1 has been scamming people since they first opened up. Paying their employees only 9.00 to 9.90 an hour. Then you make like .7% commission. Some employees would bring in over 100, 000 for the company in one month and not make and commission because they didn't meet a certain 'Close Ratio'. It is crazy how Expedia make all this money and doesn't pay anything to there workers. Then they continue to lie to the customers. is Expedia, Hotwire, tripadvisr,, New York and lots of other names. Don't be fooled by the name. is a scam, if not to the customer to the employees. You have to basically lie to customer to make money for yourself. So customer who have called in to or what they now say 'Hello, this is blank in reservations how may I help you?' Please, don't call if you are not going to book anything. These people are getting nearly nothing and you calling in is just giving them hopes that you will book something so they can make some real money. So instead of doing it yourself online just give one call and help someone pay their rent. They really do know what they are doing.


  • Ly
    lyndsay Jun 12, 2008 is terrible. They ran my credit card with in moments of booking the wrong hotel online. I called the customer service right away to explain it was an accident. They just told me to bad and are charging me for a 4 night stay when i am not even going. Their service reps are idiots i got no satisfaction from them they basically steel your money. There website even has a link that says flexible booking can cancel or change your plans at anytime. Their website is deceitful and confusing. Don't use them you are better off calling the hotel yourself. You will save time and money.

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  • Jo
    Joan E Mitchell Aug 25, 2008

    In April I booked a hotel in Ohio with for July 30-Aug 1. On the way to the hotel we called to confirm. Seems the hotel had changed ownership and they had no reservation for us and no availability. found us another hotel in Canto, OH, but I had to use another credit card to pay since Bill Me Later does not offer a card and I did not have the number since I was on the road. They promised a refund of my full payment for three nights. ($267 + or -). A month has gone by and I have not received the refund. Where is my money?

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  • K
    K. Nov 23, 2008 warning: price quoted is for one person only regardless of how many people you enter in your search.

    This was my first time using — and will definitely be my last.

    I was earching for 1 room, 2 people, 6 days and found a rate atthe alexandria old town hilton for $95.20 per night. This is a fantastic fact it seemed almost too good to be true. So before booking, i...

    First called the hilton to make sure they had such a deal with and that the room would not be in the basement next to the heat/air machinery or some other such place. They said they did work with and the room would be a regular.

    I then called and spoke with a woman named "julie." I explained that my husband and I would be spending christmas with our son in alexandria. (She replied in an oh so friendly a voice "my daughter lives there, too.") I told her about finding the 1 room, 2 people, 6 days room for $95.20 a night and that I wanted to be certain there was a good room with no caveats. She assured me it would be. She told me that bought in bulk and could thus offer cheaper rates.

    Feeling reassured, I made the reservations and gave her our credit card number. She told me $600+ would be charged to the card and the my husband and I "were are all set" for our arrival"on x date. She told me a confirmation would be soon sent to my email and gave me their customer service number to call if I had any questions, then pleasantly said goodbye.

    I was feeling fine — until the confirmation came through showing only 1 person in the reservation. Thinking this was just a typing mistake, I called customer service at I spoke with a very supercilious jerk called"amil."who told me it would be $20.00 more per night for a second person. When I said this was not what the woman at booking told me, he dismissed all that and said"go look at the web page."

    I told him I did not book at the web page; that I had booked by telephone. He ignored this and repeated"go look at the web page."I went to the web page and searched on the same criteria and came up with the $95.20 rate. I told him this. He said click on the green select button and then click on green button on the next page. I did it to placate him and there in there after the subtotal was the charge $20.00 per additional person.

    I told him I could see this now on the web page, but it was not mentioned when I booked by phone. I read back to him the amount"julie"said we would pay and that she had said"you and your husband"so she knew there were two of us when she quoted me the $600+ price. He said basically"too bad"the rate is 95.20 plus $20. He refused to cancel the transaction.

    After demanding to speak with the supervisor (Who amil said may be too busy to speak with me!), I was finally told I could cancel and get a refund in"30 days or the next billing cycle" or go to the hotel and if we were charged the additional $20.00 per night, would later refund it. Yeah, right. I cancelled everything.

    Now begins the struggle to get the money refunded to our charge card. I will contact our bank tomorrow and alert them to this bait and switch experience and see if they can get a prompt refund for us. I will also place a complaint with the better business bureau in my home state and in virginia.

    I strongly suggest that every one else who has such an experience with do the same.

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  • Mu
    munzamail Dec 04, 2008

    We booked a one night stay at the Hilton Waikiki Prince in Hawaii as we had a stop over there. A few weeks later I noticed the charge on my card but figured it was no big deal.

    Then the airline changed our connecting flight so we were no longer stopping off in Hawaii but refused to cancel my hotel.

    This all happened a month out from the date we were suppose to stay.

    The first customer service representative told me to call the hotel, the hotel told me to call back. When I did I got a woman who refused to do any thing about it (unless someone had died or there was a natural disaster) and refused to put me through to a manager. She told me the manager had stepped away, I said I would hold, so she made up another excuse.

    This hotel cost me $290 and they won't even offer me a credit! is a complete rip off and I will never use them again.

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  • Su
    SUSIE Feb 07, 2009

    I am in the hotel industry...nothing to do with but I search the site often. After you enter the first page where the one person rate only will be posted and go into the second part of the search, look on the left hand side of the screen. It clearly posts all of the charges. The rate, plus the extra person(s), service fees and taxes and then lists a total. Most people do not take time to notice this. AT the bottom of the page it list the restrictions. Most of the time, especially since most hotel chains are gauranteeing their rates, third party sites will be a few dollars higher. These vompanies do not do this for is to make money!

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  • An
    angeliki antonatou Apr 24, 2009

    I had a reservasion at and i canceled it on time, but i'm charged now at my visa without using that hotel.The ammount i'm charged is 170.76€

    Please fix it and let me know at [email protected]

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  • Ed
    Eddy May 01, 2009

    While traveling with my handicapped mother, I reserved two adjoining rooms. I tried to call a motel directly, but when I googled hotels in Warner Robins, GA, I was supplied with a number. Slick, huh?

    Anyway, Ryan at persuaded me to book with him as rooms were filling up like crazy. He also promised me the lowest room rate. I was desperate and tired, and gave him my card number.

    When I got to the hotel, not only did they not have instructions for adjoining rooms, they initially didn't have two rooms on the same floor. Adding to the confusion, Wingate kept saying that Expedia made the reservations(not and I should have called them directly. I couldn't verify the lowest rate, their contract prohibited it. The customer care representative number at was no help as they only spouted off a long list of disclaimers that I agreed to when making the reservations.

    Why go thru this hassle? The hotel could not refund my money as I'd paid I ended up vacating one room a night early, and, you guessed it, no refund on that either. Always reserve directly with the hotel you are staying at-especially if you have special requirements.

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  • St
    Steven May 11, 2009

    While traveling with my handicapped mother, I reserved two adjoining rooms. I tried to call a motel directly, but when I googled hotels in Warner Robins, GA, I was supplied with a number. Slick, huh?

    Anyway, Ryan at persuaded me to book with him as rooms were filling up like crazy. He also promised me the lowest room rate. I was desperate and tired, and gave him my card number.

    When I got to the hotel, not only did they not have instructions for adjoining rooms, they initially didn't have two rooms on the same floor. Adding to the confusion, Wingate kept saying that Expedia made the reservations(not and I should have called them directly. I couldn't verify the lowest rate, their contract prohibited it. The customer care representative number at was no help as they only spouted off a long list of disclaimers that I agreed to when making the reservations.

    Why go thru this hassle? The hotel could not refund my money as I'd paid I ended up vacating one room a night early, and, you guessed it, no refund on that either. Always reserve directly with the hotel you are staying at-especially if you have special requirements.

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  • Jo
    joey221 Jun 09, 2009

    wow- how old are you? must be a wee lassie or you'd know what to do! just give the cancellation confirmation number to visa and THEY will do the rest! and you ask a complaint website to "fix it and let you know"? how spoiled are you? do your own troubleshooting, it just takes a wee bit of common sense. such attitude!

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  • Ve
    verlymill Jun 22, 2009

    Same here, they are giving me the run around, lying and saying that it's the manager from the hotel that won't refund the money, then I called the manager from the hotel, and he says that it's that won't refund the money, then they put me on hold. tHEY come back to say that they will contact the manager again, and they put me on hold again. They finally come back and say that the manager is away from his desk, and to phone back in an hour and they will try again. When I called back again, the new customer rep from had the EXACT same script as the one prior. I ask to speak to a manager after another failed attempt of getting ahold of the manager from the hotel. They say, "sure one moment please, " and then connect me to instead. I ask expedia wtf, are they connected to and they said "no must have been an accident". So I call back again, explain everything allover again to yet another new customer service rep with the exact same script as the three i have previously spoken with, and I demand to speak to her manager there at "Sure, maam, one moment please" then I get a message saying, "I'm sorry, we cannot process your phone call at this time." ### TERRIBLE TERRIBLE TERRIBLE. Shame on them.

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  • Ms
    MS.OUTLAW Jul 29, 2009

    I made a resevervation with The very next day I wanted just to apply the same money I had a orginally spent with them and transfer my reservations with a different hotel. These people kept insiting that I give them my credit card number and when I got transfered to customer service they kept hanging up on me. Then I checked my banking account online and discovered that they had charged me two times on my creit card which was a grand total of $523.00. So I contacted my bank and my bank helped me get my money back. I will never ever in my life deal with They are like a roach motel, you can check in, but you cant check out. They are theives

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  • Do
    Dolly Richards Aug 06, 2009

    We booked and paid a hotel room through for 7/3/2017. After we arrived, the clerk told us that they never received my reservation from and there was no room available, and there was another woman had the same issue there for 3 rooms. We had to found a hotel to stay from a phone book in the middle of the night.
    After I complained a lot, agreed to refund my room and will call to the hotel we stay to take care of the bill, but it didn’t happened.
    Two days after, I called again, said they will mailed me $100 check and $25 gas card, and I will received the mail in 3 days. A month passed by, I only receive $25 from my credit card, so I called the 3rd time.
    The supervisor of the floor of told me they will mail me $100 voucher in 2-6 weeks. I told her I don’t want to any service from them ever again after all the inconvenience they made. She insisted I agreed with $100 voucher, which I did not, so she can only give me a voucher, also she refused to give away her supervisor’s name, number, or email.

    Until now, I still have not even receive the refund for the room I did not stay.

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  • Ab
    ABP Aug 13, 2009

    When I found a wrongful charge on my credit card statement in the name of ian travel services, I searched for it and found a load of complaints! No wonder I have been charged wrongly! I made one hotel booking on the basis of advance purchase room only with for a hotel in uk (Going there shortly), but when my credit card bill arrived, not only I was charged for the actual amount, but also for a separate amount slightly greater than my actual bill. I will be taking up the matter with my bank and at the same time, hoping to reach people soon if possible. This is dangerous to see so many pages on the web concerning complaints regarding fraudulent payments on the net. I hope my actual booking is intact and was not fraudulent.

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  • Dl
    dlakers Aug 14, 2009

    Why dont you just call them. What did they say the other charge was?

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  • Jo
    JosieN Aug 16, 2009

    Horrible experience. When I checked into my hotel, they told me never sent over my room specifications at all. So I was was forced to take whatever room was available, which was not satisfactory to me. My spouse and I had to sleep in separate beds, in a room next the the very loud ice machine because the king bed we had reserved via was not available thanks to their screw up.

    Trying afterward to contact, to see why this happened, was like talking to a brick wall. Requests to speak with a manager were completely ignored. The representatives just kept sending emails with canned responses to me, saying their policy states room preferences are not "guaranteed." Well, of course not...If never sends any of my room preferences to the hotel, then they are pretty much "guaranteeing" that I won't get the room that I want, and my stay is going to get screwed up. They stood by their actions and never indicated that this was a mistake in any way.

    Don't use! Check their website for reviews and rates, then, do yourself a favor, and call the hotel directly to book your stay. At least if you have a problem, the hotel staff will be more responsive rather than send you canned response emails.

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  • Ga
    Gandy Sep 09, 2009

    I and my dear friend decided together for the vacation as it was long time we had not planned an outing together and we also decided to take our beloved along with us, to avoid any confusion and problems during the vacation we decided to do the reservation prior. We made reservations for two nights/two rooms for four adults at the Queen & Crescent hotel in New Orleans, for $199 a night per room no lowest price here, and when we arrived, the hotel informed us that had never attempted to reserve the rooms. After being on hold for 1/2 hour, confirmed this, and then offered us another room in a town 20 miles away or a refund. We chose the refund and it took a week to receive the money back. We were stuck in New Orleans at 10 pm on a Friday night w/o a room, thankfully we found something, but that had to come out of the money that we had been hoping to spend on our vacation. The folks at were rude, obnoxious and completely and totally unapologetic. Never, ever use their service, other than to search for names of local hotels and then call the hotel yourself.

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  • Mr
    MrStupid Sep 26, 2009

    That sucks.. to ba your hotel room didn't get refunded! I am so stupid...

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  • Ze
    Zed350 Sep 26, 2009

    You should just file a charge back with your credit card. 90 percent of the time your credit card will get your money from the merchant.

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  • Ri
    RickT45 Nov 07, 2009

    On 2 occasions I found that listed a hotel as permitting pets and didn't say the hotel charged anything for pets, but, after I made my reservation and paid the charge, then disclosed that the hotel would be imposing on me an additional charge for a pet (and didn't tell me the amount). It is fraudulent to hide mandatory charges from the consumer until after the consumer has paid. I enforced my right to the stated accommodations at the stated price by not disclosing to the hotel the presence of a pet in my room.

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  • Bs
    BSirish Feb 22, 2010

    On 12/7/09 I made a reservation at the Santa Cruz Dream Inn, intending to use a $200 AMEX prepaid card. After reserving the room with, I called the hotel to verify they accepted the AMEX card. The said they would not. I immediately went back online to and cancelled the reservation. But, I did not print the page unfortunately. I distinctly remember seeing in red letters..."this reservation has been cancelled". Days later I noticed the charge on my credit card bill (after the intended night of stay) I was billed for not cancelling in time. Customer service rep was useless. I disputed the charge with my Citicard Am Ex company and they sided with I encourage everyone to stay clear of both and Citicards.
    I was stuck with $219.30 for nothing. This is illegal!!!

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  • Tu
    Tuperdi2 Sep 21, 2010

    As a hotel employee, do not book through 3rd parties... If you book through the hotel directly you will get the most accurate information, and all information would be provided to you by an employee of that hotel. 3rd Parties get commission when booking reservations, so of course they will promise you the world. When you arrive at the hotel your stuck to deal with whatever situation the 3rd party puts you in. Don't pay someone to do a job you can do easily...

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  • Ja
    Jass Nov 04, 2010

    I made a reservation on for a friend who was visiting from another country when his credit card stopped working. I asked specifically if I would be able to change the credit card # later. I was told it would be no problem - I would only have to call the credit card department for which the phone number would be in the confirmation email. When my friend called to change the number, he was told that my credit card was already charged and that there is nothing I can do except get paid back by my friend or cancel the reservation and pay the cancellation fee myself. I spoke with two supervisors and was given a different phone # to call. Everyone had the same answer - too bad, there's nothing that can be done and it's my problem to straighten out. At one point I waited over 45 minutes on hold. The agent that took my reservation either didn't know what he was doing or he lied to me. All would do is apologize and tell me there is nothing that can be done. This has cost me a couple hours of frustration and at a minimum will cost me more time trying to get my money back with a wire transfer fee of $40 or more. I will never use their service again.

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  • Co
    Complaint Member Mar 10, 2011

    I used to book an overnight stay in Birmingham, AL. Everything was fine until I received my statement and noticed I was overcharged for my stay. I called customer service, definitely overseas, to ask for a refund of the difference. I was told they could not refund my account. If they can charge my account they should be able to refund it. After arguing for awhile and being put on hold several times I asked for a manager. I finally agreed to accept $60 in hotel bucks.

    I was told that I had one year to BOOK a trip and use the hotel bucks. About a week before they were to expire I decided to use them for an overnight stay to celebrate our honeymoon. I was now being told that I had to actually STAY somewhere during the one year period to use the hotel bucks. After being transferred about 5 times the customer service representative apologized for the misunderstanding. She canceled the $60 vouchers and issued me new ones that I would receive in 4-6 weeks.

    Eight weeks later NO vouchers. Called “overseas” again, and again, and again, and again, and again. Same story, you are given a case number and NO ONE will contact you back in 72 hours as stated.

    At the time of writing this complaint, it has been over 4 months, I have spoke to 5 different representatives about 3-4 weeks apart, one representative by email on their web site and I still have not been contacted back regarding the vouchers.

    If you love being lied to, taken advantage of, and enjoy “overseas” LOUSY customer service, use

    I WILL NEVER USE or RECOMMEND to anyone.

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  • Go
    go somewhere else Apr 26, 2011

    I spoke with a man last night and booked a room for May 7 - May 11. He read the confirmation back to me before we hung up and everything was good. He gave me my confirmation number. I asked him to also send me an email so I could have a hard copy of what we discussed. When I received the confirmation through email it was wrong. It was for May 7 - May 9 for $137. My total bill was for $237. The confirmation number was also different. I called and spoke with a girl this time and she said I had 2 reservations. One for May 7 - May 9 and another one for May 8 - May 11. The room that I originally booked was 2 beds with a kitchen. When I called and spoke with the girl she said those rooms didn't have a kitchen. The only room with a kitchen in this hotel was with a king size bed. I asked for over an hour to speak with a manager and they were always busy. I can imagine why with the ignorance I dealt with. I called back today because I never received a confirmation from the girl "fixing" everything and to my surprise ... she screwed up also. When I called and spoke with yet another guy he told me my phone # and address were not matching the reservation. I asked again to speak with a manager. When he came back of course the managers were all busy. He decided he could help me. The ignorant girl who helped me the night before put in an address and phone number for someone in Florida. I made them stay on the line with me until I got the confirmation showing the right dates. I'm still worried that when I get there someone else will have my room and the credits they are suppose to be giving me on my credit will never show up. Oh...they did offer me a $100 gift card for all my trouble. The only catch is that it is to be used as a rebate on a future booking at Are they freaking kidding me. I told the girl that I would sleep in a tent on the side of a road before I would book with their company ever again. I also assured them that word of mouth is everything in a business and I would never speak highly of them. mom even booked a hotel and they got her address wrong also. How hard is it to get it wrong when you repeat it several times and they read it back to you. Something just isn't right with this company. Book through someone else if you don't want a headache.

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  • Ti
    tiesen Aug 06, 2011

    We recently booked a trip with and today when I checked the prices, they ran a sale on the same Vacation package..Every year, my husband and I go to the Caribbean and book through Discountallinclusive or Expedia. We called to see if they would honor their sale, and deduct the money off the balance of what we owed. They said NO!not their policy unless it was within 24 hours of booking...We will NEVER book through them again we have gotten and to honor their sale prices always, and anything they can do to bring us back, they will, we would have went through them again this year, only we were going to a resort that they did not book through...Very disappointed, and I am telling all my friends what a crappy travel site they really are...TRAVELERS...BEWARE>>>>

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  • Sa
    Sabrina L. Nelson Aug 10, 2011

    I booked a room at the Harvard Square Hotel. When I got to the hotel I discovered that my room, my sheets, my towels, indeed the entire hotel was strongly scented. This is a major problem for me. I am disabled. I have asthma and serious life-threatening allergies to perfumes and scents. The hotel refused to do anything about this. Since I booked the room through, I had to go through them to change the booking and find another hotel. found me another place to stay, across the street. What I did not discover until the next day, was that charged me over $1000 a night for this alternative hotel. When I called to complain, they said they could give me a 10% discount but otherwise their hands were tied. They said I should talk to the hotel manager. I talked to the hotel manager at the other hotel (Charles Hotel) and the hotel manager said she could do nothing, since I'd booked the room through and it was a "confidential rate" and that they could do nothing for me.

    I am now stuck in this overpriced and expensive room. Yes, it is scent free, so I am not getting an asthma attack, but I am paying over $1000 a night. I don't know what to do about this. I cannot afford this fee and I will dispute it when I get my credit card bill. Beyond that, I don't know what I can do. I would love any help or suggestions.

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  • Ma
    MarkAustinTX Aug 17, 2011

    Like so many other reviews I've read here they are absolutely terrible should you need to fix/resolve or changing anything. Their default is to always charge you a big cancellation fee. After making a reservation for $2, 500 and prepaying I had issues with the confirmation and it accepting a coupon code. Twice I filled out online forms, received an instant email back that it would be resolved and never heard a word. Finally had to call the call center which was terrible experience. They could care less, told me they could make no changes and would charge me an $800 change fee. No effort to call the hotel, no effort to work with me. No apology for ignoring my previous inquiries. In the end I called the hotel, did their work for them, and the hotel was more than gracious in making the change. Then of course I had to call back to get them to update -- and that was another terrible experience of calls, being put on hold, attitude and issues. Never again. Too many other great choices online.

    My latest issue? The 'free Kindle' I was supposed to receive for a booking at this hotel of 3 nights $450+ cost (which mine was $1200!) -- now they claim it was not in the record though I have an email to them they confirmed the day I made the reservation from me trying to confirm it was in the reservation. Then they claim the hotel never participated in the promo - yet I have online proof of their webpage in the past showing it - another huge lie. Wow, this is an awful company to work with - with all the great travel agencies to choose from simply makes no sense to work with them. Horrible service and they lie. Not a good combo.

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  • An
    AnnKih Oct 25, 2011

    On June 8, 2017 we made a reservation through for check in on September 10, 2017 (3 months away). The Cancellation policy states: "Cancellations or changes made before 4:00PM on September 9, 2017 are subject to a hotel fee equal to the first night's rate plus taxes and fees." we understood this to mean that cancellations prior to September 9 would give us our full refund (standard refund policy for hotel reservations), and starting September 9, 2017 (12am) the one day charge would be in effect. We ended up cancelling our reservation prior to September 9, and we were billed $194 (one night fee). We spoke to customer service and we were told that this was the actual Hotel Policy. We then called the hotel, and learned this was untrue. It is that charges the one night fee for cancellation of reservations. We disputed this charge with our Credit Card company (American Express). They were informed by that when customers make reservations and authorize the charge to their credit cards, they are agreeing to the terms and conditions.

    We agreed to the terms and conditions stated "Cancellations or changes made before 4:00PM on September 9, 2017 are subject to a hotel fee equal to the first night's rate plus taxes and fees." It is that is implementing the Policy language in an abusive manner.

    I conducted a general search of online complaints against, and there are many other individuals who have experienced the same charges. Many customers made reservations, cancelled within minutes, and were charged!!!

    If my charge, as one individual was $194. Then I can only imagine the total amount of revenue is collecting by wrongly implementing their policy language.

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  • Fe
    Female Road Warrior Jun 13, 2012

    Used for the first and last time. Agent misrepresented the property and company did not own it and would not credit me for the one night stay when after arriving at the location, fearing for my safety I called them and said it was unacceptable, that it was more like a Hotel 8 than a Hilton property( which the agent told me it was, ) and I would not have left my vehicle overnight in the parking lot for fear I would find it up on cinder blocks in the morning. No area to drop off luggage, no door or bell man only one staff member behind the desk, and the smell when you walked in the front door was of stagnant air mixed with body odor and food. Anyone I saw while in the parking lot looked as if this was their temporary home vs. an out of town stay. The agent also told me there should be a business services area for me to print out documents etc., -there wasn't that or even a lobby area-he totally just wanted to make his commission, (which he confided in me that he worked on.) Bottom line don't do business with!!!

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  • Dv
    D V B Aug 05, 2014

    What a disgrace for a company...
    Blatant disregard for the customer, unhelpful telephone staff, unhelpful supervision & no management available to discuss a complaint
    Received a voucher code (10% discount) through - followed process - Made a decision on hotel, entered all details & then inserted the voucher code - Nothing happens?? Phoned helpline, call-centre employee states that code does not work with hotel chains !!?? What?? - Checked small print - no detail of this stated in terms and conditions... clear mis-selling - he said it was voucher codes fault?? Why is this my problem, I have followed a process on their website. Asked to speak to a manager - got a supervisor (Arun Hoda) - useless is an understatement... Unhelpful, couldn't be bothered, accepted no responsibility to the customers due concern / complaint. Asked for a Manager (Sonia Juneta) - waited a while on phone - She's not available - No manager is available?? Do I wish to speak with another Supervisor? Would not surprise me if the manager was not even spoken to.
    How can a national company - mis-sell offers like this, I'm sure trading standards would be keen to understand their tactics to get people to book rooms where no discount actually is available. I would advise anyone not to use this site based on this treatment of any potential customer in this underhand way.

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