty water as well as my drapes. The company had been in my back yard digging, to fixing pipes last year and that problem t caused this problem. They had told my son, that the line wasn't totally fitted tight, which has come to my problem again, because the line was clogged.This is very stressful, as time goes on, because I know my walls and floors problems aren't going to get better, unless they are replaced and they must be held accountable!

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