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B Review updated: has always in the past offered fair and attractive accommodation offers. But my last experience has left me with a bitter taste.

Today I attempted to book a 3 night stay in Minneapolis. When I input the data, suggested a very nice property, one that was within walking distance of the place where I planned to visit and one with nice amenities.

When I attempted to book the property, I offered both a room with 2 double beds or 1 king bed..however I was not given the option of selecting which room I wanted. Because I was traveling with a non familymember, it was important to select the 2 double beds rooms.

So I called The representative was helpful and was able to pull up the accomodations but she was unable to view the same rate I was seeing on my Internet screen. Her rate was $30.00 more per night than what I was being displayed.

She asked me to send her a screen copy of the rates that were being displayed on my computer, and I did that. And even though I did that, she said she could not honor the rate that was shown on my computer, and she could only offer the rate that was displayed on her screen. I thanked her and said I would complete the reservation on my own (since she could not lower the rate).

As I progressed through the booking screens the rate again rose another $30/night. Now what was originally an acceptable rate had now risen by $60/night and was unacceptable.

So I did not complete the reservation. I called the hotel direct and booked the property at the original discounted rate first shown on the pages.

Just a warning to anyone that uses check your final rate...i was appalled at what was offered to me for the actual reservation, and I was able to get the same property at a significantly lower rate by simply calling the property direct.


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      Mar 30, 2010

    I went to San Antonio a couple of weeks ago for my kids' Spring Break. We drove from Dallas to San Antonio and stayed near Sea Wold. I made my reservations through for a room with two queen size beds. When I got there past midnight, with two kids, 9 and 10 (the 9-year-old being special needs) very tired I found out the only room available was with one king size bed. The hotel was full and there was nothing they could do for me since I didn't book through the hotel and unsed instead. I called and explained that not only I reserved a room with two queen beds, I also asked them to note that one of my kids was special needs and I needed specifically what I paid for, two beds. They couldn't do absolutely anything!!! Not even find me another hotel because everything was sold out since it was spring break. ALL I ASKED WAS WHAT I PAID FOR!!!

    Fortunately the hotel front desk attendant was wonderful, even though she didn't have any more rooms she found us a roll away bed and did everything she could to help us out. She explained that whenever someone books a room using a "third party" like, they only have to honor the fact that "a room" was booked, not necessarily the type of room. They didn't have to garantee a two queen bed room, they'd only do that if I would've booked directly through the hotel chain (in this case Holliday Inn). In addition, the hotels don't give points to the hotel chain "rewards program" because it wasn't book through them.

    Lesson learned, DO NOT USE HOTELS.COM and be very careful when using a third party to book anything in order to save get what you pay for (and in my case I didn't even get that!!!). And don't forget to always ask questions!!!

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