Hotwire.combooked hotel that doesn't take people who live in the area

S Aug 17, 2018

I found myself homeless for a night and was able to get money so I wouldn't have to sleep in my car. I made a booking at around 1030pm with all the money I had left. I get to the hotel, and they inform me they didn't take people who lived in the same county. Told me she would make no exceptions and she has told hotwire to stop doing it. She said I could call and have you all transfer the reservation or get me a fast refund. Called your number to be met with unempathetic people who told me oh well, nothing we can do for you but give you a refund and you'll get it in 1-2 days. How does that help me tonight? I got basically told to have more money. I found myself in a bad circumstance and your company just made it 100 times worse and here I am, sleeping in some parking lot in my car not able to open windows because of the mosquitos. You're company made the mistake, why do I have to be out my money without a room I paid for dealing with what I was using your company to avoid. Disrespectful and misleading. I will not stop until I get adequate compensation, not my money 1-2 days later. And at 11pm. Are your guys in America because I was told that at 11pm, I can reach someone from my bank. No bank is open at that hour. Thanks for taking my money and still making me sleep on the streets.

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