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I have had Hughes (Direcway) for several years. I also am tired of calling for service and having to hang up on the average of 4 times before and IF I get a person I can understand (yea for out sourcing). I call for service someone comes out my signal strenght is 80 again for a few months then it drops to 55-60. They never support the antenna securely or a part goes bad. This was ok until my warranty ran out. GOD I HATE THIS BUSINESS...

Phone companies won't run DSL into remote areas because god forbide they would lose a little money and the CEO could not buy another toy. Our politicans could care less, hell they stopped caring about Americans years ago.

This can all be stopped...simply STOP STOP STOP STOP VOTING FOR THESE CROOKS WHO LIE TO US ALL THE TIME. Want to stop outsourcing, amnesty, absurb profits by oil companies, get out of Iraq, stop these rip offs by big business...THEN DO NOT VOTE FOR EITHER A REPUBLICAN OR A DEMOCRAT...SENT A MESSAGE AND VOTE THIRD PARTY...WE CAN DO BETTER NO MATTER WHO WE ELECT. If either current party gets in then it serves us right and all this will just continue on...Personally I beleive all big business that affects the populaton as a whole such as the mail, gas, cable, tv, internet especially , etc should be regulated by an honest government...Remember when gas was cheap - regulated, Remember when phone was cheap - regulated, etc, etc, etc...Good Luck to Us All

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Mar 06, 2010 6:54 pm
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New customer; they are the same same same as all the other wireless radio tower I've had. There profiteering desires aim for the useer to call them always and often at technical support for prices that are deficient paying Hughes because of a chronic long term to be economic failure in our country.They have not planned on the CUSTOMER service, at all.Wouldn't recommend them over any other ignorant masked wireless service, they offer no more.Satellite has been not a 'trigger word', neither for along time and won't be for a longer time.


Oh, I have also heard that AT&T satelite has amazing speed, My neighbor has it and he can play Xbox Live on it


No matter what, you will never be able to play Xbox Live or PSN with Hughes.Net or any other kind of satelite internet. It doesnt matter if you have the platinum package or what ever the high grade package is because that just adds to your total number of packets(the total amount of data you can use). It still has to travel to that satelite up in space at the same speed as it would the low end package deal. But yes, I have Hughes.Net, and I'm satisfied by their service. You can download at a pretty fast rate( I live on a 1000 cow dairy in the middle of nowhere so that is my reason for saying its fast)

Aug 23, 2009 10:04 pm

For the love of God people, if you need internet service go with any other company than Hughes net. They price rape you from the start, charge hidden fees in installation, such as a post when you want it mounted on the ground ($125.00!) Expect the bill to be twice as expensive as cable; it's just a joke. Every single person you talk to gives you different information if you can understand them at all. I have yet to get a person that can speak fluent english let alone understand it! Expect to repeat yourself at least ten times. Also expect to find out three months in that you are locked into a two year contract, and that the "unlimited access" really means that you have a daily cap on just how much info you're allowed to download! If you go over your so-called fair access limit for the day, which is a fun filled lagging 200 megs, just shut the computer off because it's worse than dial up. This company needs to be reported by every person that has this service to the Better Business Bureau for false advertisment, and all around poor service. This is not high-speed internet! I would not recomend this service to my worst enemy.

Mar 21, 2009 2:56 pm

hughes sucks...i cant get on live at all..i mean i can connect..but i cant get any games..and i know even if i did it would lag big time...this is worthless...

Jan 24, 2009 11:56 am

THEY SUCK! I average about 30 minutes of usage per week. I pay 59.99 each month. I paid $900.00 for the installation in 2006. And they say it is because I have extended my usage? Sorry but what usage? I cannot even access the internet with Hughes 99 percent of the time. They told me by leaving my computer on and if it does automatic updates that that applies for usage. WTF? WORSE YET, I call customers service and get people who cannot speak English and they end up hanging up on me!


Nov 28, 2008 9:42 pm

thats satellite for you (which only exists for people who dont have proper infastructure in their area and and stuck with dialup)

better than wildblue though- they fap you for a month once you go over. not a single sat internet provider that doesnt pull this stuff-they launch a satellite able to handle so much and only so much and then over sell it by 10-20 times..that is when this crap goes into effect. satellite will lag naturally (given the distance not a company rip off) so even if you didnthave the limit it sucks for real time apps like online gaming/voice/cams/etc..

Now I understand all that and make due best I can with the limit by using a download manager timed to start at 3-6 in the morning (2-5 central) as that time is unlimited.

These are the things they do that gives me a stab stab complex though

-When you repeatedly use a source or get about 2/3 your daily limit they cut the speed BIG TIME (non fapped but you still can- which means lots of broken/interupted downloads)

-They do not honestly mention a recovery rate or provide you with any information about how much you have left/how long before back at full speed.

-They short you on usage.

I am stuck with them and wish they would offer an unlimited usage package or something because paying this amount to be unlimited I would rather pay double and not have to do all this crap.

Jul 26, 2008 4:21 pm

yup yup, same ol' ### man, ### the hughes. i live in the ###in boonies, and love to play some bomb ### online games...(MGS4)... but i get laughed at constantly and booted off most of the games cause of the horrible laggin ya know, they really do need to change some thing-

Jul 05, 2008 7:21 pm

hughesnet does suck real bad, i mean you lag so bad on every game its not even funny. I have an xbox360 and i live in the country and i love playing videogames. Its sad when i have to drive 30mins into town to go play online at my brother house who has roadrunner. Hughesnet sucks and ther damn commericals are straight ###. "Highspeed Internet Unbounded" ###. For everybody considering to get hughesnet dont trust me. Just wait tell dsl is availbe or move closer to town or in it so u kan get dsl. Cause the internet sucks. and ###ing first of the bat they shouldnt be giving us a bandwith limit like where a damn child or something. We should be able to download as much as we wont wen eva i mean we are already paying you an as of money just to keep u runing ###ing $60 a month for ###. So everybody if you love fast internet like i do or love playing games online wid out lag so u can get the full experince wait or move into town. TRUST ME YOU DONT WANT THAT ###!

Jun 10, 2008 11:07 pm

Finally I find people who share my pain. I live in an area where nothing but Hughes Net works and I love Xbox 360 and playing online. It sucks so bad, there is an automatic 5 second lag on all of my games when I play online. Hughes Net needs to figure something out to help out the online gaming community, whether you play MMOs on your computer or play Xbox live like me or any other online gaming. So keep fighting and I hope there is a change soon.

May 12, 2008 8:36 pm

Hughes net = Awful for online gaming. Does not support Xbox live or PSN. Bandwidth limit reached in minutes over an MMO, which transfers a vast amount of data.

Mar 12, 2008 12:04 am

I was going to get hughes net this chrismas,(we were thinking about geting it for a year or so) i like play several online games, wow, guild wars, etc. i also like watch music video's on youtube.
i could only watch like 2, or 3 before we upgraded, then i could watch video's for about a hour.

My dad will not set up dial up again, and i was going to make a group on wow with my friends from school. My internet wouldn't work so i couldn't lvl with them. (there now lvl 60, im still lvl 15 T_T) i pretty much gave up on playing guild wars. it can take a while to load some vidoes even when fap is not activated. I have gotten into alot of fights with my dad about it too, and i even punched a glass picture frame in frustration and then i just sat there and cried -.-(not from pain), (breaking the skin on my right hand, i still have a scar).some recent problem is i was going to test out a game on my computer, i was waiting for it to download it was about 11:00, i was going to download it try it go to sleep, the about half way through it fap activated and then the download stoped at 50% makeing the file useless(that means i wasted all of that bandwidth for nothing!) i have also being trying to download a anime series called gto its only 10 gb if there were no cap i could do this in like a week or so, but because of the cap its proble going ot take like 3 or 4 months -.-.(net flix does not have this series) i also planed on geting rid of my netflix subscribtion and just watch anime online, but i gave up on that =[, and the bad part about all this is that this is the only negitive thing that is happening in my life now!

Meh my two cents.


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