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E Sep 12, 2018

Hi, recently travelled to ibrostar Malaga playa with my daughter and my mother, we booked two rooms and I purchased the all inclusive plus option, whilst the hotel and staff itself were very good, the holiday was in spoilt by the fact we could rarely get available sun beds and if we did had to search for ages and not sit together . My mother is 78 has a heart condition and couldn't walk far, my daughter is 12 years old so I didn't want her to be sat on her own. The rule that sun beds can not be reserved was simply not enforced and by 9, 30 am each day all beds were covered and on many occasions no one used them for hours. I wasted many hours looking for sun beds and it seemed crazy that having paid all inclusive plus, that as a family we couldn't sunbathe together . The management didn't seem to be bothered to be honest with the exception of Beatrice the manager who did temporarily resolve the issue for us by asking the staff to enforce that people did not reserve them with towels . Due to health reasons my mother takes her time in the mornings so by the time we reached the pool area they were always all gone .

I don't know why all inclusive plus clients can nit have some branded with a different colour that can only be used by them ? This would at least ensure having paid the excess we would get a sun lounger .

We went from the 11th to 18th August, my name is Eamonn Delaney 190 mossy lea road Wrightington wn6 9rd
Just to say the staff and hotel other than this were very good, but the sun bed issue is a big one so thought it should be brought to your attention . I was considering booking the hotel for 4 nights from the 16th October but this has put me off .

Kind regards

Eamonn Delaney

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