Hughes Network Systemsservice

H Aug 14, 2018

Same issue as everyone on this page. i will make a suggestion...and that is request a copy of your signed contract be emailed to you and if they cannot provide one within 7 days where the contract has your signature on it then they have no legal right to send you to collection and if they have because you refuse to pay any longer until you receive that copy they never provided you with then not only could it be considered slanderous on their part but defamation of character and also falsifying legal financial documents. they have absolutely no leg to stand on in any collection situation since they cannot prove you ever agreed to the 24 month service. First step is every dissatisfied customer must start standing up for themselves as we are consumers with rights as well. if the big companies continue to steal those rights and noone stands up to them in a larger form then there will no longer be consumer rights. STAND UP FOR YOURSELF. Refuse to pay if not providing service they agree to and also dont pay if sent to collection...dispute it with the arguement that you legally never signed a 2 year contract cause i sure didnt. at that point let them take everyone of us to court and then see if the judge doesnt personally know someone who has had this happen to them.

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