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R Aug 03, 2018

The first thing is I was told my first payment wouldn't be taken out until the service was installed which was wrong they took it out immediately which caused my to have three overdraft which wouldn't have happened if I would have known would have put money from savings in checking secondly I was told hughes net would run great with Netflix which again is false Netflix buffers all the time through a movie we had someone come out and said we need to lower the resolution which we did and still buffers a lot and third I was not told there would be a two year contract I started complaining the first night I received hughes net this is a terrible company and gives out a lot of false information I want to have a company that I can depend on and is reliable my wife needs a reliable system for work also

  • Updated by Rdillard · Aug 03, 2018

    1st of all I was told that I wouldn't be charged until my internet was set up but that wasn't true they took the charge out right away which in turned caused me to get three overdraft charges which wouldn't have been a big deal if I would have known I could have taken money from savings and put it in checking and couldn't get hughes net to pay the 108 dollars for the overdraft fees 2nd I was not informed that this was going to be a two year contract further more I was calling the first night calling stating I couldn't watch Netflix without it buffering every two minutes or so and I specificity ask if hughes net would work with Netflix which it doesn't had someone come up and stated I needed to lower the resolution which I did and it still buffers a lot my wife needs to have a good internet connection for her work 3rd I have asked to get out of this ridiculous contract especially since I was having problems from the very beginning and found out that the only way I can get out of the contract is pay 200 dollars all I want is to get an internet service that can providevwhat they promise which evidently hughes net can not provide

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