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F Jul 24, 2019

Saw a mattress on sale on 7/19, in Middlesboro Ky., ask associate if anymore available, said yes we can transfer 1 from another store and have it here next week. I paid for mattress and called back on 7/24, same associate i paid said it hadn't arrived and wouldn't be in until the next week, i ask for district managers name and number, he was located in Richland Va, Ask him why it was going to be the following week b4 he had time to deliver it to the ky. store, i told him, its only Wed., that there was 3 days left he could deliver it, he went off like a rocket, i have never heard so many excuses, when i went to the Ky store and got my money back, 3 different associates stood in front of me with their arms crossed, trying to intimidate me, i as to talk to associate that sold the mattress and promised to have it in this week, a female employee screamed at me to get out and never comeback, and a associate with a big red beard kept his arms crossed following me to the door and out into the mall. Needless to say i went less than 1/2 mile found a better mattress with memory foam and gel for the same price they were selling me a solid piece of foam. I now see why more and more Roses are closing the door, evidently, they don't train their employees its customers like me at age 64 that does most of the buying that keep their pay checks coming and the doors open and i happen to be a mystery buyer who post about their store, kept trying to tell them to go on line where i rated 26 different stores last month and 1 was a store close to them that had 4000 visits last month, but they wouldn't let me tell the associate i paid last week about that and i have over 1000 contacts on social media, FB, Twitter, and some are real estate sales owners, some doctors, and that there is also scam report. Those associates that screamed at me and the district manager is going to have a good time trying to get the to with draw my story, its left up to them to prove i was in the wrong, if you think not go to and look at West Nashville Wrecker Service, they towed my car off the interstate with out contacting the police, i reported it stolen, 52 days later, i finally got a notice for $2500 for storage, needless to say i called the police and told them who stole my vehicle, i got a good settlement, enough to replace the motor in my truck, the reason it was towed in the 1st place, that was 5 years ago, yet 1000s of people see that every month and shun Nashville Wrecker, so i am done with Roses, they can keep going down hill like Montgomery Wards did until signing bankruptcy, i will never go in another Roses with the number of other stores available, even if i have to pay a little more but treated with respect.

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    Attention Roses Management, train your employees respect and ethics, after all if it wasn't for us Vets that fought to keep communism from taking over, not only would they not have jobs, they would probably have never been born

  • Updated by frank lamarr · Jul 24, 2019

    I am not associated with the Company IDEA BUYER, i am just a local customer to the mall in Middlesboro, KY. where this Roses is located

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