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contract breach - company shut down

I signed a partnership agreement with Idea Buyer in May of 2019. I sent them a check in the amount of $15, 759. The agreement stated that they would produce and market my idea. I provided the content and design. I have received no completed product and the company announced they are shutting down the business as of 12/06/2019. I want my money back. Thank you.

  • Da
    Darrell Boyle Dec 09, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    IdeaBuyer.com Llc, is into me for $39915.00 and have given me precisely nothing. Now announced they are shutting down due to a data breach? WTF? Well data is not my money - the AG office is my first stop along with joining the class action if refund is not immediate.

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  • Zo
    Zoptal Dec 10, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    He contacted my App development company www.zoptal.com, 2 and a half years back and quickly hired us for Mobile Application Development, Website development, and Digital marketing, for him. He assigned us 80 + Mobile App Development work over a period of 2 years+ and only paid a partial amount, at this point, he has shut down his company and left us with 80+ fully completed Mobile Applications is refusing to pay our dues, this completed work is of no use to us and but to whom it matter can be life-changing, We are trying to contact him and his clients, if you are one of them, please email us [email protected]

    Proof of work, test flights and Apk's related to your App can be provided almost immediately. We tried to make several contacts with, Eric Corl, but he won't reply or give us any confirmation about our dues.

    Please stay away from this cheater, he will only bring harm and when things go hard the best thing he can do is run from the situation.

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  • Da
    Darrell Boyle Dec 11, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    IdeaBuyer Llc, send message to all its clients that they had catastrophic server failure even into the backups and most data is unrecoverable! They all at once "Shut down" the company and seem to be completely unavailable. I am out $40k with nothing to show for it. I will be notifying the AG of Ohio and the FBI on fraud charges.

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complete scam

We all have an idea and these people get you by telling you how great they think it is and how they can help you. In August of ‘16 I entered into an agreement with them to promote my product. They did nothing of the sort and all of the work I did receive from them would have been better done by a 5th grader. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY WITH THEM! I must have had 5 different "managers" handling my case during a year long contract. I even spoke to one of the owners supposedly and yet nothing has been done since. Highly recommend you stay away from this company!


Saw a mattress on sale on 7/19, in Middlesboro Ky., ask associate if anymore available, said yes we can...

creation of an app

How is it that a company with literally thousands of complaints of fraud, Impersonation and Perjury continue to stay in business and fly under the radar? How is it that review sites like the BBB, scam report, repdigger and even Yelp have buried, hidden or completely removed their complaints? And nobody that can do something about it seems to care? I see what looks like consumer after consumer having problems with getting anything done after being completely wronged by a company running a scam right under our noses. Class actions lawsuits filed fall by the wayside without any relief to the consumer. Idea Buyer should be ashamed of themselves. These guys are complete liars and cheats and something needs to be done to stop another person from getting ripped off. Someone needs to protect the littler person for once. I am trying to collect information for sharing purposes but for the moment, if you have a complaint / thought about this company please feel free to email [protected]@yahoo.com. Your email or name will not be shared with anyone else. Please, someone help!

I submitted a patented product and they did exactly nothing worthwhile.

In March 2016 I authorized Idea Buyer to find a market for a tool I had patented. Of course I had to send...

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product service and non communication

I have sent idea buyers $10, 000 to get my product manufactured and marketed that was the deal that was made that was the deal between me and Eric Coral and he has not lived up to none of it I call I get no return calls this company has stolen $10, 000 from me so anybody that's willing to step forward with me to bring this scammer down please contact me my name is Rocky Derek you can reach me at [protected] thank you very much and I look forward to anybody that wants to put an end to this guy and get our money back on the one that's going to do everything I possibly can and I won't stop I'm very resilient and I won't stop

Where is customer service?

I called their phone number many times and they did not pick up! I want someone from IdeaBuyer to contact me as soon as possible. I have some questions about their service and I want to talk to somebody about that.
I even tried their online contact form but they did not reply there either. Is there anyone who works for IdeaBuyer?
I doubt that I'll ever use their service, because I already see that these people don't care about anything. They can't even find time to answer some questions. Very poor service. I would not recommend such a company to anyone, total waste of time. I'm sure their service is as horrible as their support.

Never resolving outstanding fraudulent issues

Eric Corl, Idea Buyer bought my Oil Enhancement Patent. Misrepresented technology, did not get along with...

Total scam, false resumes

Purchased Patent, signed Agreement, infringed, misrepresented Technology, Defaulted on balance. tried to...

They breached the Contract and is now soliciting to License and Sell the Tools to Patent illegally

Sold Oil TOOL Technology Patent to Eric Corl, Idea Buyer. #1, 650, 000. They breached the Contract and is now soliciting to License and Sell the Tools to Patent illegally. He continues to write glowing articles to educate people how to do this on his website.