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On March 28th, 2015, I booked the La Quinta Inn & Suites in Sarasota, Florida
through the website, I received Confirmation, and the dates booked were from April 14-20, 2015.

On April 9, I had to revise my itinerary, and did this through my reservation number on The dates were changed to April 17-20, within the same range of dates I initially booked. I then received this email back from

Dear M..,
As requested, your reservation has been changed. Below is a summary of your revised reservation.
Thanks for booking with us. You don’t need to do anything else – just look forward to your stay. Your Confirmation Number is [protected].

I purposely made an early reservation at La Quinta Inn & Suites as I was going to Sarasota, Florida to attend the Sarasota International Film Festival, where a Documentary Feature Film I represented was screening. Since such a large number of people were attending the festival, the surrounding hotels were fully booked.

After I arrived in Sarasota, I called La Quinta on April 16th to request an early-check in on the 17th; and, to my utter surprise, I was told that the reservation had been cancelled.

I DID NOT CANCEL THIS RESERVATION, and as noted in the above email sent me by, it stated that it had received my revised reservation and “you don’t need to do anything else—just look forward to your stay.” !!!

I immediately called and was told that the system had cancelled the reservation, but had also retained the revised booking from the 17th-20th. The representative said that there was nothing she could do, and could only put me through to another representative to try and find another hotel in the area. I said why in the world would I want to do that when could not even get my initial booking correct.
I then demanded to speak to a manager—I was put on with “Michael.”

Michael told me again that the system had somehow cancelled the reservation, even though the reservation said I was booked from the 17th-20th at La Quinta. He called La Quinta and was told that they were fully booked and they could not provide me with a room. He said all he could do was put me through to a representative who would try and find me another hotel in the area. The problem was that all hotels in the vicinity were fully booked—and this was the reason I had reserved early.

And I again mentioned that the last thing I wanted to do was trust to do anything for me since they had completely screwed up the initial reservation.

Then, almost as an after-thought, and to my utter amazement, Michael then asked me if I would like to ‘CANCEL MY RESERVATION WITH LA QUINTA’ !!! I replied that it was absurd since I had no reservation and was left without a hotel room.

This manager then had the nerve to say: "Unless you cancel this reservation, you will have to pay for it. It is actually less than a 24-hour cancellation, so in theory, you already have to pay for one night--but we will let you do it now without a charge." I retorted: "Let me get this straight. cancelled my reservation. I am now left stranded without a hotel room. And now you are telling me that if I did not cancel this reservation then I would HAVE TO PAY FOR THE ROOM—when I DO NOT EVEN HAVE A ROOM--because cancelled my reservation (unbeknownst to me)!!!

The representative answered: "Yes." Michael then ended the call with: "Is there anything else we can do for you?" I said NO and then he hung up. I then received an email from that my reservation had been cancelled.

If this is the way conducts its services and treats its clients, then I shall never use this site again.


  • Gr
    Greg Aug 12, 2008

    We booked a reserveration, called back the same day to change our reservation with - they charged our credit card for both hotels and we still wait for a refund. I would never recommend this company - they are not customer friendly and basically rip you off...because they don't have a "record" of it. It's crap!

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  • Gr
    Gregorry Jan 06, 2009

    I made a call to, the operator told me that I can check out from the booked hotel ahead of the time. I checked out one day ahead and I did not get the refund. When I read closely, I saw that there was $43.48 hidden charge.

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  • Wo
    worldtraveler May 10, 2009

    We paid for a full size rental car up front, were given a compact and will not respond to phone, email or snail mail contacts. Avoid this outfit of scammers!

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  • Cn
    cnguye713 Sep 27, 2009

    The whole "no record" argument is given to everyone. I know of 4 others that also have the same issues, they would revise/cancel their reservation and later find never process any of those requests. These travelers are then left with all these charges. is quick to issue unauthorized charges but is very reluctant process and refund any requests. Their customer service is notorious. This company and it's fraudulent practices need to be brought to justice.

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  • Qu
    Quasimodo Nov 25, 2009

    The great $62.99 deal I got through [".con" would be more appropriate] ended up costing me $176. The tax added about $15, parking my own car (Hilton Hotel) was $12, using the in-room wireless connection another $12, and the pet deposit (which I'd been told on the phone the night before was refundable) $75. And no, you can't cancell when you find out you're being ripped off. NEVER USE HOTELS.COM!!

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  • Ro
    rogerbennett Jan 28, 2010

    book no. 35693749 . this complaint goes back to 5/15/06. the injury is still with me, i did not use 80. hotel bucks sent to me thinking i might have to pursue legal recourse. would this have made any difference?

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  • Df
    DF Duf Jul 12, 2010

    Booked a room through them and the room doesn't even exist at the hotel! Took 3 hours (talking to someone overseas) to get a lesser room at a different hotel and they wanted me to pay the difference. Basically, they said they can't guarantee bedding, but they guaranteed a room that had specific bedding but the room didn't exist!

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  • St
    staandjo Dec 01, 2010

    I was trying to book a hotel in Chicago for 5 months away and I ended up getting They wanted me to prepay, meaning they would put the charges thru, and if I wanted to cancel I could, up until the night before and they would refund my money, yea right. I do not know of a service that you pay for in advance. Please be careful of these scammers and according to the many reviews that are not up to par as priceline and orbitz.

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  • Sh
    ShirleyH Aug 16, 2011

    False pictures of the hotel of choice at their website. Upon arrival I cancelled the reservation. In spite of their "No Cancellation Charge" at their website they charged me over $300.00 for the cancellation and blame it on the hotel. I am in negotiations right now with my credit card company NOT to pay them one dime for their false advertising!

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  • Ra
    randallrayusa Sep 05, 2011

    Watch out for they say on the website no penalty for cancellation but they don't mean it because they take it away from you with the small print. You are much better off finding a hotel and getting the room directly from them. REMEMBER HOTELS.COM IS A RIP OFF!!

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  • Su
    supple Nov 02, 2011

    This company makes it near impossible to cancel reservations, you're stuck on hold forever and then they hand up. No email response either.

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  • Ka
    kamsa Nov 07, 2011

    Overcharged me on my booking. Was handed receipt for $120.00 less than the middle man charged. It's cheaper to call the hotel directly.

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  • Hu
    Huger May 01, 2012

    I booked a room at and the check in date was changed AFTER I submitted payment. I called immediately and was told that this happens, they would fix it, sorry. No mention of any additional charges. After the stay, my card was charged an additional $53. When I called, I was told sorry they cannot do anything because I called AFTER the stay. This is a huge scam. Do NOT USE HOTELS.COM!!

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  • Bi
    big boy gomez Oct 03, 2012

    i like they find perfect place for you...tsup tsup muah muah♥♥♥

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  • Bi
    big boy gomez Oct 03, 2012

    You guys, I enjoyed doing reservation with!

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  • Ag
    AGUS WIRASTOMO Jun 20, 2013

    my name is agus wirastomo I am never booking hotel from but I must pay with my credit card, the statement in my bill is : transaction date on 05/06/2013, posting date on06/06/20013, description :HOTELS.COM BELLEVUE GBR, amount Rp2.126.016 how solve about this.

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  • Nv
    nvana Sep 23, 2013

    The support staff of refuse to cancel a booking without costs which should have been without any costs as it was 24+ hours before arrival.

    Sending in email to about the issue stay unanswered. Valueless service of / Expedia. Never again for me.

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  • Lu
    Lulubu Jun 24, 2014

    when looking for a hotel they advertise $75.oo/ night it came to $95.00/night charged to my credit card, I called to cancel and their fee for cancellations is the price of one night plus tax.. And the person was so rude... I lost anyways they already had my credit card #, but they lost a customer for life

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