HP Computertech support and customer service are hell!

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I won’t bother you with the details. The bottom line is that I have been without my HP dv4000 laptop now for almost 7 weeks. The first time it went to the service depot because the tech support agent misdiagnosed a minor problem that should have been fixed on the telephone. But the depot replaced the motherboard – with a defective one. So it went back in a second time. Then, with a second new motherboard, the computer still would not work. So it’s now in for a third time, and the depot has missed the deadline to return it to me twice. I even revised my travel itinerary to be available on the date it was promised. As of today they cannot give me an revised estimated return date! I have requested a new computer but am being told (very politely) that I can’t have one until 30 days after the unit went in for repair the third time. Mind you, it never should have gone to repair in the first place – and then HP broke it! Of course I wrote to the HP President, whose staff sent it to the very people who are refusing to replace the computer. This is HP hell.

Mary Jenkins, Chattanooga, TN


  • Fa
    fashion gate Jul 16, 2013

    Dear sir

    We are using HP pavillion computer model no :p6-2357in. computer mouse cannot working. we have warranty period we want to replace that mouse. already we are compliant to HP customer care but he did not cooperative with us so kindly this complaint request to Hp computers. we feel uncomfort my mobile No : +[protected]

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  • Wa
    walleye4me1 Nov 16, 2010

    looking for new computers stay away from anything that says hp on it because all your buying is chinese junk. i have had three brand new hp desktops in 7 months and i have also had three brand new hp printers that don't work in 7 months.my latest and last computer from hp had problems on the 17th day of ownership which leads us to where not to buy a computer is office max i knew more about computers then they did and they where the managers they don't care about the customer at all they in it for the money.so in my 4o days i have owned it i have used a 9 year old gateway tower more then my new computer.tried to talk to a supervisers superviser can't talk to him but i don;t think they can speak english eather.i've be lied to been hung up on by techs and supervisers.some one find a hp big wigs phone number and publish it then things will happen.so till then spread the word hp is junky. i hope they choke on their tongues theiving [censor]

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  • El
    ElleJ Apr 07, 2010
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    Verified customer

    I was just "disconnected" from the 3rd call to tech support today. Bought a Pavilion dv4 - 3rd time I turned it on, a screeching sound came from the hard drive & wouldn't stiop until I turned off the computer. After talking to India on a 2 hour phone call (while the hard drive self-diagnostic test shut down the computer twice) they finally agreed to take a shipment back for repairs.
    I rec'd it yesterday with a new hard drive - now the wireless adapter is defective and I can't get online (wireless is all I have available). After 5 hours & 4 operators later, I have just been hung up on while being "transferred" to a supervisor. Three operators who can't spead English, said they would have to hang up & call me back - never happened - surprise!
    What can we do with defective (brand new) computers that the retailer won't take back & HP won't make right? Anyone have a hotline to someone who gives a "S" about their reputation & stands behind their product?

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  • Al
    Aly Smith Mar 04, 2010

    I want to tell you about purchasing 3 computers from HP. First one last fall. I purchased one and with in 4 hours had found 1 alot cheper from Office Max. HP toold me it would take a week to make the computer so I knew it had not been shipped. Wtihin 4 hours I called and cancelled. I sent emails, my sister sent emails, I called many times to make sure they knew it was cancelled. They still sent the compputer. I called again and told them it was going back. The lady said I should have called with 24 hours. I told her that I had called within 4 houre and I believed I qualified. They did refuund the money.
    Jan 10 I purchased a new one. Since I have macular degeneration, my sisster who was setting it up, called HP and a mechanic went into the computer via the internet and changed the size of the print. Only thing is, he put it on 400 and I would have needed a monitor a yard wide to use it. No one knew how to undo it. Hense the computer was useless to me. It went back with in a week, much less than the 21 days. At first they returned all the money.
    then they took back the shipping cost.
    I purchased another one and they promised me that they could put Windows XP on it. They sent me an office, not a home computer. No mention on Windows XP. Everybody I talked with, professional people, told me that if I tried to do what HP said, it would kill the waranty. On top of it, they had sold me a limmited warrant, not a full warranty. I did not open the computer, and returned that one in 8 days.
    No one at Hp, and the many times I talkes with HP knew how to enlarge the print. I later learned that there are more than one way to enlarge the print. Very simple ways.
    I do not believe HP represented honest and helpful help. I did want the second computer. It was small and easy to move when I had to.
    I would like the $40.00 they withheld from my credit card. They mistakes was theres, all of them, not mine. I acted in good faith. They did not. Aly Smith, 195 Koons Hill
    Road Saluda, SC 29138

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  • St
    Steve E. Nov 25, 2009

    On 11/24/09 my H/P computer ceased to operate (CRASHED) the computer being only 10 months old, I called H/P and got in touch with a tech. The computer would not advance past the splash screen no matter what you would try, or what the tech. Ask me to do. At that point the tech. Told me that I would have to disassemble the computer and access the hard drive and start removing cables to diagnose the problem and ask me if I felt comfortable doing this, I replied NO. He replied that this was the only way to find out what the problem was, I once again told him that I was NOT a computer tech. And did not feel comfortable doing this. He then told me that basically if I did not do this, that I was on my own and could repair it on my own (HORRIBLE TECHNICAL SUPPORT). I said wait a minutes this computer is under warranty and you (H/P) need to fix it or better yet just send me a new computer, he stated that this is not possible and that it is never done (although 5 years previous my H/P crashed and that is exactly what happened) I told him this and he said no that could not happen. He then said that they could send out a tech. to my home to repair it, I said that would be fine, and he then told me that the cost of the repair would come out of my pocket, I then told him that I was not going to pay a dime to have the computer repaired because it was under warranty. The tech. Then told me that if I did not do as he ask that the call would be terminated and I was on my own to get the computer repaired (HORRIBLE SERVICE).
    At that point things really escalated in every way imaginable.
    At that point, I had no choice but to disassemble the computer as the tech. ask. It did not go well and I had a very bad time on the disassemble and assembly, and guess what, it still would not work after I did everything he ask. (SUPPRISE SUPPRISE).
    The tech. then stated that they (H/P) would send me a box in about 3 day, and that I was to load the tower into it and send it back to them, were they would put it on a bench, check it out and replace any bad parts, with REFURBISHED parts. I told him back up the horse pal, I don’t want REFURBISHED parts I want new parts, and that I bought a new computer not a REFURBISHED computer, he started that that was not possible that they would not put new parts into the computer, and once again things escalated very badly. (HORRIBLE WARRANTY).
    I did demand to talk to someone higher up and I did make it up to a so called manager. This was also a futile attempt (HE DID NOT CARE EITHER). I ask to speak to his boss and he said that there was no one above him, I told him he was full of it. He said that there was no one there that would be relevant to my issue, I said (YOU MEAN THAT THERE IS NO ONE THERE THAT CARES JUST LIKE YOU). I ask him for a new computer (tower) and he said that that is not possible that they never do that. I then told him that they had done it 5 years prior. The I found out something a little more interesting. He said that if this problem happened within the first 21 days of the purchase, that they would give me a new computer. So there you go, it does happen.
    I guess the good part of the warranty runs out after 21 days, and the junk warranty goes into effect, you get refurbished junk parts put into the piece of junk you bought. You can buy refurbished computers at a discount rate, I bought a new computer, and will now have a refurbished computer at new cost price.
    I have learned my lesson about H/P (HEAP OF POOP), a lot of people warned me about buying an H/P (HEAP OF POOP) but I did not listen, now it is a lesson learned.
    H/P (HEAP OF POOP) sells garbage and services it the same way. This is just a former customers opinion.

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  • Li
    lisann5255 Jul 30, 2009

    My new HP Pavillion Elite m9600t CTO Desktop PC computer hasn't worked right from the start, crashing at random and seemingly incompatible with Adobe Photoshop, Bridge and Lightroom. It took me a year of research to decide on this model of computer and its features. I have the best virus/security system available and lots of experience setting up and trouble-shooting PCs.

    The first time i wrote to describe the problems, they took control of the computer and worked on it for three hours, including running a complete virus scan. I had to pay $70 for this extra help. They said nothing was wrong with it. Problems continued and when i wrote again they said that "The operating system has gone corrupt or has been changed. HP does not recommend changing or upgrading the Operating System (OS) to a retail version .We support only the pre-installed Operating System. However, I will try my best to assist you." and they said i need to start over from scratch using the recovery discs. THIS IS A NEW COMPUTER and i resent having them suggest that i changed the OS. I am a small business owner and it will take three weeks for me to get everything re-installed.

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  • As
    Ashok Bansal Nov 11, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Dear Sir

    We had purchase a new HP Server which is facing a main problem mentioned below.
    Further required details have been given below:-

    CSO NO. [protected]-261
    PRODUCT- [protected]
    MODEL- ml150g5
    SR NO- sgh812fytm

    As per (CI INFO TECH )hardware engineer named Mr Manish Jain ( visited on our office 29-10-2008) there is a problem in mother board.
    According to Mr. Manish Jain Repair detials- M.B Indent in HP Office.
    This problem is acting as a barrier in our dealings so it is required to solve this problem as soon as possible.
    since your hard ware engineer has visited our office.

    No required action has been taken from your HP team side.

    Please reply when our server will be issued on him other wise we going on Consumer court aginst you.
    as soon as possible in our mail or contect us at-[protected].

    Thanking you

    Ashok Bansal & Co.
    204, 6/1191 IInd floor
    Naiwala Karol Bagh

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  • Je
    jerry eason Oct 11, 2008
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    Verified customer

    bought a hp compaq in july--the power button was bad from the word go--finally got it sent back--now they've had it a month and a half--got an email this morning it is going to be that much longer

    my advice

    don't buy a hp compacq--or maby a hp computer

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  • To
    Toolika Rhoades Oct 10, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    HP service is AWFULL. The said "case workers" are rude and unhelpful. Our HP Laptop has broken down 3 times since we baught it. We will never buy one again!!!

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  • Va
    Valerie Kruse Aug 29, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    First of HP Customer Service sucks to high heaven. They are rude unwilling to take care of mistakes that were made by THEM and will transfer the blame to other departments in a heartbeat. It doesn't matter which department made the mistake is the way I see it because all departments from technical support all the way to administrative fall under one company HP so they need to just get it taken care of. If you are a business owner, student and heavily rely on your computer then HP is not for you. The hold times are out of this world and things DO NOT get resolved easily or in most cases at all. Basically I would recommend HP if you have a lot of time on your hands and you want to learn more about computers because you will have to do most of the technical work yourself anyway since technical support is a joke.

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  • Aj
    AJAY KUMAR KARAK Aug 03, 2008
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    Verified customer

    I have purchased two HP computer from Delhi one work properly but other not work for disply on screen I complained many times to your company but not take any response for repair only give me HP case no. [protected] please repair my computer immediatly if you not take any reponse then I go to consumer court previously your company also not fulfill one prize scheme on purchase of HP laser cartridge for motorola mobile gift after paying Rs.250/- Demand Draft till date I have not received gift why, my guess your company is not care your customer.

    Chartered Accountant
    HP case no.- [protected]

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  • Se
    Sean May 07, 2008
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    Verified customer

    HP Laptop is trash.

    Poor quality, Poor service, Poor attitude!!

    We never buy any HP product again!!

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  • Ap
    april Apr 03, 2008
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    Verified customer

    i bought an hp 2 months ago, and am getting ready to sell it as it doesn't work even half as well as the one i have had for 7 years. how sad. every body told me GET A MAC!! (and i mean every person i talked to) .so now i am. i am forever done with hp. goodbye.

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  • Mi
    Mireed Rebecca Dolphin Nov 01, 2007
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    Verified customer

    I know what you mean. These people are awful!!!!! They barely speak any English as it is. And then you tell them what the problem is and they say well let us try to fix it over the phone. And then when that does not work then all of a sudden it is let me send you a CD and that always, always solves the problem. But, yet I am now going on 21 days with NO COMPUTER! And the sad part is my computer is not even 6 months old! So I am going to see what legal grounds I have for good old "Walmart" to replace my computer since that's where I bought that piece of crap in the first place.

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