Hotwireterrible service/experience


We had a disaster of an experience with this website. We just completed a 6 day vacation. We booked 5 nights of rooms with other providers, but the 6th night I had the misfortune to book on Hotwire.

Although I clearly requested a room for 4 adults, Hotwire in its inimitable wisdom forwarded this to the hotel as a request for a king bed and a couch pull out. I'm not sure what was more uncomfortable, choosing who would be in which "bed", or the choice between the rock hard king and the lumpy, let's meet in the middle, couch mattress.

The room was tiny, and Hotwire rated it 3 1/2 stars. If you are at all familiar with Europe, imagine an Italian pensione, and you'll get the idea of what I'm talking about.

When the couch was pulled out into its "bed" configuration you actually had to climb over both an end table and a chair in order to get to it. There was no closet in the room. The bathroom was barely big enough for a shower and a toilet. The shower curtain was so far inside the shower that you had the opportunity to enjoy a shower curtain rubbing up against you that had obviously enjoyed rubbing up against countless total strangers in the past.

However, if you think that sounds unpleasant, try dealing with Hotwire's "customer service" number (a term which must be used VERY loosely). The words "the customer is always right" have never passed their lips. They pawned off this travesty as somehow being our fault instead of their's. No help was offered, and none was forthcoming when requested. This was the single worst night's experience I've had in over 30 years of hotel stays.

Do NOT use Hotwire to book hotels. This site is a complete ripoff.

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